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30-Day Song Challenge: Forget!

Day 4 dawns on the LoL’s 30 Day Song Challenge and I freely admit, Dear Reader, that I am struggling with this one…

*Oh well done, Clicky! …/lights up… Seriously… /drags… I can only fink… /streams smoke… of one person I’d rather forget…*

Cade and Roob lament Day 4

*/flicks ash… You’re so right, Clicky… /smokes… Let’s do it…*

^Demi Lovato – Really Don’t Care (Official Video) ft. Cher Lloyd^

… So with some help of a song suggestion from Poppy Sweet Pea, above, and her beau, Leggy, below, I’m gonna let Cade take up the slack on this particular challenge, before revealing my one and only song choice at the end. Enjoy!


^In The End (Official Video) – Linkin Park^


Day 4: A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget

Cade’s pet peeve song picks…

Ewwww…seriously? I am being completely honest in saying that I am not reading ahead in the “30 Day Challenge”, and was completely unaware of what Day 4 had in store until Roob mentioned it in the Day 3 post.

Songs that remind us of people we’d rather forget

rofl…um, how to explain this without sounding like a self-centered and condescending prick. Let’s see here…my life is, interesting. Stormy. A completely normal life surrounded by the surreal and serendipitous bordering on the completely unbelievable by incredulous onlookers. A travesty. As a result, “abnormal” and “aberrant” are the norm, so its difficult for me to associate a single something with a single someone. I can associate songs with a particular time, and there may be a particular someone within that time that I can loosely associate with a song, but I usually cannot attribute a song to that person and that person alone. Perhaps its my love of music + my knowledge that associating a particular song with a particular someone is extremely dangerous. Good songs that mean a lot to us don’t come along that often, and for me, to associate a single song with a single someone or even a single something is a sure-fire way to ensure that you are going to hate that song at some point…all because of a someone that has little to nothing to do with that song.

All that said, I’m now thinking of a certain someone, and a certain song that served to break some of the tension as I drove her to the bus station.

^Pixies “Dig for Fire”^

Dig For Fire by the Pixies doesn’t make me think about that someone. Or at least, not just and only that certain someone. Does it bring back memories of that unfortunate situation and the events that led up to it? Sure. But wow, what a song. What an exclamation point on a situation. Someone had needs, I could not provide for those needs on the timeline in which they needed them, they decided to move on. Keep digging. Keep searching for the fire they need. This is just me, but its almost as if there was a certain providence to all of the goings on at the time, and those players who were represented as events transpired. Yeah, I’m talking 3rd parties of all kinds, even those that may reside in the more ethereal types of realms.

Was I hurt? You bet. Was I angry? Indeed I was. Do I still feel that pain even today? Yep. Am I still confused even after all these years? Absolutely. But no need to transfer that weight onto The Pixies, nor their album Bossanova, nor their song Dig For Fire. Plus, had all that not happened, you would not be here today reading what I am here today writing. There are reasons for everything. I don’t pretend to know what those are, but yeah, prolly some reasons that things happen in the way and ways that they do. Digress.

I guess some people feel that if you “don’t have a song”, there’s something missing in a relationship. A certain song that has a certain meaning to only you and your partner. Welp, I’m a musician. If I want a song that means something to me and you, and only me and you, I’ll write it myself. Needless to say, this next one kinda got grabbed by a certain someone, they attached some meaning to it, but I always felt that it meant more to them than it did to me. Sounds cold, I know. But again, I have an avenue to express my fire for someone. I don’t need someone else to do it for me. Regardless of all that, someone that I used to know latched onto this song, and I never had the courage to tell them that of all of the music Cocteau Twins have ever produced, this is probably one of my least favorite songs…only because of the additional meaning attached to it via a relationship.


^Cocteau Twins – I wear your ring^

Sucks, because that is a fucking fantastic song. The ending sounds like how God got the idea to hang the morning sun in the sky after an eternal night of darkness.

Beautiful hands us no way lies a means of love
On sounds and guard the stone, and bed had a law
Answers written and I reason
In the reign of sex, blown more than it’s pleased to be
He’s a beauty affection, oooh

Men are so nice
He pleases me fine
He pleases me fine, fine, fine, fine
Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine

The music, the lyrics, the arrangement, the performance(s)…fucking genius. How in the hell can I hijack a song like that and attach my own personal meaning(s) to it as if it were somehow mine?

It’s as if I was supposed to melt every time the song came on. Difficult for me to melt even more when you are already a melted and gooey puddle that is completely and totally lovestruck. How do you top, what cannot be topped? I’m already head over heels, so where in the fuck am I supposed to go? Backwards? Back to where this song first became the anthem of my eternal an undying love? Sorry, can’t do it. You were already the sole object of my affection long before you knew that song even existed.

It means something special to you? Great. Seriously, I think that is wonderful. Just don’t expect it to mean the same thing for me that it means for you.

^Love And Rockets – No Big Deal^

Its sometimes tough to know how to feel about certain things. You’re likely going to encounter things you personally have never experienced yourself, and you may even encounter and experience shit you’ve never even heard of. That said, if relationships can come together, makes sense that they can also come apart. Some things come apart so goddamn fast, that you begin to wonder if the other party was ever actually working to make things work. But such is life sometimes. Some things require the hammer. The harsh stress test(s) to see if this certain something is going to stand the test of time according to your own liking. One drawback of the hammer test tho, is that nothing lasts for long, and certainly not under the hammer. All breaks, all fails, everything crumbles. Just does so a helluva lot faster than it would have otherwise.

So what is it you ultimately seek to achieve. What is this something you wish to obtain, and why is it you choose the hammer to obtain it. While its true that wielding the hammer can teach you a great deal about whatever it is that you are placing on the anvil, at some point you’ll likely need to reflect on what all of this is doing to you. What it is doing to others is obvious, but what it is doing to you? Not so much. In the right hands, a hammer can produce some amazing things. You’re likely to go through a shitload of material during the learning process tho. Might wanna make sure you’ve adequate supplies left available to create your masterpiece once you’ve mastered your craft.

^deadmau5 – Snowcone^

Five songs seems excessive, and much of what I’ve written thusfar may be interpreted by some as being bitter. You may even surmise that I am repressing. Avoiding the subject. Nope. I’m fortunate to have my own outlets. My own pathways for expressing myself and my feelings on a particular subject. Music, song lyrics, poetry, writing, I feel blessed that I have these avenues. Helps me to get on. Helps me to keep going. Experience enough sunrises, and you’ll know that the sun is sure to set. Experience enough sunsets, and you’ll know that the sun is sure to rise.

Doc Holliday: What do you want?
Wyatt Earp: Just to live a normal life.
Doc Holliday: There is no normal life Wyatt…there’s just life. Get on with it.

Movie = Tombstone

Normal normalcy is temporary, and all that is normal, is also fleeting.
Not to mention, I don’t like forgetting.
Forgetting makes me forget.
Makes me prone to repeating previous mistakes.
Makes me forget who I was.
That may even lead to my never being who I can be and/or never being who I could have been.
You’ll get my all for as long as you want it.
It’s all I have.

Forgetting? Thanks, but I think I’ll pass.

Keep going…
Keep going…
Keep going…

Get the fuck over it, and get on with it.
Not like I have a lot of choice.


^Kill The Dead, Feed The Poor^

Roob’s first song pick and final word…

There is only one person I’d rather forget: I really don’t care for Tony Blair and this is the song that reminds me of him…

*In your D:Reams, Gordon! …/stubs butt… You utter Charlie…*


Tomorrow we’ll be tackling songs that need to be played loud, Dear Reader, and you won’t want to miss that. To get you in the mood, have a Song…


Missive From ‘Merica: Clicky Led

Clicky speaks


2 + 0 = 1

Sounds impossible? There is a blessing to standardization. It is indicative of a contextual significance. An era. An epoch. A time. What is significant about an obelisk that is not standing up?

I dunno 

What is significant about an obelisk that is standing up? I bet it’s pretty fucking significant if it’s standing, but about to fall. Prolly also significant if it is standing, then falls with little to no warning. How’d that thing stand up anyway?

Prolly aliens + tractor beams
^Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (CamelPhat Remix)^

I haven’t seen one of these vids appear in a while, but suddenly…here one is.

WARNING: You may want to turn your volume down prior to watching. For some odd reason, this vid is loud as fuck.

PRO TIP: After watching the vid, don’t forget to set your volume back to where it was prior to watching it.


^strange Trumpet sounds from the sky caught on live TV Volume 20^

So here's the dealio

I’m writing three different posts at the same time,

they’ll be posted in three different places, and

all three are gonna start off with the same three paragraphs.

But they’ll each go their own way after these first three paragraphs. I’ll write/post one here, I’ll write/post one over at my WordPress blog, and the other I’ll send over to RooBeeDoo to see what she comes up with. I’ve not been doing a lot of writing lately, but I sure as shit have been thinking about it.

I’m about to undertake some scary endeavors, and I’ve been working hard to dial my writing back since December of last year in preparation for these endeavors. I’ve also been trying to be mindful of what I read and watch. Limiting my intake, if you will. But last night, I started to feel just downright depressed. Like someone had kicked me in the junk, ‘cept with none of the actual pain and all of the actual depression.

As I lay on my bed and contemplated while I felt so shitty, I got the impression that I just flat out missed writing all the time. There are other things I miss as well, but I can’t do anything about that. So, I’ll focus on those things I can do something about. At this stage in my life, there is really only one thing that I have some limited ability to control, and that is my writing, and where and when I choose to write it. Let’s onward with the…whatever this is.

^CamelPhat – Drop It^

Is there a difference between something that is standing up, and something that is not? I mean, even if they are the same goddamn thing, if it’s laying down, it’s not the same thing laying down that it is when it’s standing up…right? Do I need to bring up penises?

lolz...bring up penises...lolz

This is the downside to talking ethics. There is an implied decorum that needs to be maintained. I assume that this decorum is to maintain and/or achieve some sort of purity. But what in the FUCK is “pure” about dreaming up and enacting legislation pertaining to murder? Or is it the path that purifies us, as we walk from the point of origin(s) that put us on this muddy and despicable trail of tears, all in order to get us to where we need to be?

Yeah, ethics suck

If you are clean, you gotta get dirty in order to understand what it is that draws your particular snout to the pig sty. If you are dirty, you gotta listen to the same uppity righteous fucks that likely created whatever shithole you are trying to climb out of. It’s a mess.

^Hot Since 82 – Veins (Original Mix)^

Let’s go this direction for a bit…

Obelisk of Axum
Tiya (Archaeological Site)
King Ezana’s Stela
Eritrean Highlands
Rift Valley Fever
Great Rift Valley, Kenya
Great Rift Valley, Ethiopia
East African Rift
Abuse of Notation

Would intuition be what it is, if it were more standardized? Thinking now about the curvature of our planet and certain spaces, there is a potential for nullification based on a contextual proximity within time. That is to say, that “not all sacred sites are the same”. Sure, they are all “sacred”

but to who?



So with that in mind, is the Tevatron the same thing as the LHC?


Large Hadron Collider

If they are the same thing, why are there two of them? Do we need two of the same thing? Or is one more/less significant than the other?

