How it should have ended.

Election Day today. This morning I voted for Purple in the General and for Bacon in the Local.  Support was given to the former because they don’t despise me as a tax paying smoker.  Hopes are not terribly high for a good outcome because of the electoral system. But in the success of the latter, I have more confidence entirely …

This evening, as the Exit Poll came in (expected seat wins for the Purples: 2), Assistant Librarian Monsieur Loopy Moostash approached …

… and asked me to consider a video clip for inclusion in the LoL. Upon reviewing I am happy to oblige …

Election results will be revealed tomorrow.  In the meantime, have a Song …


Independent councillors are PURPLE in Southend. I should have know, two of them were standing outside the Scout Hut where I voted …

Purple Ron Wins

2 thoughts on “How it should have ended.

  1. In this neck of the woods, The Purples proved popular, polling more than Greens, Golds & the other rag-tag parties put together. Sadly they couldn’t outnumber the Blues & Reds.

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    1. Same here, JP. Nationally, the Blues have eaten up most of the seats, whereas in Scotland, the Reds have been excreted. And we should now be getting a EU Referendum in 2017. Purples do better in Euro votes … Maybe then we’ll see some proper growth 😉


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