Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’…

4 thoughts on “Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’…

      1. I actually thought of a pretty good metaphor for what I’m thinking, and it comes via the movie Bruce Almighty. One of the premises in the movie is that the character “Bruce” gets all of God’s power, and the first thing Bruce does is start “setting things straight” in his own life. Using the power according to his own needs, wants, desires.

        That’s kinda what I see coming when I see these folks talking about banding together and throwing out these decadent and depraved fuckers who are abusing their power/position. Upon throwing them out, these groups will not immediately set to feeding the hungry and providing shelter for those without it and tending to the sick and finding where the world’s wounds are and tending to them. Oh no…there will be culling. There will be retribution. There will be fucktons of grabbing and unwanted contact. (ironic) When all of the old big wigs have been eliminated and their structures have been assimilated, the “new” power will need something else to keep themselves busy so they’ll then turn their attentions to “the complacent” and start slaughtering them. Then the disloyal, then those than cannot be used, then those suspected of being untrustworthy or potentially disloyal or maybe just not quite up to the standards of being an elite member of the new order due to mental or physical “deficiencies”, etc., etc.. There will establishment of a new order, by force, (again ironic) and it will ensure that the same old shit cycles yet again as the “new” leaders revel in their power and abuse the fuck out of it…just like the old ones.

        If these “turnings” really are a thing, seems to me that breaking out of them is going to require something other than more of the same. Gonna need to start making some new mistakes that create some new cycles instead of repeating the same old mistakes that keep us in these existing cycles.

        ^Bruce Almighty – Bruce Separates Soup (HD)^


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