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An interjection used to say something is awesome, sexy, amazing, or hot.

‘Phwoar! Look at that chick in the tube top!’
by Honest Abe January 01, 2005

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Now for the mains, Dear Reader, or rather the meat and two veg of Cade’s missive. It has diagrams. His diagrams depicting ‘Cosmic Corridors’…

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Anyone who has read any of my bullshit, and has seen my other fantastic MSPaint scribblings, can prolly already see that I have Alpha Loops and Omega Gates on my mind even tho they are not depicted above. But I’ve been thinking a lot about parabolic trajectories over the past few weeks with respect to interstellar travel.


Ya rly…I’ve been thinking a great deal about UFOs and how they might travel as they do. In all honesty, I don’t see them as traveling much differently than any sort of landing vehicle(s) that we’ve built might land. There is a contextual need to translate a merging of bodies that are already in transient states. The plural of “states” being important because of things like atmosphere(s), how far they stretch, and when. I digress.

Anyway…above is Cosmic Corridor One, and it shows a more typical approach due to the rotation(s) that we tend to be more familiar with in our own solar system. “Approach A” is a gravitational approach, and “Approach B” is an anti-gravitational approach. I see this as a quasi-misnomer due to angular considerations that are paid to certain masses, while ignoring others. I won’t go into too much detail on that, but if you think of the black dot in the image above as The Earth/Terra, and then think of it as The Sun/Sol, and then think of both of those bodies and their positions relative to each other at given times, these are the masses that we tend to ignore in certain contexts. I would imagine that interstellar travelers would not have this luxury, but I’ll get to that.

^Kayve – Cat Reused^

So…you may be thinking…

DUDE!!! What in the FUCK does gravity/antigravity have to do with Democracy?!?!?!?

I dunno…do certain candidates attract you, or repel you? Are certain ideas attractive to you, or repulsive? And now you may be thinking more about magnetism and less about gravity…but while you are thinking about that, think about this.

Q: Are you simultaneously attracted to one thing while being repulsed by another in certain situations?

A: !!!

Yeah…it’s not always about only winning. You want to win, and you want/need to beat the living fuck outta someone else on your road to victory. That doesn’t sound very Democratic at all.

^ATTLAS – Cold Mountain Air^



Above is Cosmic Corridor 02, and it’s going to appear contrary to most of the images that we see with respect to parabolic intercepts between bodies. But the shit that I am seeing in my head is going to get screwy as I try and describe it because I’ve not yet figured out how to describe it. But there’s going to be lots of twisting and turning, and lots of stutters in both these objects I’m trying to describe, and my ability to describe them.

EX: We just traveled from Vega to Sol, and we are gonna need to drop by Earth/Terra in the process. Why? Because we are going to intercept Earth/Terra on a trajectory that is going to cause us to loiter in various places, at various times, at various altitudes, while we plot and intercept our pathway to where we are really headed…which is Andromeda.

Q: Why would we need to travel to Sol-Earth/Terra from Vega if we are headed to Andromeda?

A: Cosmic Corridors.

What are Cosmic Corridors? Something I made up.

^Porter Robinson – Language (Alex H Remix) [Free Download]^

I’ve long pondered why an alien craft would ever crash on Earth/Terra. The best answer that I’ve been able to come up with is either:

A) a miscalculation on the part of the travelers themselves, or

B) some unexpected variation within the Galactic and/or Universal “constants” and/or projected continuums.

To relate, imagine that you are barreling in towards Earth/Terra @ 10xC(sol) for an intercept that will cause you to loiter on Earth for 10 hours, 13 minutes, 11 seconds, without actually losing any of your accumulated speed/momentum.


How could something be moving @ 10 X the speed of light, while stationary? Welp…many if not most are going to run straight to multi-dimensional and/or inter-dimensional and/or extra-dimensional types of thinking…and they’d be right…but they’d also be wrong. Dimensions of all kinds are always intermingled and merging separating, so to immediately start thinking of alternate-realities is going to be both true and false at the same time(s).

