Missive From ‘Merica: Smoke & Fire…

Happy 5th November, Dear Reader…

*Looks boisterous, Clicky… /lights up and smokes… Not like in the movies…*

… To be honest, I’ve never been keen on Bonfire Night, so it’s fortunate that Cade has sent through a missive for me to format and post…

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… Which I have now done, and we are delighted to present it for your reading and listening pleasure, below. Enjoy! 😀








En (Deity)







Yeah, I think someone can play that/those angle(s).

I’m thinking someone can absolutely work those particular vibes.

^Young Frankenstein Theme on Violin^

You doing okay? How’s your life been treating you? How have you been treating yourself? Been treating others okay? Others treating you okay? How are you coping with the fact that you and many others have paid untold amounts of money into a system and systems designed to keep you healthy and well, and yet the whole damn thing appears to be on the verge of total collapse? There are even elements which appear to be both obviously and openly kicking the pillars out from under it. You may even be joining in.


Ever since the Brexit and Trump things happened, I keep getting these “organized crime” type vibes about goings on in the world. Almost like some hidden architecture has called in some debts, and as a result, loads of leaders have been acting squirrely as fuck. Unpredictable. Irrational. Erratic. Acting in very contrarian and doing things that, one would think, they would not do.

Something that has paralleled this weird behavior is all of these “union” types of rumblings in virtually ever sector. Unions, cartels, syndicates, call them what you want, but the “union” vibe permeates just about anything and everything as it pertains to news. A gathering or collection type resonance. Must also point out that it doesn’t appear to matter where one gets their news/information either, that “union” vibe is everywhere. Once you gather things, you gotta move them. And that’s where the real money is…moving things. Transportation and any and every thing that facilitates these things getting to where they are going. This latest vibe is a change in direction of the “unity” within the medical industry. March 2020, everyone was consolidated and unified. September 2021, the wheat is being separated from the staff, I mean, chaff. Divisiveness. First gathered together, now, set asunder. A selection process appears to be happening right before us, but to be fair I may just be some kook misinterpreting the goings on. Now, I gotta ask a question…

Q: Why would “the higher ups” within the medical industry want to cut off and cut out their most senior and most experienced staff?

A: To make room for the more hungry, less experienced and more easily manageable (and lower paid) n00bs.

I wonder how many RNs/NPs are being pumped out each year anyway, and is it possible that some critical mass has been reached at some point which has necessitated a culling of nurses?

Changes In The Pipeline Of New NPs And RNs: Implications For Health Care Delivery And Educational Capacity

A pipeline for pumping folks out of the ground then to the refinery and then into the storage tanks to await further distribution. These human pipelines are in and amongst every aspect of our lives, but many of them are buried or hidden or elevated or obfuscated in such a way that the consumer really doesn’t care about the particulars of how they get what they want, as long as they get it. Being too nosey is dangerous, after all. At best, being nosey might spoil the illusion, and at worst, being nosey might just get one into trouble or get you on some radars you’d prefer not to be on. And hey, make sure you scroll all the way down and read the comments on that article. After that, look at the date(s) on the article/comments.

^Transylvanian Lullaby – The Aces^

Is it a coincidence that “flu season” and “flue season” coincide? Do people even have fireplaces anymore? Wood stoves? Coal stoves? Some kind of something to at a minimum act as a backup in the event electrical power is lost? Or maybe a backup in the event your home’s electrical heating fails?

Flue-Cured Tobacco

Nah, you’re far too trusting of the system and their systems to ever doubt them. Having a backup something might even qualify as disloyalty/signify disloyalty. Gotta keep that negative metadata and those negative metrics to a bare minimum so as to maintain your standing in the community.

^Los Straitjackets – “Theme From Young Frankenstein” (Official Audio)^

Rut Roh! Looks like the elite of the cooking/dining world are staging their own “VACS” rebellion…over A VAC A DOOS!

End of the avocado: why chefs are ditching the unsustainable fruit
I’m a Mexican-Irish chef. We grew up eating avocados. But I’ll never touch them again
Chefs declare war on a trendy fruit because of its enormous carbon footprint
High-profile chefs are rejecting the beloved avocado in favor of more sustainable foods

War on fruit. What ever will they think of next.

