CLICK5: Roob Some Bacon On It

16 thoughts on “CLICK5: Roob Some Bacon On It

  1. France has a Bacon Problem. They don’t understand Bacon. Who would possibly want thin slivers of streaky Pork Fat burnt nearly to a crisp between two pieces of butter slavered fresh bread?

    Don’t ask. You have to admit that they might have a point.

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        1. If we’re having bacon sarnies, Thoughtful Man always cooks a rasher for Poppy. And still she tries to momp some off my plate. Sometimes she succeeds; she really is a pampered pooch.


          1. O’Connor gets the plate to lick and thinks he is super lucky. But then I am a true dog person.

            God alone knows why I have failed so miserably to house train him. But I just can’t belt him one. He simply doesn’t understand. That is true Dog Love.

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            1. Yeah, it’s more like Poppy trained us. Not for nothing is she sometimes referred to as ‘Princess Ploppy’. Maybe its a dachshund thing.


              1. You have to be insane to own a Dachshund. But never in all of my long dog owning years have I come across such a sweet and funny thing thing. He makes me laugh every day. Rotten Little Pisser.

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    1. Brie has always been the only French cheese ever worth thinking about. But I get loads of that from The Food Bank. So quite possibly the French don’t like Brie all that much. Although I doubt that your average Brit could tell the difference.

      Camembert is disgusting at all stages of decomposition and smells as though the cat peed in the fridge.

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  2. Philosophy (n.)

    c. 1300, philosophie, “knowledge, learning, scholarship, scholarly works, body of knowledge,” from Old French filosofie “philosophy, knowledge” (12c., Modern French philosophie) and directly from Latin philosophia, from Greek philosophia “love of knowledge, pursuit of wisdom; systematic investigation,” from philo- “loving” (see philo-) + sophia “knowledge, wisdom,” from sophis “wise, learned;” a word of unknown origin [Beekes].

    A Rose by any other name.

    Sofia Sofia. So good they named her twice.

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    1. So, sew, sow fire… So, sew, sow fear. A lot of people spent 2020 on their sofas 😉

      Had a conversation this week with a new Director I’m supporting at work (I kid you not, AEON is in his name), about ‘double diamond’, a stupid analogy the Service Design team are peddling to manage change. It’s like ‘new math’…

      He also associates a ‘double diamond’ with beer…


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