CLICK5: 137th Day of Year Shamble

6 thoughts on “CLICK5: 137th Day of Year Shamble

  1. Sorry. Having another minor nervous breakdown, again. Probably due to having my mortality shoved up my nose repeatedly.. I don’t want to think about this.

    And people wonder why I never go anywhere near a Doctor. Although they aren’t so keen to bump you off in France, as, if you are dead then you won’t be paying for Health Insurance.

    By the way, it has rained buckets for over a week, but there’s nothing new about that.

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  2. So…Italy’s Covid-19 situation, which was completely different than the UK’s Covid-19 situation, affected both countries differently. Noted.

    I made it to 26 seconds into the first video.

    BTW, the UK appears to have administered 169,007,195 Covid-19 tests. Beefy.

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