Purple Growing Pains

The Red Team lost BIG at yesterday’s General Election. Not only did they fail to beat the ‘Baby Eating’ Blue Team (‘the Horror!’), but their leader then vacated, found themselves flushed out of Scotland and, most unexpectedly, received an almighty kick to a very special area *wince*.

Until a new leader can be found, Harriet Harman will take the reins of the Red Team.  Good luck with that!

Love the purple cardie – gotta get me one of those … 😉

Seriously, if you do find you have a purple growth – Go see your Doctor.  If, however, you’re just feeling dizzy and nauseated ‘cos your team didn’t win yesterday, can I suggest you … have a Song …

7 thoughts on “Purple Growing Pains

  1. Thank God I was on the splatter-proof iPad when I scrolled down to the John Cleese gif.

    Spluttered scotch is such a bastard to try to reclaim from a conventional keyboard. [Waste not, want not]

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    1. I agree, Shiny – the Blues piled on the votes because people were afraid of R’Ed. But you know me and the Matrix v Memento – I wouldn’t take just the red or just the blue pill … it’s both together … to find a completely new storey 😉


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