Ee By Gum … Enough Werble Dire Hearing? Part 2

Talk about a sync! After posting Part 1, Thoughtful Man decides to go food shopping for the week and asks “What do you fancy? Do you have any particular HANKering?”

hanker (v.) Look up hanker at Dictionary.comc. 1600, of unknown origin, probably from Flemish hankeren, related to Dutch hunkeren “to hanker,” of unknown origin; perhaps an intensive of Middle Dutch hangen “to hang” (see hang (v.)). If so, the notion is of “lingering about” with longing or craving. Related: Hankered; hankering.

Pure LoL from me at that synchronicity 😉

Anyhoo, what else was in the box of crap?

The one ring, hung from a chain …

At one end of the digestive tract is the BLUE NUTRITION UNIVERSE

and at the other the RED EXCRETION UNIVERSE, the one that can ‘bind them’ …

I see the middle as sort of …

Nope, not done yet *sigh* … might need some roughage … excuse me while I disappear for a bit more exploration … 😉

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