CLICK5: Better Out Than In…

5 thoughts on “CLICK5: Better Out Than In…

  1. The Flash

    John Barrow man has been pictured for the first time since being dropped from a Doctor Who live event after he admitted to exposing himself on the set of the show.

    The actor, 54, looked tense as he was seen in his hometown of PALM Springs, California, on Wednesday.

    It comes after his former co-star Noel Clarke was filmed making jokes about Barrowman showing people his penis ‘every FIVE seconds’ and ‘hitting it on everything’.


    But Davies told the Guardian he never saw Barrowman expose himself nor did anyone complain to him about Clarke’s conduct. He later worked with Barrowman on sci-fi spin-off Torchwood.

    Clarke – who is accused of inappropriate behaviour towards 20 women over 14 years – was last week at the centre of further allegations he sexually harassed or touched others on BBC hit Doctor Who.

    The broadcaster appeared to be broadsided by the reports and said it would investigate specific claims made but was ‘shocked’ to hear of them.

    Clarke, 45, is said to have told one costume assistant, who had long hair, working on series one of the rebooted sci-fi show he ‘liked girls with long hair’ so he could hold onto it when in a specific sexual position.

    I wonder what Willy Piper thinks of all this.

    The Touched in the Head. Well eye Never. Miss Communication good to see they are finally finding her/their voice.

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