CLICK5: Turn-On, Turn-Out & Turn-Around

7 thoughts on “CLICK5: Turn-On, Turn-Out & Turn-Around

  1. I am halfy halfy Taurus and Gemeni; so probably insane. I don’t care. One or other might have been best but you don’t get to choose. You just get born and then you get on with it.

    I know who I am.

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    1. I was meant to be a Taurian but was way too comfortable where I was, so ended up being induced as a Gemini.


      1. Gemenis tend to be a bit more kind than Taurians. But I do have my moments.

        Just don’t take on a Taurian when it comes to injustice. I am lethal. But then that is kindness in itself in a different form.

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