CLICK5: A Fourth Turning Tale: Resistance Is Never Futile

*/coughs… Looks great, Clicky, but that vid won’t play if Dear Reader is located outside of Blighty…*

12 thoughts on “CLICK5: A Fourth Turning Tale: Resistance Is Never Futile

  1. That one video reminds me of the Desiree Jennings story from some years back. Supposedly had an adverse reaction to the flu shot, the media had a field day, the Internet lost its mind, yadda yadda.

    Desiree Jennings –
    Ashburn, Virginia –,_Virginia


    ^Hot Cheerleader Hoax^

    Speaking of acting, actors and accusations, there was a political commercial made by Michael J. Fox back in 2006 that Rush Limbaugh jumped on and took a lot of heat over.

    ^Michael J Fox on Rush Limbaugh’s comments^

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    1. Did the flu shot manufacturer have immunity from prosecution in the same way that the Covid vaccine manufacturers have immunity from prosecution? Could go a long way toward forming an opinion on motivation.

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      1. A flu vaccine manufacturer…having immunity…lolz.
        What a concept.

        But yeah, I don’t know. I only know that special immunities being granted by 3rd parties or not, vaccine manufacturers already have a more or less natural immunity to prosecution.

        Win or lose, prosecuting a pharmaceutical company is likely to have all kinds of side-effects.

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          1. Yeah but at the end of the day, it’s really just an advertising expense. They will get an astounding amount of press, potentially for more or less free if they win.

            They can be as naughty as they care to be. If they don’t get caught, great. If they do get caught? Meh, if they lose it’s advertising, and if they win it’s potentially great advertising for free. Either way, their business is secure because like…you can’t put a pharmaceutical out of business, right? Too many benefits. If there entire business was a single product? Then yeah a lawsuit might be a very real threat. But these companies aren’t gonna put all their eggs in one basket like that.

            I’m sitting here looking at GlaxoSmithKline’s advertising expenditures from the years from 2011 through 2020, and they’ve spent 11.623 billion pounds in advertising during that time period. They spent 1.777 billion in advertising in 2020 alone.


            11.623 billion spent in advertising over a 9 year period, from a single pharmaceutical company.
            At current rates that’s over 16 billion in US Dollars.

            What really scares me about that list of lawsuits you posted was the amount of drugs listed in the various suits that I’ve taken at some point. There are 14 medications listed there that I know for sure I’ve been on at some point.

            Two of which caused me to have some wicked cases of Tardive Dyskinesia, which is kinda similar to the Dystonia I’ve suffered before, just a different cause. Almost like asymmetrical muscle cramps is how I would describe it. Very abstract almost like your muscles are attempting to break the laws of physics just prior to breaking your bones. And what’s worse is whatever you do to counteract a muscle cramp is likely to cause the muscles you are using to counteract the original cramp will start to cramp as well. Like a seesaw back and forth trying to find some harmonium between warring factions. It’s fucking maddening and scary as hell. (And, oh yeah, it hurts, a lot) Also some weirdness in that your body does not behave as commanded in voluntary motions. Go to take a step and your leg does not move at its normal speed and you wind up taking a short step, or perhaps reach for a something and miss it completely even tho your eyes are seeing what you want to grab, your brain is telling your hand/arm what to do, but your arm is not cooperating.

            That’s just been my experience tho. Personally never experienced anything like that weird looking Tourette’s/Parkinson’s/ALS hybrid or whatever those ladies appear to be suffering from. /shrug

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