^Mark Knight – Your Love (Original Club Mix)^

Let's see what Boogie2988 is up to

He mentions something about a YouTube purge.

My Twitter has been acting wonky for about a week.

I wonder if any of this shit has any affect on Bitcoin.


What…in the FUCK…is “body dysmorphia”?

Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Alien Hand Syndrome
Body Integrity Identity Disorder
Hemispatial Neglect
Acquired Brain Injury
Synonyms of Arterial Tortuosity Syndrome
Human Factors and Ergonomics
Ergonomic Hazard
Repetitive Strain Injury
Space Psychology

If you sit in a certain chair, at a certain desk, and you do this over a certain period of time…

but then suddenly

… you find yourself in a different chair, at a different desk, for different periods of time…

Q: Does that have an effect on anything at all?

A: Or are you just a piece of meat?

Yeah, I don’t know how to deal with bitter acerbity either.

^Solardo – On The Corner^

Yesterday, I did a search on YouTube for “spiritual awakening” just because I’ve not kept up with that shit in a while. I don’t even remember what I found, because I wound up trying to start watching Part 3 of that Ouija Board documentary. I dig rest.

Let’s hop over to YouTube real quick, I’m gonna search for “spiritual awakening” again – without quotes – and I’m going to link the 3rd video on the 3rd page of the search results. Sound good? Let’s do it!

<rawr> ;-P

JESUS H. CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 3rd video on the 3rd page is motherfucking 1 hour, 46 minutes, and 5 seconds long!!!

I ain’t watching that bullshit!!!

First rattle out of the fucking bag, the goddamn video tells me to go read a coupla prophesies from Nostradamus before watching the video. Now, why on EARTH would someone want me to pause the video, grab a book, and read a bit before watching the video?


Could it be to get you used to the fact, that in order to proceed in your continued “growth”, you are going to need books,

and home videos,

and daily chant guides,

and daily mantra guides,

and t-shirts,

and bumper stickers,

and laminated bookmarks with clever shit written on them,

and coffee mugs,

and all kinds of other ancillary market types of shit to take along with you, as you trek to god knows where for the quarterly retreats that are held for select “gold members” at the temple?

Anyway, here’s the video if you wanna watch it. I only made it to 1 minute 43 seconds.

^The Laws of the Sun – Spiritually Awakening Movie – OFFICIAL^

If I keep talking about the same shit over and over, does that create some sort of repetitive type injury?

O RLY? To whom? 

Yeah, to whom does this injury occur? To me? To anyone who reads my bullshit? Both? Anyway, I’ve seen this gal’s stuff before, and may have even watched and linked this particular video at some point. But there seems to be an infatuation in certain sectors of the synchrosphere with “the shining”.

Clicky squints

Synchrotron Radiation

I find this concept of “specificity within the synchrosphere” to be ironic, since specificity seems to be contrary to the nature of synchronicity. That said, a lot of these concepts may not be new, but they are new to some of us. So, let’s see what she has to say about something very specific, and how this specificity may relate to “spiritual awakening”.

^How to Develop Clairvoyance, How to Become Clairvoyant, How it Works!^

A few weeks ago, the street light across the way went out. The street was dark as shit for a coupla weeks, and it was just damn nice outside at night because you could actually see at night without that fucking beacon blinding the fuck out of you. However, it has now been replaced, and they replaced the one light, with two. Not only that, the fucking thing is bright white instead of the pale amber of the previous street light.

The whole goddamn street is now bright as shit at night

I wanted to take some pics of the full moon, but I now can’t because of that goddamn beacon that is right in the path of the moon/Luna’s ascension.


^SYMBOLOGY AND YOU. How SYMBOLS Affect Your Subconscious Mind WITHOUT Knowing It + ANCIENT Symbols^

I’m not trying to knock these people, but a lot of this shit sounds like the parroting of something you’ve learned, and you are following the program or system step by step in order, as you’ve been taught to do. I know that I do this all the time. So, what is it that we are trying to break out of? Why are we trying to break out of it? Are we searching for intuition? Are we searching for our own intuition?

Standardized anything is going to seek to quash intuition, so maybe that’s the sudden infatuation with enlightenment via ancient mysteries and/or mystery schools and the like.

Temple of Set

Harry Houdini


BLOOPS!!! I guess there’s nothing new about it. ‘Cept for maybe we are getting to know our neighbors a bit better without even realizing we were doing so.

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

What, in the name of all that is holy, could Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania have to do with the price of tea in Antarctica? I dunno. But I can think of one person that this town might ring a bell with.

^Shiba San – OKAY^

Been watching Dr. Who, Deadwood, and Adventure Time with a certain someone. I’m still kinda iffy on the whole “remote viewing” angles of this particular activity, but I’m kinda comfortable with my own cluelessness, so whatever.

/me shrugs

Remote Viewing

I can only imagine, that anyone gaining access to my head/being, the first fucking thought is going to be


The only reason that I can see that someone would want direct access to the fabric of another being…


But doesn’t truth loose some of its meaning when the filters and filtering that is already in place are circumnavigated and/or circumvented? It can’t be truth if I don’t want or need to tell it. So there’s an implied duality or binary nature to getting to “the truth” by the action of telling. What we tell, and how…

Perception(s) and perspective(s)

I mean, just because you can plug a lamp into an electrical socket, is no guarantee that the lamp will light.

^Mark The Beast – Breathe (ft. Niks)^

I narrowed my YouTube search to only show results from videos that were posted this week. This was the latest one, and it appears to have been posted 7 hours ago.

 Today is Tuesday May 1st, 2018, and it's currently 12:48 CDT

It appears this video is a talk more than a video, and it’s some gal talking about the menstrual cycle. I’m not female. This talk has fuckall to do with me. But it does make me think about fibrous material(s). That makes me think about Morgellon’s. Not that I ever think about fibrous material(s) potentially being an issue for women that use certain feminine hygiene products or anything.

Toxic Shock Syndrome
Innate Immune System
Diagnosis Code

Is it possible that Morgellon’s is actually a form of Toxic Shock Syndrome? I mean, I personally am allergic to everything under the fucking sun. Not to mention, anyone can become allergic to anything, at any time. Shellfish are OK for eating today, but tomorrow, eating them kills you. So…with that in mind…

Q: What changed?

A: I dunno either.

Maybe we can figure it out.

Or at least develop some coping mechanisms.

^Red Moon: Goddess Teachings & Meditations for Female Spiritual Awakening^

This isn’t really where I intended to go.

I intended to go nowhere in particular.

Can both of these statements be true?
^Deadmau5 – There Might Be Coffee (1080p) || HD^

When I see someone’s profile pic on Twitter, and I get the googly eyes because she is very pretty, is there a certain procedure or protocol that I supposed to follow at that point? Am I supposed to message them and say “YO BITCH YOU ARE HOT AS FUCK!!!” or something similar? Or do I just wait for the erection to subside, then go about my business.

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever actually gotten a boner from looking at some gal’s pic. But I’ve gotten butterflies a time or two. Anyway, I never thought of Twitter as some dating service or place to meet chicks to hook up with. I guess being married will do that to a fella, and subsequently being divorced doesn’t change much in that regard.

But I do often contemplate the mechanics of meeting someone. I mean, I’m single again, so why wouldn’t I contemplate this? To be honest, it scares the shit out of me because I had long been under the assumption that I’d be married for the rest of my life. Plus, what if one of these gals I get the googly eyes and butterflies over is married or in a relationship already? I can handle someone seeing my pic and throwing up. I’ve had this face for a long time and am familiar with the response it tends to generate.

Meh…I’ve no idea what to do, nor even if I should do anything. I think I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing, which is nothing. At least that’s something.

^Summertime Rolls – Jane’s Addiction.wmv^

May Day

I’ve seen some “witchy types” posting something about some other name to call this, so lemme go see if I can find what that something is.



Speaking of belts, my mother gave me all of my father’s old belts. I mean, the guy is dead, so he ain’t gonna need them anymore. Anyway, I was looking at one of the older ones, and it got me to wondering how many lashes I got over the years with that particular belt.

It’s wide,

it’s thick,

it’s long,

made of leather,

and left many a welt on my 





and sometimes even my ass. Not that he was a bad aim, but he usually had to suspend me in the air by dangling me from one of my arms.

I was not real receptive to being repeatedly struck with a heavy piece of leather, but one day, that all changed. I bent over, grabbed my ankles, and never made a peep through all 12 lashes. He, was stunned. But I think when it was over, and I turned to face him, and shot him a look of hate bound by fury, I think I scared him. He was almost speechless, and eventually stammered a congratulations to me on my “not going to the tear department”, but our relationship forever changed that day.

He retired the belt, and never used it on me again. I’ll not elaborate as to the direction that the violence took after the belt was retired, but you can probably imagine. I was 12 years old.

^Paul Keeley- Run To You (Original Mix)^

I gotta run because this one is getting kinda long, and I’ve two more of these I need to go write, then get back to watching Deadwood and Dr Who with a certain someone. But before I go, I got a parting query. There are many that espouse this “living for the day” mentality to others. To seize opportunity, and not to wait. But I’ve got a question for you…

Q: Aren’t you worth waiting for?

A: I think you are

Doesn’t matter if it’s 5 seconds or 5 years. I’m betting that you are worth waiting for.

I think you are pretty awesome, and I don’t even really know you.

Not even sure what “knowing” really means in this context.

You learn, you grow, you change, you…

do whatever in the fuck you do.

So “knowing” can’t be just and only about fucking.

But yeah, I’ve got a feeling about you, and I don’t even know who you are.

Now all you have to do, is sort out/figure out who I am talking to and/or referencing.

Good luck

^Mango – Sayonara (Original Mix)^


^Dave Horne – In Our Dreams (Original Mix) [HD]^


dolphin wave

Missive From ‘Merica: “Phwoar!” */wipes brow…*

*Well I am starting to feel less uncomfortable now, Clicky… /lights up…*


An interjection used to say something is awesome, sexy, amazing, or hot.

‘Phwoar! Look at that chick in the tube top!’
by Honest Abe January 01, 2005

*/drags… I am the epitome of casual, Clicky…*

Now for the mains, Dear Reader, or rather the meat and two veg of Cade’s missive. It has diagrams. His diagrams depicting ‘Cosmic Corridors’…

*Alright! …/mutters… Hark who’s talking…*

*/rolls eyes…*





Anyone who has read any of my bullshit, and has seen my other fantastic MSPaint scribblings, can prolly already see that I have Alpha Loops and Omega Gates on my mind even tho they are not depicted above. But I’ve been thinking a lot about parabolic trajectories over the past few weeks with respect to interstellar travel.


Ya rly…I’ve been thinking a great deal about UFOs and how they might travel as they do. In all honesty, I don’t see them as traveling much differently than any sort of landing vehicle(s) that we’ve built might land. There is a contextual need to translate a merging of bodies that are already in transient states. The plural of “states” being important because of things like atmosphere(s), how far they stretch, and when. I digress.

