Cracked Up Pepper

I’d like to introduce another Assistant Librarian at the LoL … Kit Bisto

Ahh …

Kit Bisto

… ain’t he sweet. I keep a close eye on him though because … well the wrong influence could potentially turn him into …

Darth Kitler

Darth Kitten. Believe me, no universe would be safe as the young man absolutely refuses to lose an argument.

We can spend days discussing storylines and character merits from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.  Tonight, however, he asked me to consider the following (longish, I warn you) video for inclusion in the Library.  I’ve agreed because … well, in my day job I am referred to as Pepper Potts by a dashing ex-RAF Wing Commander.  I’m rather flattered by that even though, if I’m brutally honest, I’m probably more like Miss Funny-Fanny …


Anyhoo … presenting Kit Bisto’s Library clip … ‘Iron Man VS Lex Luthor DEATH BATTLE!’ … It’s most amusing and informative. For instance, I hadn’t realised that Tony Stark was actually adopted …

If you’ve sat through that, you probably deserve a Song, so please do have one …

11 thoughts on “Cracked Up Pepper

    1. The Tin Man thought he needed an upgrade, but what he needed to build was his belief …

      Hey! Tony Stark built his own heart because he had to. Nice one Legsy – I hadn’t made the heart connection between the two characters before. Cheers! 😀


    1. Err … no, but thank you. The Music Section is organised by Himself; he knows a lot more of heavy stuff than I do. But, to fair, you’ve done it again which is absolutely cracking …

      The kids watched ‘The Iron Giant’ when they were at primary school …

      I’ll ask them about it ‘cos I’ve not seen it. Thanks again Legolas … oh come on I had to! 😉


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