Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: Seal the Deal?

12 thoughts on “Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: Seal the Deal?

  1. Roob

    Weird shit. What’s new.

    Here is the pic I came across from Lancing in 1960 with what looks like beings from another Jeepers Creepers sort of universe. Reminds me of the Dr Who and Water of Mars beings.

    The President of Ghana is the black kid on the left who is about the only one who looks normal.

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      1. I went to Lancing. Can’t remember any plasma beings from another universe though ! Looking back it’s an extraordinarily weird place with the chapel and other things. Feels inter dimensional. About Ghana. There was a very strong connection with Africa. Not only Akufo Addo. Also with the ANC in SA with Oliver Tambo who was head of the military wing of the ANC and connection with Desmond Tutu as well. And my previous school links with Boris Johnson at Ashdown House. Somewhere down the line I think there’s been a stitch up.

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        1. And again looking back. I’m sure Prince Charles sought me out on the day the Rose Window was inaugurated at Lancing. That was weird ! And the ANC. Reminds me of your visit to The Anchor and Prince Charles suddenly showing up.

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    1. Unfortunately West Buckland went co education eventually, although there were always a couple of girls in the sixth form which no one minded about.

      That I should have been so lucky. But I did spend three lovely years in a very good Children’s Home in which I learned my frightfully upper class accent. That one will never let me down.

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      1. I went to a comprehensive school, but I was placed in the grammar stream. I think that my year was one of the last ones to have a grammar stream.


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