Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: Let The Profane Take The Strain

4 thoughts on “Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: Let The Profane Take The Strain

  1. *Clicky, that first click won’t play for Cade… /lights up and smokes… Can you find one that will?*

    *Damn! …/streams smoke… Can you fink of sumfin else?*

    */nods… Yeah, that fits…*

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    1. Roobee, thank you for your issues. Always good. Don’t always show my appreciation.
      Up untilp his appearances on GBNews I always thought of Neil Oliver as a hair flicking poser spouting the approved BBC line on everything, life, the universe.
      Now I have seen him a couple of times being the complete opposite. Talk about Saul /Paul on his road trip.
      Then the Amtrak wreck. Just think about that the first time you are whizzing from London to somewhere Oop North. Wondering what looney, determined suicide or Peaceful wants to exit this world in a truly unforgettable way. Never mind the one in his/her/its multi tonne ATV who momentarily forgets which is the Go pedal and which is the Stop.
      And that Aussie. That is how I know them. That guy should have his own brekkie show. With invited pollies. Maybe GB News should grab him. Kevin Bloody Wilson. You have not lived in vain.
      Thanks Roobee.

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      1. Thank you, Doony. Much appreciated 😀

        I totally agree with all of your comment. Thoughtful Man went to see Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson in concert a few years ago. He’s a self-employed taxi driver, and was lucky enough to buy the last ticket available. He called it his ‘Christmas Do’ and we still have the D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. sticker he bought that night on our bedroom door…


      2. Oh for the days when I used to get back on a steam train from London to Glasgow after my leave from Her Majesty’s Royal Navy. The trains were never late and never once a disaster.

        Probably totally irrelevant, but then most shit is these days..

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