^Laura Farms – The Grossest Part of Farming^

Why are people still arguing over Bernoulli/Newton when it comes to lift as it pertains to a wing? It’s both. Low pressure + equal and opposite = lift. Call the effect a BERNEWTON or a NEWBERN or OULLITON or NEWTONOULLI or some shit. Stop this “torque vs horsepower” type argument bullshit, accept the fact that both forces are simultaneously equally/inequally responsible for lift at various times, and move on. Oh, and don’t forget, that if the wing itself, did not exist, neither would this phenomenon and the resulting argument(s).


Once the airplane and/or “the wing” go the way of the Dodo, none of this bullshit will matter.

^Young Frankenstein Main theme violin and organ^

People used to ask me all the time

Q: Dude, how in the hell do airport workers drive anywhere and everywhere like they do, and not constantly cause accidents? Why is the utter chaos of airport ramp vehicles not a crash-up-derby type bloodbath?

A: Easy...everyone drives defensively, and for the most part everyone respects everyone else's spaces and rights.

On the regular streets, roadways and highways, everyone drives as if they own the road. They use their automobiles as some type of armor, then they go out onto the roadways of the world and look for people to offend them/challenge their rights. Driving has become like some kind of arena to exercise legal, moral, social and I guess political influence. They’re also likely distracted from the actual driving and navigation duties by all kinds of things, which puts the driver’s focus anywhere and everywhere except inside the cockpit of the vehicle. Best of all, there’s a very “one-off” type dynamic to any negative encounters in automobiles/drivers on public roadways. You are unlikely to ever see that automobile or its driver ever again. Frees one up a bit from having to worry about seeing them over and over and having an ongoing conflict one has to deal with day after day. You can basically be as big of a dickhead as you want, do so guilt free since you are convinced that you were in the right, and it doesn’t matter how your actions effected the other party either because you don’t have to see them nor any misery you’ve caused.

Yeah, at an airport, you’re gonna be forced to live and work and interact with the same folks day after day. If you want to survive, you do so by letting others survive.

^America’s WORST ROAD RAGE & Public Freakouts #2^

Tolerance levels. Availability of moderators and/or corroborative data for/against. There’s a weird something sneaking around in my head regarding why tolerance levels are what they are as it pertains to drivers on public roadways. Why people put on the enforcer type hat when they operate a motor vehicle as if they are going out driving for the express purpose of enforcing the law via their own means and methods. They’re very strict about their interpretations of law too. No courtesy. No understanding. No forgiveness. No empathy. No exceptions.

This is the law, follow it. 

Offensive driving I guess one would have to call this. Driving for the express purpose of being offended, which would have to mean that you and your own modes and rigidities are likely the catalyst for these “offenses” happening in the first place. But, what do you care? You’ve got your dash cam/impartial witness now. You’ve obviously got some free time to spend on litigation/fighting. Get out there and stir up some shit. Do your social experiments. Create those situations that never would have happened had you not forced them too. Live it up you anti-zen citizen you.

^UK Dash Cameras – Compilation 42 – 2021 Bad Drivers, Crashes & Close Calls^

Will not be long before I cease sharing music that I listen to whilst writing. I’ve always done this so that you the reader can listen to the same awesome music I do, and maybe even get turned on to some music you never would have heard otherwise. That trend is gonna have to stop tho. The density of commercial advertisements on YouTube have reached a point that I can no longer justify sharing music no matter how awesome it is. Just have to find a new source of music I guess. In the interim tho, will eventually just have to cut out music at the end of each section.

^Transylvanian Lullaby – arranged and performed by Erutan (katethegreat19)^

I ended the previous post at my own blog with a video that compared participation in illicit/recreational drugs to participation/non-participation in “legal”/”healthy” drugs, but after thinking about it all night, something else occurred to me. We live in times and an environment where many drugs that have previously been made illegal, are being made legal.

Ya know, for health reasons. 

Marijuana is the biggie. Sometimes marijuana itself is being made legal and/or maybe just decriminalized, and other times extracts or derivatives of the plant are being made legal. I guess CBD is the popular one since it (supposedly) doesn’t actually get you high, but it does help with pain and pains. What I’m actually thinking about here tho is the environment itself. Our environment. The political and social environment which exists in our own time(s) and according to our own designs. In this instance, what I am thinking about is people lining up to take what could be construed as an illicit drug and/or illicit drugs…the SARS-CoV2/COVID-19 vaccines.

Q: What drugs are people typically portrayed as wanting?

A: The illegal kinds. Especially the expensive kinds of illegal kinds.