Anyway…above is Cosmic Corridor One, and it shows a more typical approach due to the rotation(s) that we tend to be more familiar with in our own solar system. “Approach A” is a gravitational approach, and “Approach B” is an anti-gravitational approach. I see this as a quasi-misnomer due to angular considerations that are paid to certain masses, while ignoring others. I won’t go into too much detail on that, but if you think of the black dot in the image above as The Earth/Terra, and then think of it as The Sun/Sol, and then think of both of those bodies and their positions relative to each other at given times, these are the masses that we tend to ignore in certain contexts. I would imagine that interstellar travelers would not have this luxury, but I’ll get to that.

^Kayve – Cat Reused^

So…you may be thinking…

DUDE!!! What in the FUCK does gravity/antigravity have to do with Democracy?!?!?!?

I dunno…do certain candidates attract you, or repel you? Are certain ideas attractive to you, or repulsive? And now you may be thinking more about magnetism and less about gravity…but while you are thinking about that, think about this.

Q: Are you simultaneously attracted to one thing while being repulsed by another in certain situations?

A: !!!

Yeah…it’s not always about only winning. You want to win, and you want/need to beat the living fuck outta someone else on your road to victory. That doesn’t sound very Democratic at all.

^ATTLAS – Cold Mountain Air^



Above is Cosmic Corridor 02, and it’s going to appear contrary to most of the images that we see with respect to parabolic intercepts between bodies. But the shit that I am seeing in my head is going to get screwy as I try and describe it because I’ve not yet figured out how to describe it. But there’s going to be lots of twisting and turning, and lots of stutters in both these objects I’m trying to describe, and my ability to describe them.

EX: We just traveled from Vega to Sol, and we are gonna need to drop by Earth/Terra in the process. Why? Because we are going to intercept Earth/Terra on a trajectory that is going to cause us to loiter in various places, at various times, at various altitudes, while we plot and intercept our pathway to where we are really headed…which is Andromeda.

Q: Why would we need to travel to Sol-Earth/Terra from Vega if we are headed to Andromeda?

A: Cosmic Corridors.

What are Cosmic Corridors? Something I made up.

^Porter Robinson – Language (Alex H Remix) [Free Download]^

I’ve long pondered why an alien craft would ever crash on Earth/Terra. The best answer that I’ve been able to come up with is either:

A) a miscalculation on the part of the travelers themselves, or

B) some unexpected variation within the Galactic and/or Universal “constants” and/or projected continuums.

To relate, imagine that you are barreling in towards Earth/Terra @ 10xC(sol) for an intercept that will cause you to loiter on Earth for 10 hours, 13 minutes, 11 seconds, without actually losing any of your accumulated speed/momentum.


How could something be moving @ 10 X the speed of light, while stationary? Welp…many if not most are going to run straight to multi-dimensional and/or inter-dimensional and/or extra-dimensional types of thinking…and they’d be right…but they’d also be wrong. Dimensions of all kinds are always intermingled and merging separating, so to immediately start thinking of alternate-realities is going to be both true and false at the same time(s).

^Rhett – Escalada^

So…what are we already omitting when looking at the images above? Time? Or is that implied in the motion of our traveler? What about…our travelers, plural? So…not only time…but times. I guess that’s why we omit, eh? When we start adding, it never stops. But what does that say about subtraction? Negative and positive? What about multiplication and division?

Meh…that’s no where I really wanted to go. What I wanted to think about, was vibration(s).

What I am seeing is the possibility/possibilities for inertia to be simultaneously maintained within a certain context, and lost in another. Not only that, but that this is not necessarily predicated on angular types of motion. So what we are forgetting, is the pathways themselves. Where are we in that particular pathway? Inside? Outside? On which side via which perspective? So…we’ve also forgotten our observers…there’s always at least one. To expand on that further, there’s always at least two…

here = 1, there = 1

“When you look into the void, the void looks into you” kinds of thinking.

^deadmau5 – Let Go feat. Grabbitz [Grabbitz Edit]^

I can envision ways that crafts, mass and particles can be traveling at fantastic speeds, all while contextually, not appearing to move at all. There are always going to be energies and masses that accompany these “primary” objects/masses. Lot’s of stuff “coming along for the ride, but this is going to also include precursor types of things. Why? One more thing to look for in locating these Cosmic Corridors.

Doesn’t make sense? Welp, think of it like this…when you depart from A to head to B, when are you furthest from A? Are you thinking that the distance from A will be furthest at the 1/2 way point to B and beyond?

Q1: Is B moving?

A1: ?!?

Q2: Is A moving?

A2: !??!

What if you bend your path? Meaning, what if Point A approaches Point B? Does that change the distance that you’ve traveled? If Point A is right next to Point B when you arrive there, are you still at your furthest distance from Point A? Maybe thinking about matter and only matter, or voids and only voids can fail us.

^Foetus – Into The Light^

Let’s take that thought a step further tho since we as humans tend to think in terms of distance and time being somewhat equal. Let’s say that our departure point, which is Point A, is indeed getting closer to Point B as we depart Point A to travel to Point B.

Q: Why would we not wait until Point A is it’s closest to Point B before departing?

A: We may not be able to get from Point A to Point B when they are at their closest proximity.

There is much more to consider in The Universe with respect to points, than just and only points. As travelers, we ourselves are points. But also consider this with respect to times and distances. Let’s say that we could not depart Point A when it is at it’s closest proximity to Point B…BUT…we can return to Point A when it is at it’s closest proximity to Point B. I mean…we wanna eventually go home…right?

^Mark The Beast – Breathe (ft. Niks)^

Not to hit you with too much of a twist, but what if we had to return via the same pathway we took to get from A to B, even tho A and B are in relatively close proximity to one another? Or even had to take a return intercept back to A along a course that was twice as long as the route to get from A to B? As in, we had to intercept C in order to get from B to A. That prolly sounds more like what we do now, and may make more sense. But there are celestial dynamics that I think we currently take for granted, and these things may not suit us both in our own exploring, and understanding where and how other explorers may someday visit us. That’s just me tho.

/me shrugs
^Philip T.B.C. – Galactic (BTK Remix)^


*It’s a lot to fink about, Clicky… /stubs butt… Okay, just one more dish to serve up … /pats snout… Go makes us a cuppa coffee and I’ll finish here and start the next… Cheers, Click!*

I hope you’ve left some room for afters, Dear Reader 😉

Missive From Merica: All Fall (Oops!) & Oh My!-Gate

Today’s Missive From ‘Merica, Dear Reader, is a kinda follow up to a previous one…

*Uh huh… that LoL post, Clicky! What a pain in the posterior post that turned out to be… /rubs forehead… The images still won’t settle!*

… Cade drew some equations that he sees in his head for the ‘MFM: Sophie Sounds Like SoPi’ post…

*Cute, butt you said that already, Clicky…*

… And a further depiction of an equation that he turned into a gif, to imbue it with a sense of movement…

*Knot for him, gno… /rolls eyes… Right then, Clicky, I’m gonna head off to the end, you stick to Dear Reader… And no misbehaving… /arches eyebrow…*

Sew… have fun, Dear Reader. Catch you at the bottom ❤



Resignation syndrome: Sweden’s mystery illness

How are you?

Why opioids are such an American problem

Everything OK with you?

JFK assassination: Questions that won’t go away

That's good. Glad to hear it.

China lawyer recounts torture under Xi’s ‘war on law’

Anything you wanna talk about?

Indian restaurant fighting for women’s rights with food


Climbing frame or anti-terror device?

That's OK. I'll do all the talking.

Bloodhound: Numbers of the beast

If that's OK with you.

How Western civilisation could collapse

I'll try to focus on being upbeat and happy. Positive-thinking only.

Nasa’s ambitious plan to save Earth from a supervolcano

Now…this is just me…but isn’t that last one kinda…erm…akin to saving someone from themselves?

What will they think of next.

So much for my being upbeat, happy and/or positive, eh?

^Mark The Beast – Breathe (ft. Niks)^

I’ve got so much on my mind, that I don’t really have much to say. That said, I’ll keep writing, and we’ll see how and where this goes.

I stared at a blank page for almost 3 hours, and couldn’t think of where or how to start. Typically, I just sit down, and whatever comes out, comes out. But this one is a shade different. There are some things to get to, and I’ve got a fairly narrow timeline in which to get to them. That makes me uncomfortable. Much like the whole “you only get one chance to make a good first impression” kinds of thinking.

I mean, if that’s the case, why bother? Who am I trying to make an impression on, and why? Am I surrendering all rights in doing so? Not that I have a problem with being subservient, because under the right conditions I have no problem with that. But how many people can I bow to, where the courtesy is not returned, before I break?

I guess we'll see when we get there, eh?
^Solarity – Terminal 6 (Original Mix)^

Something else that is on my mind, was the previous “whatever turned Missive” was, according to Roob, my longest yet. Not that I doubt her….I, in fact, don’t doubt her.

This particular whatever that I am currently writing tho…feels…longer. I’m only on my third paragraph, in my head I’m tumbling over the things I want to get to, and it just feels really fucking long. Maybe that’s because I already am aware of the massive amounts of shit that I am going to have to omit. Aggregate of the massive kind(s).

That gets me to thinking about the whatchacallit forums. They’ve been down for coming up on a year now, and I’ve been thinking about the few people that I got to speak with there.

Where are they?

What are they up to?

Are they OK?

How did they handle the forums going down?

Not like they had much choice in the matter, but I think about all the crap that I read. All the crap that I didn’t get to read. All of the crap that never got written, that I also didn’t get to read. Meh…you know what they say…

Even A Stopped Clock Is Right Twice A Day.

Oh wait…I got a better one…

Don’t Judge A Book That Isn’t There By It’s Cover That Is Also Mysteriously Absent.

^Dinka – Road To Perdition^

Whatshername has made Taco Soup. Imma go eat some.

^Nitrous Oxide – Show Me^

K…that was three hours ago that I went for soup, and I’m just now starting to type again. I can feel the disappointment and anguish within you. The longing. The confusion. The other stuff that is there…I can feel it too. It’s coursing through your veins like snot from your nose on a cold day…seeking to quell it’s yearning for a nearby tissue. I am very adept at feeling these feelings you are feeling.

I know them well. 

Oh…and the soup wasn’t bad. A shade weak, and she never uses enough corn, but still tasty and quite palatable.

^Knife Party ‘Micropenis’^
And what is happening in the world of Cade...

On Monday, Whatshername popped her head in my door, and mentioned that she had news regarding the hot water leak.

Whatshername: I have news regarding the hot water leak.

Cade: Do tell.

Whatshername: The owner called me, and she let me know that insurance has denied her claim.

Cade: Unpossible. Say it ain’t so.

Whatshername: Yeah…hard to believe, but its got to be done, so she is going to have to pay for it out of her own pocket.

Cade: That sucks for all involved. Sorry.

Whatshername: She’s calling tomorrow to schedule the plumbers, and she’ll let me know when they are going to be here to start actually searching for the leak.

Cade: I’ll try and make myself scarce.

So Tuesday rolls around…and…

Whatshername: They’ll be here on Friday at noon.

Cade: Okie dokie. I’ll try and make myself scarce.

