7 thoughts on “Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: STRAW | WARTS An’ All

  1. Here, “woo” can mean “World of Outlaws”.

    World of Outlaws – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_of_Outlaws
    Sprint Car Racing – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprint_car_racing
    Late Model – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Late_model
    Dirt Track Racing – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirt_track_racing

    Some of the finest, fastest, loudest, and most exciting redneck racing you Limeys will (unfortunately) likely never see/experience in person.

    ^World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series | 2017 Thrills N’ Spills^

    That said, “straw woo” sounds…vague? Not even sure how to word it. I would say diverse, but I’m not sure that “diverse vagary” makes sense? I’m thinking that since all of these “paranormal investigators” seem intent on all setting up their own shops and creating their own architectures, that “straw woo” would actually be indicative of an environment where everyone is doing the same shit, but they’re doing things their own way, which would imply a great deal of diversity.

    Wait…”Fake Pseudoscience” maybe?
    “False Pseudoscience”?
    Implying that, it’s not “fake” at all, meaning the “pseudoscience” is in fact, valid?
    Or maybe even that “the system” is actually participating in and/or behind much of the “woo”?

    Does that “straw woo” link explain?
    I’m so confused.
    Help me Obi-Roob Beedoobie…you’re my only hope.

    ^Shawshank Redemption – Hope is a good thing…^

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      1. Firstly, regarding your missing image…I’ve found out the hard way that the website “gifer” is no longer working as previous so I’ve gotten to where any time I see their URL on an image/gif, I avoid it. Just a friendly tip. 🙂

        Secondly, not only did I wake up to your somewhat nautical comment, I woke up to “a straw” this morning as well. A straw on a ship no less.

        The first thing I thought of was “oh boy, here we go again, another demonstration in absolutely perfect conditions to get people with the money all hot and bothered for an extremely expensive something”.
        that ingress tube is gonna be spewing/spitting passengers everywhere BUT in those life boats if the craft being evacuated is pitching/rocking/listing, or especially in seas that are anything but calm and/or strong winds”. Also have to wonder what happens when one or more pieces of human cholesterol gets stuck in those escape arteries, and how long one is actually in the tube(s) because banging up against the hull in pitching seas is potentially gonna make the traverse difficult and probably result in a lot of injuries irrespective of whether you are deposited in the life raft or spit into the sea.

        The life boats and the escape system look cool as hell for sure, and I’m guessing the compactness of the system will save space and maybe even make it easier to manage/deploy. but I cannot help but wonder how the seemingly “perfect looking system” will perform in real-world conditions. Undertrained/non-trained crew members, missing crewmembers/inability to deploy the system, fear, panic, pandemonium, fire, will they still work after sitting on a boat unused for 2/6/10 years, are there procedures for malfunctioning systems or incorrectly deployed systems, how well will the system stay tethered to sinking, burning rocking/pitching/listing ship, etc.. Gotta be expensive as hell too, these life rafts/survival systems.

        At its core, a survival system of any kind is many times little more than a stimulus for humans to engage in a risky activity they might not otherwise participate in were this “alternative” not in place. We humans like having these options, but it’s kinda weird that once we make up our minds to engage in an activity, once we “cross the threshold” so to speak, we usually put these systems out of our mind as we become confident in and reliant upon the primary. Any secondary systems, well, we’ll worry about that when and if we must. We know it’s there for us when/if we need it, and that’s what matters. Complacency? /shrug

        Comfort Object – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comfort_object


        Thirdly, well, the image they kept displaying in the Threshold trailer…I know the shape quite well from seeing crop circles of it, and there are a lot of similar designs. Crop circles, fractals, geometry, fields, tilling, sewing/seeding, grains, bricks, chaff, threshing, harvesting? Anyway, stumbled onto this article from 10 years ago when looking for that particular shape shown in the Threshold trailer.

        Coming soon to a field near you – https://physicsworld.com/a/coming-soon-to-a-field-near-you/

        I’ve often wondered if crop circles could be a form of communication, but not extraterrestrials to humans nor even spirits, ghosts or gods to humans either, but rather humans to humans. A “those in the know” kind of communication method/network. Something similar to numbers stations where instructions can be transmitted to a very specific someone, or in this case maybe information leaked to very specific people. Proprietary stuff is all the rage, and the ability to keep it secret might just be the difference between a pile of money or debtor’s prison. Of course, if you’re doing sketchy, dangerous, illegal, immoral, unethical kinds of shit, not everyone in your organization might have the same moral flexibility you do, and they might just seek ways of getting information out via some very non-standard or perhaps….fractal, pathways?

        I’d imagine television shows could do similar. Relay information that might not otherwise get out into the wild. That’s what news media is supposed to be doing, but I guess they have their own secrets to keep and maybe even sometimes get paid to keep them. Hence, alternate pathways are created or maybe even create themselves.

        I dunno. Just some thoughts.

        ^Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell (PCM Stereo)^

        BTW, Worf grabbing at that hat under difficult/perilous conditions seemed somewhat metaphorical at representing the odds of getting safely off a ship in distress + surviving long-term once one is off.

        Perhaps not an accurate representation, but still something to chew on.

        I’m still no closer to understanding “straw woo”. 😉

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