The more difficult a something is to get, the more worthwhile it is to get it.

The more expensive a something is, the more exclusive it is to possess it.

Vaccines are expensive. Just sayin'.

Thinking about commercial interests playing to people’s hidden desires to participate in illegal activities. In this case, it’s well known that these COVID-19 drugs should not be legal. They’ve not gotten the proper OK’s that are typical and right, at best they fall into the grey areas, but in reality they’re black market goods because they’ve not followed the established protocols which would land them into the white zone irrespective of the circumstances. It is this that has gotten me to thinking that the pharmaceutical companies have to be aware that they are playing to any human subconscious desires to participate in illicit activities as it pertains to the things we call “drugs”. Playing on naturally occurring human desires to be a bit naughty. To further this dynamic, they’re giving the first one away for free. It’s genius marketing when you think about it.

But you are likely asking, why? Why would “legitimate” businesses and upstanding and righteous government interests be down with creating a situation where they would intentionally lead their innocent sheep consumers/citizens into the grey areas? That’s simple, to make the transition from “illegal” to “legal” more seamless and painless, but most of all to ensure that the least amount of resistance is met as various drugs transition from the black markets to the retail store shelves.

Best I can figure, vaping was the gateway drug. 

I don’t know if this was by design, but it sure as shit has opened some doors. Then this “COVID-19” variable got dropped in our laps, the rapid approvals of the COVID-19 vaccines then giving it away for free under the guise of public safety got everyone on board the “guilt by association/participation” train. Further still, it pushes those who do not wish to participate off into the “religious zealot” category, and now we’ve got this weird quantum mechanics/alternate universe type flip happening where everything is backwards and the previous rule-sets no longer apply. All the folks who were previously the evil shitbags are now “the goody goodies”, and the good folks are piled into the areas of shadows and darkness. Very strange turn of events. A helluva plot twist.

But, I think the biggest thing here is just taking advantage of the situation in order to make black market drugs more easily make the transition to decriminalization or legalization. As to whether this was actually just an opportunity that arose completely by accident and someone had the good sense to spot it, or whether all of this was actually part of a larger and ongoing design, I guess will just have to be a subject for debate. One thing is kinda clear tho, there’s been some bait dropped into the waters, and a lot of people have taken the bait/gotten hooked.

^Young Frankenstein Theme Guitar Cover^

My employment opportunities continue to improve.

TV Show Casting: SINGLE Men & Women with REAL Alien Encounters (Fort Worth, TX)

Make some money and get laid?

Oh hell yes...beam me up Scota!
^Young Frankenstein (1974) Bloopers & Outtakes^

Weird seeing that abductee/experiencer/UFO matchmaking thing on Craigslist this morning as only yesterday me and a certain someone watched a doc about a social group for yet another specific breed of conspiracy theorist looking to socialize/get laid…

the flat-earther(s).
The documentary appears to contain a large amount of lacking.
^Young Frankenstein – Gil Shaham (violin) – A Transylvanian Lullaby – John Morris^

With all the hate towards the “classical” types of social activities, is it really any wonder that people are just making up seemingly random, strange and unusual excuses just to have a reason to meet others/socialize? Maybe even just to have a reason to get out of the fucking house? Have somewhere to go? Have something to do? Have something to occupy themselves and/or entertain themselves in a social type setting?

The Stars: The Biggest Case AGAINST a Flat Earth

Bars and clubs have been demonized. Dancing has been demonized. Music has been demonized. Movies have been demonized. Dining out and/or food has been demonized. Alcohol, drugs and smoking has been demonized. Churches and religious activities have been demonized. Fraternal groups have been demonized. Rallies, parades and protests have been demonized. “Traditional” celebrations and observances have been demonized. And now that this SARS-CoV2 variable has been dropped into the social melting pot, “getting together” for any reason or any purpose whatsoever is teetering on being damn near totally illegal under any circumstance(s). Who is trying to keep us apart?


