CLICK5: “Hail Fellow, Well Met”

7 thoughts on “CLICK5: “Hail Fellow, Well Met”

  1. That image may not show up, but it’s supposed to be Billy Connolly’s character from The Last Samurai observing and making the comment “the bastards are still wearing armor” with respect to the fact that the Samurai “still” employ armor even in those modern times of the late 19th Century when armor of any kind for soldiers was thought to be passé. Kinda ironic that body armor of all kinds in our own times is all the rage once again.

    When I saw that Kadashian person stumbling around in whatever that is she’s wearing, and the press all lined up there in the background, got me to thinking about the fields of battle we choose and the armor we don on these chosen fields.

    Could be said that all 3 of those women are wearing armor of some type, and even with all the obvious and overt virtue signaling, I honestly have no idea what they are fighting for, nor why they’ve chosen these particular arenas in which to fight them. (cept maybe for a low-hanging fruit type of attention grab)

    A fight for people’s minds?

    Fighting for themselves?

    Every (wo)man for themselves?

    ^Prodigy – Mind Fields^

    Oh, and my guess on the Johnathan Swift thing is via the context clues. If you are both dirty and wet, you are man, not master. Masters are all elevated and clean and dry and pure and stuff. Above the elements and above their effects. Man is not.

    Of course, it could be said that anyone who is willing to brave the elements, and can ultimately survive them, becomes master of them, physical appearance be damned.

    All that said, I gotta wonder who is making the query and why. Starts off friendly enough, but then gets a little sideways real quick. Perhaps my knowing the context would help.

    ^Nouvelle Vague – Master And Servant (Full Track)^


  2. Thank you to everyone who has tried to help.

    I just can’t cope with this at the moment and I am being bombarded with offers to upgrade, at a price.

    I have had this Blog for twelve years on two Apples with nary a problem and always on Safari. So I simply don’t understand.

    Unfortunately my son is ” On Holiday” at the moment and a bit pissed so I will just have to wait in patience until he sobers up and hasn’t got hangover.. Hopefully next week;

    What a laugh in itself. And I love him to bits.

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