Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: Light A Strike…

8 thoughts on “Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: Light A Strike…

  1. Been wondering recently if the press is just making shit up.
    Not that they have habit of doing that or anything. 😉

    Still, if the press are indeed making shit up, embellishing, exaggerating, hyping, flat out lying or maybe even just making honest mistakes, why no correction(s) or clarification(s) from the White House and/or other officials? Dare I venture that it plays into their hand/steers into their wheelhouse?

    If it does turn out that the press or any MSM media sources are being dishonest or misleading, why are they not being censured or censored by social media, and even more interestingly, why aren’t the media companies cutting their competition’s throats when they fuck up. Perhaps their all too busy toeing the same line and chasing advertisers? Instead of a media bloodbath, it’s a media boon?

    To be fair, lots of “people of power” seem to be playing quite fast and loose with “the rules”. Could be that they’ve spent so much time with their heads in the clouds and done so much yanking and banking so fast on the social stick that their gyros have tumbled, they’ve completely lost their bearings and they’ve no idea what’s up or down or which direction the societal plane is headed. No idea what to do or how.

    Something like that. lolz

    Pretty sure that the democratic wheels are supposed to turn slowly. Yeah, business may move fast or want to move fast, but government, and especially a democratic one? Nah.

    ^Toto – Hold the line [With Lyrics]^

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    1. Speaking of being lost, not knowing what you are doing, things being counterintuitive and/or knowledge not being understanding…was just starting to watch a Rick Beato video when I paused watching to make the comment above.
      After I made the comment, returned to the video, and it’s quite syncy. (I think so anyway) /shrug

      ^Rick Beato – This TRULY Stumped Me…^

      Here’s the “Smarter Every Day” video Rick references.

      ^The Backwards Brain Bicycle – Smarter Every Day 133^

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          1. Can’t always think of everything I guess.

            Senator Clinton Anderson : Colonel, what caused the fire? I’m not talking about wires and oxygen. It seems that some people think that NASA pressured North American to meet unrealistic and arbitrary deadlines and that in turn North American allowed safety to be compromised.

            Frank Borman : I won’t deny there’s been pressure to meet deadlines, but safety has never been intentionally compromised.

            Senator Clinton Anderson : Then what caused the fire?

            Frank Borman : A failure of imagination. We’ve always known there was the possibility of fire in a spacecraft. But the fear was that it would happen in space, when you’re 180 miles from terra firma and the nearest fire station. That was the worry. No one ever imagined it could happen on the ground. If anyone had thought of it, the test would’ve been classified as hazardous. But it wasn’t. We just didn’t think of it. Now who’s fault is that? Well, it’s North American’s fault. It’s NASA’s fault. It’s the fault of every person who ever worked on Apollo. It’s my fault. I didn’t think the test was hazardous. No one did. I wish to God we had.

            From The Earth To The Moon: Apollo 1 Fire Investigation

            “There are a thousand reasons for you to have this with you, but mostly it’s for the reasons we can’t think of.”
            Movie = Contact: Regarding the “suicide pill” Ellie is given to take with her into space.

            I remember first seeing pictures of the Tenerife disaster not long after, I think in Life magazine. Horrifying. Make a kid not want to fly…ever. But yeah, I think everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

            ^Powerman 5000-When Worlds Collide Lyrics^

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