Gotta be, at least in some part, backlash from all of that “terrorist/terrorism” hype of the past few decades. Couple that with all of the very polarizing nature of advertising, and you’ve got generations of folks who only want to participate in the most safe, secure, certified, approved and socially acceptable of activities. Otherwise there might be some kook show up with firearms or explosives or some other kind of weaponry and turn a good time into a shit show. Which reminds me, in addition to all of the “union” vibes I’ve been getting over the past few years, I’ve also been getting a “mole hunt” vibe. Someone within the architecture and/or architectures is looking for something. Running some of the weirdest and most outlandish shit up the flagpoles to see who salutes. At least some of this appears to be copycat “meme” type stuff, but there are some rather obvious and glaring examples of interests actively participating in some very abstract, asymmetrical and even outlandish types of activities in order to, I assume, draw out/flush out their prey. Root out disloyalty and/or threats of any kind.

Shit like that is just…


You wanna believe JFK Jr. is actually still alive, fine…knock yourself out. But just be aware that unless you personally actually have an active an ongoing relationship with this dead man, could just be a case that someone is leading you around by the nose to get their kicks. A prank or trick designed to gain your confidence and eventually enlist your participation, all for the eventual big reveal when they can see your dejected face, see your pain at being duped…“for the lulz”. Perhaps in the long run empty, but certainly empowering. For the moment. Maybe not so much in the long run.

^Young Frankenstein Theme – Theremin Thursday^

What the hell is “the long run” anyway, if not a series of short runs. We all have the runs. That’s all life is, a chronic case of the runs. I guess that’d make “the long run” some kind of septic tank type of thing?


What a shitty thought.

^The Transylvanian Lullaby – Interpretive Cover^

Yes, it’s that time of the month again dear friends. Week, I mean. It’s Friday. Little over a week and I’ll be blasting off for Sin City, where I shall be participating in several days of nonstop food, booze, lechery and gambling. Or at least a hefty booze intake, maybe some modest food intake, very little gambling whatsoever, and almost assuredly no lechery at all. The only “nonstop” part of my trip will be the flight.


Mainly it’s just me getting out of the house on someone else’s nickel in celebrating my 54th consecutive year of being totally worthless and completely lost with nary a penny to my name. Where better to do that, than fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. A place I’ve never been, never really ever had a desire to go to, and now that I’m actually going, I have not a fucking clue what I’m actually gonna do when I get there. It’ll be great. I’ll be in my element. I shine when I’m lost, rudderless, clueless and have to make shit up as I go. Kinda weird that there’s an eclipse supposedly happening exactly at the tail end of my Vegas trip.


It wasn’t by design for sure, but I have to wonder if there’s any symbolism in my trip ending just as there is a lunar eclipse. Some premonitory or omen-ish type something. A harbinger. Some galactic something signifying some end or ending. Suits me just fine. Best thing about endings is that they signify a beginning.

^Theme from Young Frankenstein^

Ya know…if you didn’t take the time to listen to at least some of the “Transylvanian Lullaby” vids from Young Frankenstein, you might just have missed a something. Different interpretations of the same fucking thing, and accomplished via many varied instruments and performers. No matter how far off the beaten path some of these folks have gotten, no matter how good or how bad you interpret their own interpretations to be, that core vibe is still present. Did you sense it?

Or have you been lulled to sleep? 

Sleep is not a bad thing btw. Well known that our bodies heal during sleep, and that’s also the time when dreams happen. Just wondering if you also caught on that this core tune is a lullaby. Even in the movie, the tune’s purpose is to quell the beast. Cage the rage with a sweet vibrating smell of audible sage. All that said tho, one of main points of the exercise was to see if that central or original vibe remains within a something that is altered/modified. I think it is. And I must say that I was quite shocked to see so many folks our there doing all kinds of creative and clever things with this particular tune. So much inspiration generated by a more or less goofy tune from a farcical movie.

What are the odds of that?
^Transylvanian Lullaby (Young Frankenstein Theme) – Euphonium Multitrack^

Which reminds me, I saw something recently where it was suggested that our natural state is actually sleep, and our waking hours are little more than time spent exclusively on data collection to power/fuel our dreams. Weird concept for sure considering the nature of dreams. Almost has a taffy-pulling machine type vibe to the thought. Take reality and its cold, hard corners…stretch and pull and morph it into a more malleable, gooey, sweet mess. Totally counter-intuitive to the mainstream thought processes which prefer clarity and solidity and rigidity and the securities they (supposedly) provide.

^theme from young frankenstein?^


^Welcome to Transylvania l Young Frankenstein (UKE COVER & TUTORIAL)^


*Cade certainly covers some ground in his missives, Clicky… /stubs butt…*

Thank you for joining us and have a good we kenned, Dear Reader. Oh, and have a Song…

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