And that’s that. Tomorrow is Friday, as it is currently 21:15 on Thursday October 26th. I was gonna disconnect my computer and clean tomorrow anyway…so…yeah….everything works out as it does, when it does, how it does.

I’ve already procured the vacuum cleaner and a broom/dustpan combo, a coupla loads of laundry, and I’ll be free to do any final digging and arranging in the closet on Saturday. I’m thinking about taking most of the clothes in garbage bags to The Goodwill for a shade more extra space in there. The more room I can leave, the less likely she is to throw the remainder away.

Sorry...just...thinking out loud.
^Knife Party – ‘Power Glove’ – OUT NOW^

In other news…I was able to login to GMail on my cellphone that isn’t mine.

Not real sure what to do now.

I guess I’ll just keep not responding to the glut of email I don’t get.

Now I just gotta see if I can work up the courage to login to Twitter.

I’m sure that the 8 people who follow my shenanigans will be thrilled.

^Deadmau5 – Overdraft^

I’ve described these “Omega Gates” in my bullshit before, but I’ve only ever used textual representations to describe how they work.



Yeah….pretty lame. A particle “boops” in and around the gate in order to avoid whatever the gate surrounds, giving the appearance that a particle has simultaneously appeared in two places at the same time, and/or vanished completely in one place and appeared in another.

Like a bent straw, that should immediately make most think about wormholes, but that’s not necessarily what I am talking about here. There’s going to be two primary particles that facilitate this gate’s creation, its opening, sustaining the gate, closing the gate, then destroying it.

Any number of particles and/or energies in various states may pass through the gate once open. But you’ll need to keep in mind that these energies and particles/matter and whatever else, have been coalescing for a long time, so there is a chance here to get a shade lost if we are looking for only one thing.

^Alex H – Blood Moon (Original Mix) sunsetmelodies^

So now we can split our Neutrino, which is actually two different particles in the same state and/or different states at the same time, especially when being acted on by a Tachyon. With respect to the Neutrino:

1. The inertia, kinetic energy, energy and whatall else…is going to go around, and the mass will go through.

2. The inertia, kinetic energy, energy and whatall else…is going to go through, and the mass will go around.

That’s an oversimplification due to what the Tachyon does on the other side, because we don’t know what that is until it actually happens. Our Tachyon may have been sitting there for 1 second, or it may have been sitting there for 10,000 years…we simply don’t know until it starts to gain enough mass, and by that time, it appears that our Tachyon came from somewhere it shouldn’t have.

Such as…our Tachyon appearing that it came from somewhen, and not so much somewhere. Both are going to be true, or at least, can be. There’s more to it than that…but I’m trying to be mindful of Roob and her needs….so yeah…let’s move on.

^ZENI – Breathe^

Our Neutrino has now split, and our Tachyon is going to make it’s presence known here and there. Both parts of our Neutrino are going to have much/many of the characteristics of each other, depending on what is going where and when.

Don’t want to confuse you at this point, but our Alpha Loop may or may not be there. It may also appear suddenly and vanish as quickly. If you think about our loop as a way of better managing time, energy and matter, it may not be so confusing when you see how it may sometimes appear to stretch time and matter, and may sometimes appear to crunch time and matter.

Not so much as a pressure relief valve, nor even a capacitor….but rather as an accompanying system that is as much a part of that system as anything else. Why build one, when you can have two at zero the price?

^Alpha 9 – Come Home [Full – HD]^

As you may have guessed, our Neutrino is going to appear to be at two different places at the same time, and will most likely sometimes appear as two completely different particles, and sometimes the exact same particle in two places at the same time.

Don’t forget our Tachyon on the other end, and it may not seem so confusing when I suggest that all three of these particles are actually always the same particle…they just operate in different times and places, in different ways, all at the same time…and sometimes at different times, all at the same time.

^Sebastian Weikum – There She Is (Original Mix)^

To make that thought not such a stretch, and to hopefully help it make more sense, think of these three particles less like inorganic matter, and more like something that matters…like people, for example. Let’s make them time-travelers.

Tachyon-C is “Person A” @ age 30

Neutrino-AB is “Person A” @ age 40

Neutrino-BA is “Person A” @ age 50

Q: At what point would we need to make such a distinction?

A: An event, at that time, in time, that included this person.

Not such a stretch when you think about it really, but I can already see the credibility wheels turning, and the question(s) of mortality/immortailty oozing out of your ears.

Q: What is the most aged thing that you have personally seen?

A: ?¿?

Q: What percentage of the age of this whatever, have you actually spent, with this whatever it is?

A: ¿?¿

EX: You find something that is 10,000,000 years old. How much of that 10,000,000 years did you spend with that something? How much of that time have you spent with that, or any other something? I’m betting not much, and I’m in the same boat, but I am trying to understand it.

It, being, time.
^Sebastian Weikum – Shout! (Original Mix)^


It’s at this point, that our Neutrino is going to assume many/most of the properties of our Tachyon, but our Tachyon is already long since gone. Well…in relativistic terms…yeah…long gone. Our Tachyon may have only covered an equal and opposite distance to our Neutrino, or it may have spent the equivalent of the next and/or last 6 months covering massive distances in a myriad of galaxies, or even just bopping around our own solar system.

Why do 1 thing, when you have the time to do 20?

Why do 20 things, when you have the time to focus on 1?

Why do 1 or even 20, when you don’t have to do any?

^Deadmau5 – Cyclic Redundancy^

From an engineering standpoint, I can’t see such thinking being a stretch. The only exception would be certain models that require a certain something, be the exact same way, every single time, for all time. Dunno bout choo…but that sounds dangerous.

^Disciples – On My Mind (Official Video)^

Coupla iterations of my Alpha L∞P.
^Roald Velden – Around The World (Original Mix)^

Coupla iterations of iterations on my Alpha L∞P.
^Boo Bass | Pogo^

Alpha Loops can fold, and they can fold many times in many different ways.

I’ve yet to encounter an Omega Gate that can, in and of itself, fold.

Omega Gates can bend and warp and stretch and straighten any number of ways, but I’ve yet to figure out if they can fold, or even if they would ever need to, seeing as how they are typically always entangled with at least one end of an Alpha Loop.

I’m just thinking now, why stretch when you can fold, and vice versa.

Still working on it thinking about it.

^Rezz – Voice in the Wall^

To relate a shade more as to what can appear where, and what can revolve about what and where, here’s a coupla more A0G8s where the Alpha Loop is actually inverted/appears above the Omega Gate instead of “below” it.

Gotta keep in mind that these shapes are merely architectural pathways that facilitation motion, energy, matter, etc., and the movement of these things contextually, to where and when they need to go. The matter and energy and whathaveyou is equally important in constructing/creating these pathways and where.

Think energy preservation, information retention, less destructive pathways that are “naturally occurring”…and maybe these concepts will also not be as much of a stretch.

^Soulwax – Is It Always Binary^

I’ve prolly added enough images to completely discourage Roob forever, so I’m gonna end this one here. But I think what I might do, is keep writing/write another one, because I kinda still feel like writing a bit. I dunno. We’ll see what Roob has to say, then go from there.

^The Peppers – Hot Caramel (Soulwax Remix)^
<image = avoided>



^Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow (Soulwax Remix)^


*So that’s your considered answer to Cade’s question, Clicky?*

*Oh for gawd’s sake… Behave! …/averts eyes… Well, let’s hope he’s able to send another before he hits the road…*

Until next time, Dear Reader… Have a Song 😉

All Fings Being Equal…

Dear Reader…

I started a thread on the 4th April 2014 on a site called Synchromystic Forum, or ‘Sync Miss For Him’ (SMFH) as I call it. The thread was titled ‘Selfie Sounds Like Sophie’. It was an amateur experiment to take the likeness of a diety, using myself as a template, after listening to John Lamb Lash talk about ‘Sophia’s Correction’…

SMFH is gone now and I haven’t sought out John Lamb Lash since I heard that talk, posted by Divine DNA in the Red Universe (that’s MEROVEEsometime in 2013. But I looked him up today and this is what he has to say…


I’m going to listen to this video whilst I write the post below. What follows is kinda like the sorta shambles I would have posted in ‘Selfie Sounds Like Sophie’ if SMFH were it still around today…

*Good choice, Clicky… /lights up… To be honest I prefer this track. Loopy sumtimes sings it when he’s gaming…*


In the world of MRS REGN, RESPIRATION comes after MOVEMENT and before SENSITIVITY, REPRODUCTION (REPRODUCTION - yellow on white is hard to see), EXCRETION, GROWTH AND NUTRITION...

Selfie 1 Cade and Roob saying goodnight

Eye stumbled across an obit in the NY Times last night, or rather very early this morning, Read Dearer. A Russian Ma’at-ish ‘un called Vlad had died on the last day of September, alone at home. By all accounts, he was a bit of a wiz…

What Vlad did

Doctor Vladimir Voevodsky was 51, butt as time in the womb don’t count toward official age, let’s say he was in that sort of age area…51-ish…

Selfie 2 Roob bring Teslas Area 51 and a cigar

That’s me on Merovee earlier

Merovee Hell Shock

…posting news of a company named for another Ma’at-ish-un…

… And a cigar vid? Well, ‘cos the benefits of smoking tobacco seems to be a dirty secret and cigars are expensive… made by hand…

Tesla’s Dirty Secret: It Was Banging Out Parts Of The Model 3 By Hand

Have a cigar…Why knot?

Vlad gave birth


In algebraic geometry and algebraic topology, a branch of mathematics, A1 homotopy theory is a way to apply the techniques of algebraic topology, specifically homotopy, to algebraic varieties and, more generally, to schemes. The theory is due to Fabien Morel and Vladimir Voevodsky. The underlying idea is that it should be possible to develop a purely algebraic approach to homotopy theory by replacing the unit interval [0, 1], which is not an algebraic variety, with the affine line A1, which is. The theory requires a substantial amount of technique to set up, but has spectacular applications such as Voevodsky’s construction of the derived category of mixed motives and the proof of the Milnor and Bloch-Kato conjectures.


…Eye woz replying to Jen…


… Who’d posted news of a sleb car and cartoon creators’ twitter convo, and a Song

Selfie 3 Jen suggests breathing two Mark The Beast

… In reply to Clicky posting a tweet id sent out in the Yellow Universe about the reported detection of a spike in radioactivity. Also with a Song

Selfie 4 Clicky posts Roobs tweet two chocolate music

Fast forward to today when French nuclear watchdogISRN reported that another spike in airborne radioactivity has been detected in the air in Western and Central Europe: “Ruthenium-106 has been detected by several European networks involved in the monitoring of atmospheric radioactive contamination, at levels of a few milliBecquerels per cubic meter of air.”

According to IRSN calculations, based on the concentration levels measured in several European countries and on the meteorological conditions of the last few days, the contaminated air could have been generated from southern regions of Ural or located close to those. “IRSN is continuing its investigations to try to confirm the origin of this atmospheric pollution.”

ruthenium (n.)metallic element, 1845, named by Russian chemist Karl Klauss, from a name proposed earlier (1828) in reference to a metal extracted from ores from the Ural Mountains of Russia (see Ruthenian). With metallic element ending -ium.