^Rhett – Escalada^

So…what are we already omitting when looking at the images above? Time? Or is that implied in the motion of our traveler? What about…our travelers, plural? So…not only time…but times. I guess that’s why we omit, eh? When we start adding, it never stops. But what does that say about subtraction? Negative and positive? What about multiplication and division?

Meh…that’s no where I really wanted to go. What I wanted to think about, was vibration(s).

What I am seeing is the possibility/possibilities for inertia to be simultaneously maintained within a certain context, and lost in another. Not only that, but that this is not necessarily predicated on angular types of motion. So what we are forgetting, is the pathways themselves. Where are we in that particular pathway? Inside? Outside? On which side via which perspective? So…we’ve also forgotten our observers…there’s always at least one. To expand on that further, there’s always at least two…

here = 1, there = 1

“When you look into the void, the void looks into you” kinds of thinking.

^deadmau5 – Let Go feat. Grabbitz [Grabbitz Edit]^

I can envision ways that crafts, mass and particles can be traveling at fantastic speeds, all while contextually, not appearing to move at all. There are always going to be energies and masses that accompany these “primary” objects/masses. Lot’s of stuff “coming along for the ride, but this is going to also include precursor types of things. Why? One more thing to look for in locating these Cosmic Corridors.

Doesn’t make sense? Welp, think of it like this…when you depart from A to head to B, when are you furthest from A? Are you thinking that the distance from A will be furthest at the 1/2 way point to B and beyond?

Q1: Is B moving?

A1: ?!?

Q2: Is A moving?

A2: !??!

What if you bend your path? Meaning, what if Point A approaches Point B? Does that change the distance that you’ve traveled? If Point A is right next to Point B when you arrive there, are you still at your furthest distance from Point A? Maybe thinking about matter and only matter, or voids and only voids can fail us.

^Foetus – Into The Light^

Let’s take that thought a step further tho since we as humans tend to think in terms of distance and time being somewhat equal. Let’s say that our departure point, which is Point A, is indeed getting closer to Point B as we depart Point A to travel to Point B.

Q: Why would we not wait until Point A is it’s closest to Point B before departing?

A: We may not be able to get from Point A to Point B when they are at their closest proximity.

There is much more to consider in The Universe with respect to points, than just and only points. As travelers, we ourselves are points. But also consider this with respect to times and distances. Let’s say that we could not depart Point A when it is at it’s closest proximity to Point B…BUT…we can return to Point A when it is at it’s closest proximity to Point B. I mean…we wanna eventually go home…right?

^Mark The Beast – Breathe (ft. Niks)^

Not to hit you with too much of a twist, but what if we had to return via the same pathway we took to get from A to B, even tho A and B are in relatively close proximity to one another? Or even had to take a return intercept back to A along a course that was twice as long as the route to get from A to B? As in, we had to intercept C in order to get from B to A. That prolly sounds more like what we do now, and may make more sense. But there are celestial dynamics that I think we currently take for granted, and these things may not suit us both in our own exploring, and understanding where and how other explorers may someday visit us. That’s just me tho.

/me shrugs
^Philip T.B.C. – Galactic (BTK Remix)^


*It’s a lot to fink about, Clicky… /stubs butt… Okay, just one more dish to serve up … /pats snout… Go makes us a cuppa coffee and I’ll finish here and start the next… Cheers, Click!*

I hope you’ve left some room for afters, Dear Reader 😉

4 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: “Phwoar!” */wipes brow…*

    1. Sorta. And certainly sometimes. That’s been my thinking anyway. Chasing a rabbit that is faster there than it is here. Or perhaps even slower here than it is there.
      To relate…

      ^Concrete Buffer Gone Wild^

      But the Earth/Terra is as much a part of these pathways as any other part.

      I’ve got some more drawings to bang out, because simultaneous intercepts are next on the agenda, and the possibility/possibilities of traveling two pathways at the same time and/or a single mass occupying two different points or two different spaces at the same time. That’s how they are going to appear anyway. They may even appear to be in one place, but actually be in another. (If any of that makes sense)

      Still kinda banging it out in my head, but that’s a great thought you pose actually. 🙂

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