Let’s start at the very beginning …

Arrived at last!*

Hello! I’m Roobeedoo … Drat! I can see I’ve already arrived … Never mind, I’m here now, but more importantly I’ve got the Logistics Plan with me for this new build Library.

I warn you, all construction projects have peaks and troughs in the programme, but having a good Logistics Plan works wonders to smooth them out and keep down costs.

They are also very Green … ensuring less waste and better productivity when materials arrive exactly when needed … much safer all round. Quite frankly all Project Managers should have one.

Visitors are welcome whilst work is on going, there is PPE enough for everyone who signs in. Whilst you’re doing that, have a Song …


* An unfortunate side-effect of hopping between universes is a tendency for shambolic timing … the past is the future and the future past. A good attitude toward being seen as unfashionable is essential.

5 thoughts on “Let’s start at the very beginning …

  1. Ah, the “Just in Time” solution, for readers experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

    Of course that means the supplier (you RooBee) has to have a stock of pre-written posts, sitting in the Outbox, ready to be released individually, as called-off by your clients.

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    1. Indeed Joe. That’s why I’m so enthused about the Logistics Plan for the Library. You see, it was drawn up by a professional, experienced in the ‘consolidation’ method of construction. It could be considered a new-fangled idea, but is actually very sensible – all the building materials are supplied to a centre, stored safely and called off as required, enough for a day’s construction by all the tradesmen on site. This means only a couple of deliveries are required a day. Hopefully, this will please the neighbours as it means the roads to the library won’t be choked with delivery lorries. I find it best not to alienate the people you’re going to be living amongst.

      The Japanese use a version of it apparently, called Kan-Ban …


      The LoL Logistics Plan on the other hand is of the Kan Doo variety. Much more fun!


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