… In fact, Leggy and eye had been ruminating on the reason behind the spike

Selfie 5 Leggy and Roob discuss uses of Ruthenium


*Data detecting Wall? …/ 😀 …Elementary, my dear Clicky! …/pats snout…*

Vlad The Translator

…Eye won’t leave out the final segment of last night’s MEROVEE conversation, Rear Dealer…

Selfie 6 Jen smiles A Void disdains and Clicky cruises by with Harvey trumps Trump

The prominent, and now radioactive Hollywood producer, famous for such Oscar winners as “The English Patient” and “Shakespeare in Love,” took a leave of absence from his production company following the New York Times article on Thursday.

…What’s this, the NYTimes? And Harvey, as we gno, was also a humongous hurricane in August, a storm that devastated parts of Texas… The State were my chum Cade, The Okie Devil, currently resides…

*”Calm before the storm”, eh? You know what Clicky, I don’t understand the thinking behind academia and media leaders… /lights up…. Ya know, EXPERTS attacking Trump so much? He’s vain; it’s his flaw butt they’re driving him into the arms of the those who CAN-KNOT call him anything butt “SIR!” to his face… /smokes… Ore “YESSIR!” …/slurps covfefe…*

*Exactly… /sighs…*

…Perhaps that was the calm before this morning’s ‘Tweetstorm‘ from the Dez-Rez-Prez…

In Early Tweetstorm, Trump Praises WaPo, Slams NBC And “Late Night Comedians”, Reaches Out To Schumer

…Equal Time…

…Time Is Money…

…Can’t Buy Me Love…

Vlad liked to Click

*Spend a Penny? See a Penny? …/thinks… Penis meteor than the words? … Penny drops? …/stubs butt… Whoa… /look sup… Damn! That’s a big post… /sucks teeth… Better get a Song to fin-ish, Clicky…*

Well, that was a very interesting talk from John Lamb Lash, Dear Reader. Yes, very interesting indeed… Have a Song… 😉



*Thanks! …/blows kiss… Another?*

*…/rolls eyes…*

Missive From ‘Merica: Time And Relative Digestion In Space

It has been a quiet Easter weekend, Dear Reader, which I have mostly spent watching movies with my pampered pooch, Poppy, asleep at my side. Last night after watching the new Doctor What episode, I decided to re-watch a favourite moving picture of mine, called ‘The Fall’…

… And later read Leg-Iron’s latest post

In between I received a new missive from The Okie Devil, reproduced for your enjoyment, below…


There once was a man from Kent.
Whose dick was so long it was bent.
Although it was trouble…
He’s stick it in double…
And instead of coming, he went.

^The Chemical Brothers – Let Forever Be^

There once was a man from Lampasas.
Whose balls were made out of brass.
He’d rub them together…
And make stormy weather…
And lightning, shot out of his ass.

^PropellerHeads – Bang On!^

We haven’t had a “wavy wall” in a while, so let’s take a question from The Whatever However Hotline!!!

Q: Cade, what are you doing?

Cade: You mean like…”my goal?”

Q: Yes.

Cade: Welp, I have no idea. Any suggestions?

^Boo Yaa TRIBE feat Mack 10 – Bang On^


Yeah…there’s a bee in my bonnet.

Must have recently been reminded of my being privy to the concept of hornets in a way that may be foreign to some. I guess I could say “an intimate knowledge” of swarming hornets that are battling each other for territory, and what it is like to be in the middle of that…but that may bee too vague, seeing as how I also have some experience with bees and wasps.

Hey…what can I say? The fucking things fascinate me. Plus, being the wimpy little kid that I was, I spent a lot of time hiding in bushes from bullies. Bushes are full of wasp nests. Prolly because of the bees that buzz around outside that bush when it is blooming, and bees proximity to that bush when it is NOT blooming. Not that we should read too deep into a 3/4 year old kid making such observations at that age since kids are stupid at that age.

^Pleasurekraft – Anubis (Mike Vale Remix)^

Someone just passed a certain something along to me, that kinda “hit home” with some things that I’ve been pondering. Especially with respect to redundancy in complex systems. My thinking, being along the lines of a complex machine made more complex by these redundancies.

Q: If the redundancy is needed, how/why is it necessary?

A: ...

Yeah. Something to that effect prolly hanging on the wall of every engineer who ever lived, to keep them “on track”…so to speak…when dealing with duplication through automation.

WHEW!!! I just opened a can of worms there, eh? “Duplication through automation” with respect to redundancy. Especially when you start thinking in terms of templates, molds and moulding…and how those relate to a 5-dimensional universe in a holographic theme. If I lost you there, maybe go outside and look at some clouds, or watch the stars as they transverse the sky, and it’ll help with that potentially confusing “holographic” addition of mine. If you watch a cloud lounge enough, it will change and/or move. If you watch a star or the moon long enough, you will be able to detect that they are moving. If you have the courage to realize that movement is transpiring right under your feet…you might get a little…woozy at the thought. Especially if you go further and start thinking about the light, the sources of that light, and the motion(s) that generate/sustain/direct them.

Now…let’s think about you (now that we’ve thought about all that other crazy shit).

Let’s go into the eye, via the ears, since you might be a little…off balance, after thinking about that shit.

^GTA & Diplo – Boy Oh Boy (Original Mix) [Tomorrowland Video HD]^

I guess I am thinking about the concept of “a safety chain” as it relates to a system, within the context of that system. Not that I know anything about a device known as “a safety chain” or anything like that, in the event that A) The Safety Chain is missing, or B)The Safety Chain is present, but it also failed. Seriously, I have no knowledge of such an event transpiring, nor the consequences/aftermath of such a scenario. So…I digress.

Q: At what point is “a safety chain” NOT…a permanent and required fixture within the framework that requires it?

A: ...<no answer to be had here...not yet anyway>...

So, I guess application and context within applying the application(s) would prolly help us out as to the necessity of a safety chain.

Markov Chain

I tried to look up “safety chain” there, but stumbled across the above instead since a definition of “safety chain” could not be located. But let’s move forward as to “redundancy” as it relates to errors, erring, and errant. Since I am a fuckup, this section’s addressing of this topic SHOULD be quite easy for me to breeze through. But once things start failing within a system, and failures continue to cascade and multiply, I think that maybe…a little…reflection might be in order. Give these things some time and some thought.

Yeah…the “safety chain” thought is just a little too close to home right now with respect to some events that I haven’t thought about since I was a child.

Mystery Remains Mysterious! NEXT!
^M.I.A. – Paper Planes^

“The room spins” for me all the time. I mean, not really. But it does when I think about this shit. Or at least, it used to when I was a kid. I’ve learned some ways to help with the spinning, because the spinning is usually not actually “spinning.” It’s typically more of a “mushy kinda roll” kinda thing. Almost like someone just smacked me right on top of my head. Not that anyone has ever smacked me on top of the head or anything…but I digress.

But yeah, I think that being an asthmatic/someone with allergies to virtually everything/difficulty breathing prolly also has helped in that regard. Some might wish to edict “control” or “self-control” here…but I’ve found that any type of action on my part that opposes what is happening at this point? Yeah, it tends to make things even worse. BUT!!! Not always. YOU are the best judge of that, since this IS happening to you and you alone at the time that this happens.

So yeah…kinda…rolling with it, if you will.

Developing the ability to catch yourself.

Sounds impossible eh?

Welp…it ain’t.

Just keep that notion contextual and situational, and you should have no problem when you must rely on someone else to catch you, after you mastered the concept of catching yourself your own damn self all by yourself.

Keeping in mind that we are an assimilation of parts, in many ways, and rely on many things to arrive where we arrive where we arrive when we arrive there…and you’ll prolly have less of a problem with humility in those “EUREKA!!!” types of moments.

^Rag’n’Bone Man – Human (Official Video)^


Enteric Nervous System-Complexity
Dark Matter
Periodic Acid
Oxidation State
Iridium Tetroxide
WHO Model List of Essential Medicines
Nasogastric Intubation
Nonvolatile Acid
Acetoacetic Acid
Alpha Wave
Lamb Waves

A “Zero Wave” type of wave. A wave that has all of the characteristics of a wave, and at the same time, none of the characteristics of a wave, because neither can be confirmed nor validated, leaving this wave in an existent, but unprovable, state.

Yeah…I just made up all that bullshit as far as know, but what I am thinking about here, is the “lifey” kinda ring to that concept as it relates to “dark matter/dark energy” in the current thinking.

EX: -99.9/99.9

A simultaneousness type of result, that mathematically can only be represented with an equal number of deficiencies on both sides of zero. “Zero” was represented above by me using the “/” sign so that it might make more sense to anyone mathematically inclined.


How’s that? Better? Or is the thought of taking those decimals out giving you “the willys.” The decimal is representative of zero in my use of math, so in my head, the above would look like this…


Meaning, you have positive AND negative on both sides…all at the same time.


I guess what I am thinking about here is the concept of balance, and what it is. Welp, if you think of yourself sitting completely motionless in the lotus-position, you’ll realize that the rest of The Universe is going 90-to-nothing spinning around you. lolz.

“90-to-nothing” means “REAL FUCKING FAST!!!” in these parts where I live. So yeah…chaos that ain’t so chaotic, and sometimes real fucking chaotic. To relate, imagine that you were not sitting there peacefully in that lotus-position while contemplating the mysteries of the universe…but rather…someone FORCED you into that position…and now…you can’t move.

Can’t move.

Can’t breathe.

Can’t leave.

Can’t stay.

So yeah…the concept of indecision/indecisiveness, represented quasi-mathematically.

No connections to be made there, eh?
^Knife Party – ‘Sleaze’^

So now that I’ve seemingly grown the balls to bridge that gap, now what?

Welp…I think some motion was prolly on the agenda there for someone. Non-motion appears to be on the agenda for someone else. All at different times with different intentions and/or purposes, but I’m kinda familiar of what it is like to be put into a position that I have no clue why I am being put into that position, and then have to endure it as best I can. You prolly also have some experience with that sort of thing. But to me personally, my salvation sometimes also lies within that vast ocean of stupid and not-knowing/non-knowing that fills the gap between my ears. Not that I am always naive and stupid. But I temper knowledge with wisdom as best I can, when it and where necessary, and keep the option of “throwing all that shit out the window, and just going with the flow” sometimes as well. I mean hell…I might just learn something new.

Maybe you are familiar with the “double-edge sword” concept. Just keep in mind that “the double-edge sword” in any analogy…also has a sheath. Keep in mind the hand that must draw or sheath that sword, and the arm that hand is connect to? And you are on your way. But that’s prolly just my own wimpy assed way of begging for mercy, since I have no clue why someone would be brandishing a sword in my proximity. I could prolly make some guesses, but I ain’t gonna do your work for you.

^Tegan and Sara – Now I’m All Messed Up [Official Lyric Video]^

Thinking about the concept of “moving up in the world”…maybe that’s why “new money” has trouble transitioning. I mean, if I can imagine something, why would I not be comfortable with what I imagine that I want, when I actually GET that something that I wanted that I now have? I guess this is where “others” come into the picture. Maybe “the new others” and our thoughts about them, as well as “the old others” and our thoughts about them. So…change.

