Don’t Panic! Update I

Hello Neighbours!

I thought you might like an update on work going on here at the LoL. It’s stressful. Not the construction – that’s coming along a pace. No, it the stuff that goes inside; there’s quite a lot of it and squirrelled away in all kinds of places. Most of it lovingly protected in a thick layer of … um… what’s the word …?

*Thank you Clicky.*

*That’s quite alright. We couldn’t have you running around bare legged now, could we?*

Scruffy, the chap in charge of the logistics on site, has been quite helpful in this regard. He suggested I consolidate all our fantabulous materials. Genius! It seems to be working so well for the build, I thought I’d give it a try. The only problem being was the lack of a shed …

*Yes, Click. Spectacular*

Eventually some space was found and the consolidating could begin …

Investigating treasures

*Alright! Just show the photos please, and do stop smirking, I’ll narrate.*

Really, it very green … recycled racking …


… even the walls were utilised … plenty of space …


… we were even able to start putting recollections together …


… ready to be installed when the Library is ready. Drip-fed of course, because there is just so darn much of it … lots of hidden treasures.  Which reminds me. You may have spotted the smoking notice I’ve put up. I was reminded to do so after rediscovering this neglected item…



Really, Scruffy has been most accommodating with his ideas. He even lent me a copy of his handbook … extraordinarily useful … I’ll must dip into it again …


*Thank you, Click! Now would you like some bacon?*

11 thoughts on “Don’t Panic! Update I

  1. Has Click been moonlighting at your place? He’s supposed to be doing that at my place.

    But then there is little moonlight through the permanent cloud cover.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You came! 😀

      *Goodness, he is a Gloomy Dumey …*

      *Oh. Perhaps we’d better have a Song … No, wait, I’ll give you a signal*

      Clicky’s help is much appreciated around here, Doctor. Let me show you what he’s been up to … This way *cough*

      I’m sorry about all the dust … *COUGH*

      *rolls eyes*


      1. I thought there was a blue sky over Dume Swamp once, but it was just an infection in the clouds.

        It turned out quite useful while it lasted because it glowed in the dark.

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  2. The librarian could perhaps consider the maxim that Quentin Crisp might have said about housework in the stockroom:

    “After a while the dust doesn’t appear any deeper.”

    Continuing the ELO association:

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    1. Confound it, JP, you’re right, of course, but sometimes true meaning can be lost in translation … When you’re in a bind, sometimes it helps to …

      even if it is propaganda

      I know … *Clicky, if you wouldn’t mind* … Just Joe, have a Song …



        1. True, JP that’s possible …

          E is for Excretion in MRS REGN

          Then again, sometimes it’s the only place to hide …

          Those Bossy Nazis don’t like to get their uniforms dirty … sometimes there’s advantage in fighting not-sees 😉

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  3. A touching scene. Can’t help wondering if one so young would actually know of the horrors awaiting.


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