CLICK5: See Lyin’ Out ‘Ere…

9 thoughts on “CLICK5: See Lyin’ Out ‘Ere…

  1. Roob

    That sync cannot exist. There it is though. The impossible sync ! Won’t go into details. It’s a bit personal and long winded.

    Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

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  2. That song has played around my head for a few years now. Firstly REM and Rem dream connection.

    Also over the years I’ve had a couple of job interviews which I’ve described as an Interview with the Devil. The second was a position at a call centre and the man showed me a picture on his tablet which showed Shiny Happy People staff at the call centre with their head phones on. And briefly the picture changed and it showed concentration camp inmates. And at the end of the interview he said do you want the job and I replied ‘No’.

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