^Fantastic Plastic Machine – Bachelor Pad^

Is the concept of positive and negative numbers existing on the same side of an equation too much to even ponder?

Q: Why?

A: !!!

I mean, even when you get to your positive number here, and your negative number there, here and there are eventually here and there at the same time right? So why not a result set that contains these two possibilities in a single answer via a multi-faceted equation? I mean…Jesus H. Christ hopping on a pogo stick!!! Isn’t this what you fucks are looking for? A “Unified Theory?”

Maybe if I worded that as “A Unified Theory”…and included the “A” instead of excluding it, that’ll help here and there as we proceed. Especially if you think in terms of beginnings and endings. Maybe the term “commencement” will help in that regard. I dunno /me shrugs

^Hello Seahorse – Despues^

I guess I’m thinking about what is “relayed to the public via science” or some other “official channel(s)” with respect to what we know about what you know. If you are trying to jam 950 billion equations together into a single mold…welp, that was already done. You just gotta adjust your focus with respect to the mold and molds, as well as your role in it. That’s what I’m trying to do anyway. I ain’t gonna wear your fucking hat or T-shirt because you tell me to. But I might wear it of my own volition. But even that has a sneaky aspect to it doesn’t it? Almost as if “my challenge to your challenge” has so challenged you, that you are gonna win irrespective of the cost(s). So you feel humiliated, and returning that humiliation is the only response. Sounds fair. Let’s dance.

^Pogo – Where I Belong HD^

I dunno mang and/or mangette, I gots no answers. If today’s correct answer is gonna be proven incorrect tomorrow, I guess it’s no wonder that science sometimes stumbles all-over itself looking for that some something while they are holding it in their hands. Because I sure as SHIT understand that concept quite well. The problem being that we chide ourselves today for ignoring tomorrow, or chide ourselves tomorrow for not taking advantage of something yesterday. But…I mean…we’re here right? It’s now right? Doesn’t that open the door for all kinds of possibility? Potentially it does anyway.

/me shrugs


Feeling kinda sapped myself.
^05 Datos Intimos (She’s a Tease) Happy-Fi Coyote Nights^

Blasphemies aside…have a wonderful Easter Sunday should you participate in that particular activity.

Imma take a shower tomorrow.

But that’s not until tomorrow.

^Mark The Beast – Breathe (ft. Niks)^

cYa | cFa

^Eptic & FuntCase – Oh Shit!^


Iconic Poppy Sculpture Opens At Shoeburyness, Southend-on-Sea

*Oh yes! Thanks, Clicky…*

I forgot to mention, there’s a new Art exhibition on in my home town… It’s called ‘Wave‘…

Happy Easter, Dear Reader… Have another Song… ❤

Missive from ‘Merica: colourmestupid

Yesterday, Dear Reader, I was reminded that, aside from his many allergies, The Okie Devil is iridophobic

I don’t know why rainbows have always frightened me…but they have and they do, and I guess they always will.
Think: Focus and focusing.

So when a new missive arrived from TextAss this morning, accompanied with a Song…

I couldn’t resist…

*Exactly! …/looks down… Flippers crossed, Clicky… /chews lip nervously…*



!HOWDY x2!



^Eddy Arnold- Cattle Call^

Do you ever sing? Did you ever sing? Yeah…you sucked at it obviously, but that doesn’t matter. I just wanted to know if you ever sing or have ever sang in your life.

Q: Was it fun?

A: I mean…it prolly wasn’t fun for others…

but yeah…you…

what about you? Was it fun?

Singing can be fun. When you suck at it, it can be fun and funny. When you are terrible at it, it can be fucking hilarious. But that’s kinda the point. Having fun. Especially if you can laugh at yourself. I personally sing like a girl. I just have one of those…girly voices. Yes, I can adjust it. But it rarely feels right unless I can really belt it. In which case, it gets REALLY fucking loud. There just aren’t many places where you can really let loose, cept maybe in your car with the radio turned up. But, in that case/those cases…you are sitting down. Sucks to sing sitting down. Especially in a moving vehicle where the next song might be a goddamn hymn cause you crashed and died and didn’t realize it. Sorry.

Just...kinda, thinkin.

^She sat neath the lilacs – never tell lies^




Q: Who have you “caught” today?

A: ???

Q: Who have you “pushed” today?

A: !¿!¿???¿!¿!

Q: Who is gonna catch em?

A: ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿

Q: Who is gonna catch you?

A: !!!

Q: When and where?

A: |?|

That what I thought I was gonna think about that.

This “mind-readin” bullshit is actually pretty easy.

Who’s next?
^Deadmau5 – The Veldt [Ft. Chris James] (1080p) || HD^

I guess I’m still having trouble dealing with this “patriotism” concept. I was born where I was, when I was…because I was. I’ve toyed with the notion of immigrating elsewhere many times. Not because I hate this place…well, I do, but that’s because I’ve seen it. I wanted to see other places, meet other people. Go to places where you can be ignored more easily. Yes…Americans tend to stand out like sore thumbs when traveling abroad. And “Texans” tend to really fucking stand out when they speak because of the accent. That said, that’s kinda what allows you to be ignored so much.

"Oh shit. Another stupid-assed American tourist."

I got to where I just smirked when I saw “that look” that locals tend to give to tourists. My “smirk” tended to have the effect of being a “wink” of sorts, as if to say…”Yeah…American Tourist. You caught me. I know you know, and now you know that I know you know, which means we know what each other knows”…and most of the time they would smile back. Many would even stop me just to say “hi” or talk for a bit. Foreigners LOVE to practice their English on Americans. I also loved to try and speak what little of their language, and foreigners ALSO love when you do that, because they will correct the living shit out of you and your fumblings. However, I never was big on correcting them. I would typically just say “pardon?” or “I didn’t hear that” and try to get them to repeat whatever they said. But in a lengthy conversation, should one develop, I had to try and make clear to them that I was hard of hearing, which many took as me trying to get out of the conversation…which was not the case at all. And no matter how sincerely tried to explain to them that I had honest to God hearing problems, they didn’t want to hear it. I found out later that many tourists actually use “I have hearing problems” to get out of difficult conversations with foreigners.


That smarted.

Q: What in the FUCK are people like me, who can hear, but hear with difficulty, supposed to do?

A: The best you can.

/me shrugs

^Animals – Don’t let me be Misunderstood^

When I first expressed an interest in traveling and possibly living abroad…my father told me…

Cade’s Dad: “Whatever you do…do not EVER…give up your American citizenship.”
Cade: <gulp> Um…why not?
Cade’s Dad: It’s the only thing you have going for you in this world.
Cade: <le yikes>

Welp…there goes that idea. What the FUCK?!?!?!? Why is it, that everyone is always so goddamn keen on telling me what NOT to do? Especially when it has the effect of destroying every fucking thing in a particular plan of mine.

Cade: Will you help me plan something?
Cade’s Dad: No. Do it yourself.
Cade: You destroy it from there?
Cade’s Dad: All too easy.

I don’t really think of my father as Darth Vader. ( pun intended) My father was more like The Emperor…except worse, and infinitely more devious. There’s only one way…the hard way…period. Not that he didn’t have his tender moments. He’s human. He’s a father. Sure he had his tender moments. But combat does something to people that makes them not like people very much. They tend to get so goddamn protective, that they will crush you trying to protect you. And being the sickly little wimpy-assed kid that I was, that seemed to be not much of a challenge for a burly motherfucker like my father. 6’1″…230…arms like a gorilla, twice as hairy and 10x as strong. Fuckin-A! The dude was a mechanic. He beat the shit out of steel on a daily basis with his hands, then came home all pissed off lookin for some measure of peace in a fucking nuthouse with “three screaming kids.” One of which, was walking talking knowitall smart-mouthed asshole who was just a little…too…smart for his own good. He always told me…

“that big brain of yours is gonna get you in to some serious trouble some day, on account of those big-assed ears can’t seem to offset that runaway mouth of yours. Ask the wrong question, and you’re gonna pay for it the hard way.” proud he would be if he could hear me telling God to STFU!!!

^Cars – Since You’re Gone (with lyrics) – HD^

I remember seeing this picture/cartoon in the newspaper just after 9/11/2001. I must admit, it summed up my feelings quite well. It helped me channel some anger, and it also made me very sad for what I was pretty sure would eventually happen, and all of those that would die as a result.

More than anything…it probably made me very confused.
Prolly why it made me feel quasi-normal again.
But I still don’t know what to think about it.
Sure…there is a certain security knowing that you live under the protection of one of the biggest, baddest bullies on the block.
Then…suddenly…there’s that…”bully” part.


^Black Sun Empire & Audio – Drizzle^

September 11 Attacks
September 11
November 9
September 11 Attacks (Disambiguation)
War on Terror
Crime Control (Redirected from War on crime)
War on Drugs
War on Cancer
Heaving To
Motion Sickness
Carrack (Redirected from Naus)
Zeelandic Flanders
New Zealand
Nova Scotia
Scottish Gaelic
Jacobite Risings
Revelation 9
Revelation 11
Revelation 20
Revelation 17
0 (Year) (Redirected from Year Zero)
Astronomical Year Numbering

Numbers. They mean things.

Q: Yeah…but what does that mean?

A: I dunno. We’ll find out eh?

Mystery = SOLVED! Next!
^Pythius – BBT [Blackout]^

Wow…what a fucking sunset tonight. The sky was on…fucking…FIRE! It got up to 81°F here today. Warm day…even for Texas in January. But the wind was blowing like a MOTHERFUCKER this morning. I’m talking 50 mile per hour gusts. Then…it just fucking stopped. And I mean stopped…dead calm. The birds were going fucking nuts. Singing like…well…birds. It was beautiful. Lotta cirrus clouds on the move today. Weather change is coming. I mean like…another weather change.

