It’s A Trap!

I was busy ironing for Thoughtful Man when he called out down the stairs, “John Nash is dead”.  “Who?” I replied distractedly; I was having a hell of time getting a crease out of his shirt for the night shift with the rank and file …

“John Nash. You know, ‘A Beautiful Mind'”. He magically appeared before me, wiggling his Apple in my face as confirmation of the news …

*No Clicky. Right actor, wrong film …*

“The bloke who invented Game Theory? I’ve seen a documentary about that …”. I started setting down Hot ‘n’ Steamy to tell him about it, when he abruptly cut me short.

“Tell me later, I’ve got to get out to work”. Two things about Thoughtful Man: he’s lived with me a long time and he really detests being late.

Anyhoo, he’s gone to work now, so I’ve asked Clicky to find the documentary for him watch it later … Ah, it is now …

*It comes in three parts? Gosh, Clicky, thank you for searching them all out … you really are boon for the LoL …*

*Strange, too … Here, have a Song …*


5 thoughts on “It’s A Trap!

    1. Come now, Dumey, we’re probably going to need Click if your boy comes over to play. Risk assessments and all that … Clicky did spend a good while with him whilst you were, um, inaccessible …

      Clicky, can you find me an example of something that might appeal to the child?

      Good idea, a selection but I rather think we need to bring out his fun side …

      Better … I’ll ask the boys, they’re always laughing like drains

      Dumey, an offer. Clicky can supervise …

      Oh bloody hell!

      … *squint* … supervise Cali’s visit and you can go do something useful … go find someone really deserving of your, um, talents … ask Leggy *waves hand thataway* he’ll give you a list …

      Uh Oh

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