CLICK5: A Fourth Turning Tale – The Power Of The Pun

3 thoughts on “CLICK5: A Fourth Turning Tale – The Power Of The Pun

  1. Please don’t. You don’t want to know about my experiences of The War.

    Actually it was all a bit of a laugh at the time, hiding in shelters when bombs were dropping on my head, but I was so very young. So I came out of it all with You and Whose Fucking Army, but purely by chance of course.

    I don’t think that I still have a problem with this. Britain won the War, although probably by chance.

    I went on to be my own person but with out regard to being female. That was very silly of me. And so I had another War that I didn’t even see coming.

    I didn’t see me as female. What does that mean? But I’ll tell you what. I will win this one. And some other woman will know what I mean.

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    1. I’ll have a look through my mum’s manuscript, the book about her family that she was writing for me and my sister, before she died. I have posted excerpts up before. I’m sure there’s another WW2 story in there, but one I have posted is ‘Eric and ‘Erbie’…

      Eric and ‘Erbie


  2. Dear God, Roob, don’t do this to me. My mother died when I was eight years old and I really don’t want to remember this. Her death was the good bit compared to the rest of my misbegotten family and what they did to me.

    I am actually okay. And do you know what. I can put words on paper which is all I ever wanted to do. But I will never talk of what they tried to do to me. They failed. End of that story.

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