^Lyrics~El Paso-Marty Robbins^

X: You don’t really think that you are …
Cade: Telling God or the gods or The Universe or what the fuck ever to shut the fuck up?
X: Yeah…that.
Cade: Well…I have. Several times even. But it’s kinda…
0: Contextual?
T: And you think that makes “everything OK?”
Cade: Since when is anything “OK?”
Z: OK…lemme “butt in” here.
Cade: OK
Z: Thanks…I needed that.
Cade: 😉
X: What are you really hoping to accomplish here with “all this shit”…as you so succinctly put it?
Cade: You’ve got “the list.”
X: I do?
Z: Well…sorta. It’s kinda…
0: Spread out. “The List” is kinda spread out.
Cade: Thanks. 🙂
X: So um…you really think you can accomplish “all that?”
Cade: Hmmm. I don’t think about it much.
X: Why not?
Cade: What’s there to think about?
B: Under way?
Cade: Yep. Don’t “understand”…just “get under way”…
X: We’ll figure out the rest as we go eh?
Cade: Welp…I dunno what kind of timeline that you’ve got in mind, but I’ve been at this for a while.
Z: What about death?
Cade: What about it? It can wait. I got shit to do.
T: You know…it sounds kinda…”funny”…when you say that like that.
Cade: But isn’t that the whole point of confusion?
X: You mean…contextually?
B: Ghosts?
Cade: I don’t care if you call yourself a bucket of shit with the lid off. There’s no way to explain what cannot be explained.
Z: Experience?
Cade: /me shrugs
C: What else would you call it?
Cade: Um…I wouldn’t call it anything else. But experiencing during the experience itself…
0: Is quite the experience. Wouldn’t you say?
Cade: Well…I would have if you hadn’t finished my sentence there for me.
X: What is that…er…ahem…”family trait” of yours that everyone is so afraid of?
Cade: Mental illness.
X: Anything…in particular?
Cade: Hearing voices. Schitzophrenia.
X: And…have you…been…er…ahem…”diagnosed”…as such.
Cade: Nope.
Z: What have you been diagnosed with?
Cade: Wouldn’t “what have I not been diagnosed with” be easier? I mean, such as “I have not been diagnosed with Schizophrenia/Schizophrenic.”
Z: Why not?
Cade: ROFL…um…I dunno.
B: It’s never too late ya know.
T: Seconded.
0: Fourthteenth-ed!
Cade: lol…you asshats are funny. 🙂
Cade: ❤
Z: …
A: May I? Before you end this block particular to here?
Cade: Go.
A: Um…why do you think that “you leave me out so much?”
I: I can answer that.
A: Har har.
Cade: I dunno that I’m “leaving anyone out.”
X: It just comes out as it comes out…is that it?
Cade: Hope fully not.
Z: I’ll reword that for “X”…ahem…It just…comes out as it does?
Cade: Yep. It’s gotten a little…erm…
B: <quiet>
Cade: Yep. Very…subtle as far as…
0: Actual noise?
Cade: Yeah. But, I’m not trying to “figure out” the…erm…help nor helpers.
A: Why not?
Cade: Why?
Z: Good answer.
X: Agreed.
0: I’m…not so sure…
Cade: Har har. “Devil’s Advocate?”
0: I’m…not so sure…
Z: Saw that one comin.
Cade: lol 😉
A: …

^Leroy Anderson – The Syncopated Clock^

X: So…what’s next?
Cade: I dunno. I’ll never have “an answer” to that sort of question.
X: What sort of question?
Z: The “mental health” question.
Cade: I’ve been diagnosed with a lot of shit. Bipolar disorder is only one of them.
Z: Maybe that’s the most important one.
Cade: Whatevz.
0: Give you a good excuse to go crazy.
Cade: Har har.
0: It does. You can prolly get some miles out of that one.
Cade: Unlike the asthma?
0: Well…yeah. Just…different miles on a different path.
Cade: So…violence and bloodshed and nasty shit.
0: I didn’t say all that.
Cade: I did.
0: BLOOPS!!!
Cade: 😉 You can always make me smile, think, feel comfortable, smart, and yet completely stupid in a single thought.
0: Thank you. I do try. 😉
Z: Taugh em all he knows.
X: He?
Cade: Whatevz.
X: He he…he.
Cade: The comfort zone…right here…right now.
X: Do you feel…comforted?
Cade: Hadn’t thought about it until now. Some of my goals on that “to do” list are…
Z: Lofty?
Cade: If anyone would know…you would.
X: And why is that?
T: Yes…why is that?
Cade: /me shrugs
B: …BRB…

^The Flower Duet (Lakmé)^

If were to make of the list of shit that I am trying to accomplish, it would be scoffed at as the most unachievable set of goals ever manufactured by a single human being in the entirety of history.

If I were to make a list of the shit that I am trying to accomplish, that I actually think/believe that I can actually accomplish…it would make the previous list pale in comparison.

Q: Why?

A: Because I can.


Q: You honestly think that you can achieve the unachievable?

A: I’m already doing it. The rest?…is gravy.

^Manufacture – As The End Draws Near (1988) [HQ]^

It’s weird tho. Groups of human beings can manufacture lists of impossible goals…and that’s just fine and fucking dandy A-OK. But let a single person come up with a list of the same goals, and suddenly…you are the fucking anti-christ trying to bring about the end of the world. Hmmm…well…that may be. But I can tell you that I certainly didn’t build huge stockpiles of weapons that are capable of doing just that. Meaning…ending “the world.” But even that is horseshit. You fucks have gotten so goddamn paranoid about all of this shit being everywhere, that you aren’t sure if you should dismantle them, use them, or replace them with something even more destructive…all on the premise of prevention and deterrence. Welp…you’ve sure as shit deterred me. I lived a good portion of my life convinced that I was simply born at the wrong goddamn time in the wrong goddamn place, and there was really nothing to even live for, because the whole world and everyone in it was hell-bent on taking the only thing that I ever had that was mine…my life. Welp…it’s weird how shit turns out sometimes. Sometimes…you are simply born in the right goddamn place at the right goddamn time. And everything is exactly correctly correct.

Well…maybe with a little nudge here and there.
I can do what I can do.
I will do what I will do.
Whatever that is?
We’ll see.
Unless we don’t.
I see time differently than most.
I’m in no hurry.

Q: What’s your hurry?

A: ???

Yep…that’s what I thought.

Questions, questions, questions.

Let’s get ya some answers…K?

^InsideInfo – Metamorphosis (feat. Miss Trouble) (Lyric Video)^

It’s not that I am not patriotic. I am. Very much. However, I just think a little bigger and smaller kinda…simultaneously. Afterall…my country…is attached to the same planet that your country is attached to. Some of us are more or less attached to boundaries and borders when it comes to maps and people. I can hate motherfuckers as much and as easily as anyone else. But I see my brain and my heart as partners…working in tandem with the rest of me and my body, spirit and soul to be…the best I can be. Whatever that is…is the best I can be. You get to see whatever you see. Whatever you choose to see or accept as real or unreal or non-real…that’s your choice. I want nor need nothing from you. Unless I want or need something from you…at which point…we’ll both know what I want and/or need. I wouldn’t know if I’m being led or dragged or carried. I just know what I know. And I know that I personally love diversity and change. I also love safety and security. But not at the expense of diversity and change. To me…that’s freedom. You wanna build walls and crawl into holes in the ground so you’ll feel safe and secure…knock your fucking self out. Just don’t expect me to do the same all under the premise that there’s not a better way, or that shit is completely hopeless. If you don’t know what you want…how in the FUCK do you expect me to know what you want. I can operate on similarness…not sameness. Ask me something…then…yeah…we can talk sameness AND similarness in that order.

I dunno.

I gots no answers.

^Virtual Riot – Time Stops (ft. Danyka Nadeau)^

X: You aren’t very happy with “this particular whathaveyou”…are you?
Cade: Nope. Kinda lost today.
X: Anything in particular on your mind?
Cade: My cousin.
X: So…leukemia?
Cade: Yep. Well…that and Morgellon’s and some other stuff.
X: One word…”shaving.”
Cade: It’s…causing me distress.
0: What…in particular.
Cade: Crossing lines.
X: What if they’re already crossed?
Cade: They are. I can see that. However, that doesn’t mean that I personally have to cross them.
Z: And what if you do have to cross them.
Cade: I know I do. It’s a question of how.
T: So let me get this straight….the lines are already crossed, it’s just that you personally have yet to cross those lines, but you aren’t sure how to cross them? Come on man…what’s the real scoop?
Cade: You’ll let me know. I’m sure of it.
T: Yeah? And how do you know that?
Cade: I don’t. It’s just…a feeling.
T: I wouldn’t trust your feelings if I were you.
Cade: Yeah? Well…you aren’t me.
T: Well said.
Z: Ditto.
X: Here here.
0: Whatevz.
Cade: lolz…thx.
0: 😉

<song here = almost avoided>

^Benny Benassi – Come Fly Away (Adam K & Soha remix)^

AH HA!!! We have a question via the whatever however hotline!!!

WHH Q1: So Cade…if that even is your real name…do you love God?

Cade A1: Fuck you.

WHH Q2: So Cade…if that even is your real name…do you love Jesus?

Cade A2: Fuck you.

WHH Q3: So Cade…if that even is your real name…have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?

Cade A3: Fuck you.

Cade: Anything else?
0: Nope…I think that about covers that.
Cade: Coo.

WHH Q4: So Cade…what is your real name.

Cade A4: I have no name.

0: BLOOPS!!! Sry bout that.
Cade: No prob. 🙂
0: …
D: Erm…you don’t really think you are talking to “the gods” do you?
Cade: Nope. Making the whole thing up.
D: Hmmm…weird.
Cade: Yep.
D: So you really have no name eh?
Cade: Nope. Not one that you know.
D: And that means…exactly “what”…to me?
Cade: Nothing.
D: Grrrr
Cade: (yawn)
D: You don’t like me…do ya?
Cade: Nope.
D: You don’t?
Cade: Nope.
D: Why not?
Cade: Why not what?
D: Why don’t you like me?
Cade: I didn’t say I didn’t like you…you did.
D: Oh…I see.
Cade: Yep.
D: 🙂
Cade: 😉
D: …
^Breathe – Télépopmusik^


^Mark The Beast – Breathe (ft. Niks)^


*Ha! Knot Wiki Wavy Wonderwall, Click? …/ 🙂 …*

Missive from ‘Merica: X, T and C Conversations…

So how was it for you, Dear Reader?

I, myself, have been having a quiet but busy time of it: proofing Hugo Stone’s new tale and putting the finishing touches to an ‘interview‘ we had just before Christmas…

*Oh, I see what you’re doing Clicky… /taps nose… *

… And hosting ramblings from Cade, The Okie Devil. You’ll find his latest below, but he’s also reposting some of his older Sync Miss For Him warblings, hear. They are intense but I do hope you’re enjoying his missives, Dear Reader…


*But of course, Clicky… /chortles… It means eye get to be Dear Reader… /wink…*


What are you doing?
What are you wearing?
I’ve been WAY too fucking serious recently. So I thought that I would start this whathaveyou off with a dirty joke…
The white horse fell in the mud.
^The Crystal Method – Name Of The Game (Hybrid’s LA Blackout Mix)^

Ya see…it’s like this.
When I see a picture like the above? Yeah…cool shit. Wicked looking, and someone prolly spent a shitload of time creating the graphics that went into that gif. But then, I start to see stuff. I start to wonder…”Outside of art and the art itself, what does that image represent?”
Then I got to thinking about sand and silicone, and starting thinking about…”That almost looks like a mathematical/graphical/materials science representation of how a certain element and/or molecules of a certain compound break down over time.” I don’t know “the” or any specifics for that matter. It’s just what came to mind when looking at it. It looks like a crystalline structure of some kind breaking down to a certain point, to where it represents a less fractal type of structure, and more geometric type of shape. And I would assume, that the point at which the animation ends is when the more geometric type of shape reverses and starts to assume a more fractal shape again with same type of conditions and time that caused it to arrive where it did, and the process starts over again at some point. It just reminded me of some engineering that was done some time in the past where there was a point to where some of the structures that engineers were designing? Well, we’ll just say that nature was/is having major problems dealing with those materials, structures and/or shapes. Especially over time and times.;
^Dyno – Serena^

