Ee By Gum … Enough Werble Dire Hearing? Part 1

This one is a big one … it should have been the first but it just wouldn’t come out. This is about the RED UNIVERSE and in the World of MRS REGN, the RED E stands for EXCRETION …


is the process by which waste products of metabolism and other non-useful materials are eliminated from an organism.

Let’s start. like so many journeys down memory lane do, with a box of crap

Let’s sift through it a bit …excretion (n.)Look up excretion at Dictionary.comc. 1600, “action of excreting;” 1620s, “that which is excreted,” from French excrétion (16c.), from Latin excretionem (nominative excretio), noun of action from past participle stem of excernere “to sift out, separate” (see excrement).

But also listed on the same page of Etymology Online …

perspiration (n.) Look up perspiration at Dictionary.com1610s, from French perspiration (1560s), noun of action from perspirer “perspire,” from Latin perspirare “blow or breathe constantly,” from per- “through” (see per) + spirare “to breathe, blow” (see spirit (n.)). Applied to excretion of invisible moistures through the skin (1620s), hence used as a euphemism for “sweat” from 1725.

Since the end of 2012 I have been visiting my favourite RED UNIVERSE woods, having a sniff and leaving my mark. There’s a lot of stuff to sift through … this might take a while. Better take some reading material …

In the meanwhile, have a joke …

… and a rhythmic Song that you just can’t help moving to …

8 thoughts on “Ee By Gum … Enough Werble Dire Hearing? Part 1

      1. Would you mind if I posted the link to Juliet in the comments at your gaff, Lovely Legs? ‘Little Chairs’ is part inspiration and then there’s Big Bang. But I don’t want to be too pushy. In the meantime I’ll have a bit of a concentrate for Part 2.



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