CLICK5: A Natural Selection…

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  1. Makes me think a bit of a documentary I once saw where a bunch of Christians had traveled to “The Holy Land” to see all the sights and whatnot. At one point in the doc, the group traveled to Tel Megiddo, a dude from the group started preaching at the site and talking about all of the horrors that were prophesied in the Bible/Revelation to take place there at world’s end. Everyone in the group was shouting and laughing and jumping up and down and crying and praise Jesusing and hallelujahing and all that, and I admit I was more than a little perplexed at this scene.

    A group of people…cheering…at the idea…of a bunch of other people…suffering and dying in their millions, and eventually being condemned to hell/eternal damnation…all so a select few could reach their Utopia and live out their eternity in their paradise. I mean, I’d like to go to Heaven as much as the next person, but doing so on the backs of others/at their expense? Yeesh…not a pleasant fucking thought. How in the HELL can I spend eternity in luxurious pleasure with the knowledge that there are people suffering horrors at that very same moment? /shrug…people here on Earth seem to do that very thing just fine, so I guess it’s indeed possible to “unplug” oneself from certain realities and live in the comfort of “better them than me”.

    That said, it was at that very moment that I started to also consider the possibility that “Heaven” is an impossibility so long as there is a single soul in Hell or something like it. That’s besides the point tho.

    As this SARS-CoV2/COVID-19 thing has rolled along, I’ve had to wonder just how many “Christians” and/or religious interests have been following these events and cheering them. Perhaps even encouraging them. Supporting them. Wailing and gnashing of teeth to get this party started. Willing their Savior to return, and maybe even actively participating in goings on in order to help the process along. Lending a helping hand, if you will, but not in a constructive way. Or…yeah, constructive…but destructive…in order to ultimately be constructive via destruction?

    Q: If one helps along a process of evil all so that some “good” something can result, doesn’t that actually put one on the side of “the bad guys”?
    A: ???

    I don’t know. I only know that “the end times” is supposed to be a time of great deception, and that makes me think that anyone during these times who proclaims to know what the fuck is going on and why, is either full of shit or actively participating. During these times, anything and everything is a trap or some kind of a test, and the quickest way to get your hat handed to you with your head in it is to think one knows what’s going on. Which, even that itself is a conundrum because all the “instructions” and “warnings” and “rules” come from the same fucking source. lolz

    Assuming all or any this prophecy stuff is true anyway. Supposedly, there’s a good chance that God doesn’t even exist, which would mean the Bible itself is, for the most part, full of shit, and all of this is just a mental exercise. /shrug

    ^Pixies In Heaven^

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    2. And hey…if you watch that Pixies video, check out the image @ 0:27 to 1:00. (33 seconds?)
      Bottom right…is that a 7/11?
      WTC Building 7?
      Twin Towers?
      Reverse order in which “towers fell” that day?
      I dunno any of the context of the photo and what’s “real”/what isn’t. /shrug

      ^Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven [1989]^

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    3. I don’t suppose that you couldn’t go on quite so much, could you?
      I’m going No Where until I am dead. Which won’t be soon. And then I doubt that I will have much to say about it.

      In the meantime I still can’t get into my Blog. La La.

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