Maybe there is a reason and or reasons that “nature does not draw in straight lines.”
Maybe we just don’t understand the straight lines that nature draws in.
I can see some of them. They are rarely straight…and yet very straight.
^Mark The Beast – Breathe (ft. Niks)^

Yesterday I went to a Christmas party. I had a few beers, followed by a few cocktails, followed by a few shots. I still had the sense to know that I was over the limit. That’s when I decided to do what I have never done before: I took a cab home. Sure enough, there was a police roadblock on the way home, and since it was a cab, they waved it past. I arrived home safely without incident. This was both a great relief and a surprise because I had never driven a cab before. I don’t even know where I got it and now that it is in my garage, I don’t know what to do with it.
I found that joke on another forum, and copied it verbatim. Except for the formatting.
It bet cab drivers have heard many jokes. Prolly seen a few too. Maybe even inspires them to write a few of their own. I bet someone could write a book about it. I know that I wasn’t fond of the “Taxi Cab Confessions” series on HBO. Seemed like there was too much leading. But that “Cash Cab” show they had on TLC or Discovery Channel or whatever it was? Fucking AWESOME show.
^Deadmau5 – Faxing Berlin (1080p) || HD^
Carbon –
Timeline of Chemical Element Discoveries –
Actinium –
Harriet Brooks –
Natural Philosophy –
Teleological Argument –
Creation Science –
National Defense Education Act –
Derp –
Derp –
Derp –
Dammit –
Cultured –
Sophisticated –
Sophisticate –
Cell Culture –
Tissue Culture –
Plant Tissue Culture –
Wildcard Character (Redirected from *.*) –
Question Mark –
Irony Punctuation-Percontation Point –
Question Mark-Mirrored Question Mark –
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My balls itch.
What is this shit all about.
My balls still itch.
X: Perhaps you should scratch them.
Cade: Mind your own fucking business.
X: …
Cade: THX!!!
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Cade: They are my balls after all.
X: But they didn’t even itch.
T: Yeah. You were just trying to make some silly point.
Cade: Was I successful?
0: Be careful with that kind of “cleverness”…k?
Cade: Where this is going? I see it.
Cade: Maybe.
0: Why speak as if you know something, if you in fact…don’t.
Cade: I dunno. How else am I supposed to learn?
X: Blend.
Z: Yeah…blend.
B: It works for some people.
Cade: Lemme guess…”and not so much for others?”
B: Some do tend to “stand out.”
Cade: Welp, as long as I can stand, I figure…good for me.
X: And…
0: Yeah…you left some stuff out there.
T: …
Cade: I tried to avoid the incoming penis joke.
X: …
0: …
T: What are you looking up here for? The joke is in your hand.
Cade: A very common phrase of wisdom, written on many a bathroom wall.
X: Why do you think that is?
Cade: Public bathrooms? You do that kind of shit at home, and someone is gonna get an ass kicking.
X: Shit in public. Is that what you are saying?
Cade: Sure. Whatevz.
X: …rawr….
Cade: Thanks for the smiles.
X: Whatevz.
A: Yeah…whatevz.
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Yeah…when you hear things that others cannot hear? Yeah…it tends to scare people more than anything else. But when you see something that others cannot see? And then you take the time to point out what you are seeing? And then, they see it too? Yeah…it freaks them out pretty bad, but there is a kind of “relief” there. Maybe even a sparkle in the eye. A kind of…”Oh, maybe he’s not so weird, and maybe it’s kinda OK to be weird sometimes.” But the worst, is…yeah…when someone starts to hear what you are hearing. I’ve spent time trying to describe what I am hearing, and when people start to hear it? They freak the fuck out. And not in a good way. They’ll plug their ears and start that “la la la” kind of crap. They become convinced that the only reason that they heard what they heard, is because I heard it first, then described what I was hearing until they heard it. The sense of smell may be the most poignant and jarring sense. But sound? By far the most frightening. I would assume, primarily among those who have their eyesight reasonably intact. I mean, why rely on the ears when you have the eyes? I dunno. I have weird/limited hearing and good eyes. I love hearing stuff. Especially during thunderstorms when you can see the lightning, smell the rain, hear and feel the thunder, and the electricity in the air just makes your hair stand up on end. And I have kind of a booming voice…when I choose to. I like sound.
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This song goes here.
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Now…you may be saying to yourself…
“How in the FUCK…did you start off at McCarthyism…and end up at Pacific Islander?!?!?!?”
I dunno.
But I did.
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I dunno. Since when do I need to always FUCKING KNOW what the fuck I am talking about? Does that make me fit in or some shit? Cause I can assure you…the one absolute without a fucking DOUBT way for me to NOT “fit-in”…is for me to try and fit-in. I’m either too smart, or too stupid…usually too stupid…but I digress. It’s that way for and with a lot of groups. They let certain people join, for no other reason, than to single them out. A living breathing walking talking fuckup for everyone else in their group to point and laugh at, and justify their whatever and whathaveyou. Cause we all know that when it’s just you and a bunch of nod-mouthed drones just like you? Ya gotta…break up the monotony occasionally. Remind yourself why you are doing…whatever it is that you think you are doing.
Sounds like sound logic.
Kudos to you.
Good job at being there for…whoever you are there for.
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Yeah, I was kinda thinking about the Masons and Illuminati and Templars and whatthefuckever types of groups that seem so goddamn popular all of a sudden. From what little I know about them, I have kinda equal parts of respect and contempt for them. Especially the Masons. You can’t have a hammer, if you have nothing to crush or drive with it. You cannot have a measure, if you have nothing to measure. You also cannot have any of it, without those to help you dream for whatever it is you are dreaming of, and those that you serve by doing…whatever it is you are doing. People wanna wear rings and chat and drink beer in some exclusive club…I have no problem with that. Sounds like the military, excluding the enlisted. Unless they have a high school class ring of course. But who wears those after high school. Assuming you could even afford one. Even if you did make it to graduation. It’s almost like a sifter into a sieve eh? Take the good ones, and send the rest down the shitter.
^Highroller by The Crystal Method^

Oh…I’m sorry. Am I trampling on you sensibilities and beliefs?
Fuck you AND your sensibilities and beliefs.
If you think this isn’t difficult for me…you are mistaken.
^Crystal Method – Jaded^

If it looks like shit, and smells like shit, do I really need to taste it to know that it is shit?
A: Sometimes. My soon to be ex-wife is a pretty terrible cook. But she’s gotten better. Not that it benefits me really, but I’m still glad to see her cooking and enjoying it and getting better at it. The key? She’s not afraid of cooking anymore. She’s not afraid to fuck up, and deals with her fuckups better than she used to. And as a result, she’s gotten pretty good at it. (not fucking up/cooking well that is)
It’s amazing what a little bit of confidence will do for you.
It’s also amazing what good a bad situation can bring about.
^Caravan Palace – Rock It For Me (live at Le Trianon, Paris)^

Z: You finished?
Cade: I dunno. What do you think?
Z: Pretty long posting to dump off on that poor young lady, and expect her to edit/make sense of your nonsense.
Cade: Um…just…whatever…and stuff.
X: What were you gonna say there?
Cade: I don’t fucking know! What the fuck do you say to something like that?
Z: Nothin.
Cade: OK…um…nothin.
Z: Touché.
Cade: I’ll skip the swordplay, and stick with wordplay.
Z: Really? What’s the difference?
Cade: One I can’t do, and neither can I.
Z: WHAT?!?!?
Cade: I dunno…just…learnin and bumbling my way through this shit.
Z: Which is?
Cade: Whatever it is.
T: You were gonna say something there.
Cade: How can I say what I don’t know how to say?
T: Try?
Cade: I’m trying.
Z: You are at that.
Cade: :/ …but, yeah.
X: Woah…leave me outta this.
Cade: LoL…k. Will try and remeber that next time.
X: You mean…”remember?”
Cade: Nope. I had it right the first time. It’s an Internet thing.
0: You wouldn’t understand.
Z: …
X: …
Cade: Yes. I’m angry.

But this is all I have. And it’s enough. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and I don’t give a flying fuck if it’s a train or not. I didn’t ask for a light OR a train. But I’ll deal with either when and if whatever comes…comes. My mind doesn’t work like that. I don’t prepare for the impact of the relief, irrespective of the type of relief. I don’t see myself in a tunnel at all. Just maybe…a little in the dark in some respects. Nothing wrong with that.
Now all I need is… ….whatever I need. Capice?

X: And what do you need?
Cade: …
^Crookers – Remedy (Feat. Miike Snow)^

So a video came up in my “Recommended For You” videos, that was about this US Navy ocean tank that they have somewhere. Some dude named “Artem Lobov” made a comment that suggested they put sharks into the tank “to enhance the real world experience”…which made me laugh, but it also got me back to thinking about “biomass.” The video is below if you want to watch it, and you can prolly find the comments I made in there under Artem Lobov’s original comment.

The Navy’s Indoor Ocean

But changing gears a bit from the technical bullshit that I ranted about over there, and changing to a new gear about the technical shit I’m going to rant about here…the term “biomass” has always bothered me. That kind of “nagging” serial killer kinda of inhuman and impersonal objectifying kind of…(shudder)…that just nullifies life itself. As if you and only you and only your life is important, and all other life is there for you personal amusement and/or to do whatever in the fuck you want with it, simply because you choose to do so. The reason/reasons become irrelevant at that point, because everything else becomes irrelevant at that point, save for it’s relevancy at some point. Lotta points there. No wonder there is always so much finger pointing. I guess that movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and the method in which “the aliens” used to identify those that were still human? Maybe it wasn’t so over the top after all. I just see many biomasses in that biomass. The power of one. The power of zero. Kinda has a…”extinction” kinda ring to it eh?
Q: How fucking horrible would it be, to actually SEE an extinction event?
A: ?¿?
Irrespective of size(s) and/or amount(s)…I think that would be pretty terrible.
/me shrugs
Peaks and valleys I guess.
/me shrugs again
^Deadmau5 – Catbread (1080p) || HD^

I dunno, maybe it’s one of them security type things that they can actually manufacture Unicorns that shit rainbows and puke gold bullion, they just can’t tell anyone about those kinds of details until you have cleared the security screening. Which I guess would explain why other country’s military and governmental peeps are more likely to gain access to these facilities than an average citizen, because they have been through all kinds of security clearances and shit like that on THEIR end. As if to say, welp, their own country trusts them, we can prolly trust them too. Not that we trust their country or anything. Because their country is full of people who haven’t been through security screening(s)…so we can’t trust them. Buncha greedy money hungry scumbags that need to be wiped off of the face of the earth. If it wasn’t for untrustworthy people, we wouldn’t have all these problems…right?
Q: When does someone become untrustworthy?
A: When does someone become trustworthy?
Q: When does someone become trustworthy of determining who and what is or is not trustworthy?
A: What happens when these type of people are no longer trustworthy, and who makes THAT determination?
Must be predetermination or something like that.
^Deadmau5 – The Oshawa Connection (1080p) || HD^

Board of Trustees

I guess if no one else trusts you, you can only trust yourself.
Time to go rogue eh?
^ROYKSOPP – What Else Is There (trentemoller remix)^

^Deadmau5 – Templar^


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