Throwing Curve Balls or F … Cough!

So on reviewing my last post, the Y’Ello! one, I can see that it’s packed with quite a lot information and could be viewed as being a bit dense (story of my life!).

Nevertheless, I would be more than happy to answer any questions left in comments and certainly would appreciate the input of those more knowledgeable than me, especially on math-type things 😉

Still, it’s up to me to have a look about … so I did and discovered a new take on the Golden Ratio … a recent one, too:

Inspired by the golden ratio, mathematician Edmund Harriss discovered a delightful fractal curve that no one had ever drawn before. But it’s not just a pretty picture, it contains some lovely theory – and brings the golden ratio into a family of perfect proportions.

I’m no expert but that looks like growth to me.  GROWTH is Purple and theG in MRS REGN and a whole different post …

As always, Scooby Snax are on offer, so in the meantime, have a Song …

And if you don’t like my offer …


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