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  1. This is utterly disgusting, although I did once experience a small part of this for real. But I always was a tough old cookie with an inherent sense of Logic which most of the abuser don’t have. It was basically motivated by the bad behaviour of others during which The Police refused to help me because it was politically motivated and then The Police tried to stitch me up when it escalated, although not by my actions. I will never trust the Police again for so long as I do live. I was arrested at 5am by Ten Policemen and Three Police Dogs. A lone woman of about 30 years old.
    However, Judges aren’t as daft as they may look. I received excellent common sense from The Judge. Such a Long time ago, but I never did quite recover.

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  2. My experience of The Gendarmes has been entirely different over the years. They have always been polite to me. I have never been caught drinking and driving, although that was probably more by luck than judgement, but then I knew the back lanes home at 2am by then.

    I was once asked politely to Drive A Bit More Slowly, Madame, as I screeched to a halt at a hidden road block. And that was said in English. I have nothing but respect for The Gendarmes, guns and all. But then they are inherently good mannered, although this doesn’t make them stupid.

    Good Manners went out of the window many years ago in England. Such a sad thing and so simple.

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    1. To be fair, my one interaction with the Police was when we were burgled back in March 2015. They never caught who it was but they were round within a hour of my calling them, with a forensic technician, who took fingerprints from the point of entry. I was kinda shocked.


  3. Lucky old you. I was burglarised more times than you could dream of. In Plymouth. Plymouth?. Really? And no one came, I just got a Crime Number. And then my insurance Company ripped off as well. Although lovely things That could never be replaced.
    Jewels made for me in Singapore with stones that I bargained for and so loved. All gone. The Insurance Company said, Prove it. And paid me a fraction.

    But I did beat them in the end. Don’t push me too far. But I’m not telling how I did this. Just one really nice Diamond that I didn’t actually need.

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    1. Ours just took my husband’s work bag – I guess a taxi on the drive is an advertisement that cash is on the premises. They did take their shoes off in the conservatory so as not to leave any footprints, so but it was nice to not have to clear up any mud tracked into the house.


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