CLICK5: Gain A Function

10 thoughts on “CLICK5: Gain A Function

  1. Roob

    Darkest Dark

    I wish the language made a bit more sense at times !

    Down in the cells.

    And Space Programming is in there somewhere.


    1. There’s also a decomposing body in the bathtub sync in the clip in the post from Silence of the Lambs and The Shining.


  2. Roob

    As part of my memory recovering down in the Corsham tunnels there are creepy crawlies who are not human.

    And no surprise with who showed up in the video. Let’s say she showed up in other memories.

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  3. Movies such as The Shining and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and my own memories seem to say the 1960s are a Lie. The Moon Landing and space programme and maybe 1966 World Cup for example. I think you can say this about many things such as 911 and the virus . Basically the reality we experience.

    It’s not so much a lie I think but a mirror of the real thing and people’s individual originality and creativity are hacked into to create a false reality.

    About the vaccination. I’m sure many of my memories were repressed due to vaccinations and medical procedures in general. There’s something in vaccinations that effects the memory cells I believe. And maybe DNA as well but I think the two are connected.

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  4. Energy flows and E Motion and currency. The currency flows the wrong way.

    The City of London is definitely an energy centre.

    Threadneedle St.

    “Indeed, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

    And Follow the Bitcoin Blockchain thingie – whatever the hell it is – as well as Follow the Money. It’s all currency.

    Down in the Cells.

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