CLICK5: From Nappy To Napier

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      1. According to the star people (astrologers), it only gets more intense through February. Then, in March we start to be okay in the new field or whatever you want to call it. That makes sense though, right? I think its a big hi-jack on our senses anyway because the end of the year should be February. Then spring happens at the beginning. Why does the year end in the dead of winter? I’m still upset about the fox and that jerk politician.

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        1. He wasn’t a politician, butt a QC (Queen’s Counsel), but yeah, he did use a bat to dispatch the fox on Boxing Day 2019..

          MJ, thanks for putting me onto Molly. There’s something in the cycles of planets and the Fourth Turning. I hadn’t considered the astrology aspect before. For what it’s worth, she says the next next new Moon will be a bit of humdinger…


  1. This belongs on your last article, butt anyway…

    sports and watts happening. Remember the “take the knee” thing? It’s a person making the shape of a swastika. A swastika is not for not-sees. It’s a symbol that shows the creator is one with the creation. What am I saying? I’m saying everything is weird.

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  2. “police searching your home” is like the anal swab covid test and NASA sending a probe to Uranus.
    IDK what it means. When I saw that the etymology of ‘amnion’ is “the cup that catches blood in a sacrifice”, I took it to mean that if you get the microcosm of the womb, then you know the dimensions of the f137d, and that’s what those LEvItes are all about. Butt the intrusion and covid… it must be something about the ANTImatter…

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      1. Pardon the intrusion, but the same day all that “Jewish space laysure/four rest fire” stuff started to appear on twitter, this gem here appeared in a random YT playlist I was listening to.

        ^No Mana – Laser Beam^

        Considering how often music on Joel’s record label crosses my path, and also considering how much I like No Mana, damn strange that an almost 4 year old tune I’m quite sure I’ve never heard before suddenly appears in a random playlist not an hour or so after I saw the very first tweet on twitter

        March 24th of 2017 is when Laser Beam by No Mana was uploaded to YT.
        March 24th of 2017…holy fuck, what a weird time that was.

        You didn’t post anything on your blog on the the 24th of that month/yeah, but the day after on the 25th you posted that one post that has that one pic.

        I posted this on the 26th

        StRAYnge Daze
        St Range Lase?

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  3. “appalling damage”

    When they word it like that, they pretty much remove the ability from the reader to make their own determination(s) as to how to feel about “damage” or “the damage”. The “appalling” bit arrives before the thing. The reader does not yet know what the thing is, they only know that whatever is coming, it is appalling.

    And since when is “damage” NOT appalling? When one breaks open an egg? When one rips into the packaging on a new television? When one filets a fish? When one demolishes a building?

    “illegal immigrants”

    If there are indeed “illegal immigrants” involved, wouldn’t anything at all they do be considered…illegal? Occurs to me that if one is “illegal”, anything and everything they do is…illegal. Everything from helping an old lady across the street to buying a packet of crisps to burning down a building to drawing breath…all that they do is illegal, because they themselves are illegal.

    Just wondering aloud as to what conditions must exist in order to walk the path that eventually strips one of their human rights. How “zero tolerance” is achieved based upon a certain set of criteria which are the result of some causal series of events. There’s no good, there’s no bad, there’s only…is. And I’m also kinda perplexed by the “illegal” nomenclature. How the fuck does someone know if another is an immigrant, or an illegal immigrant, or a legal immigrant? Do they have brands of some kind that readily and easily identify them or something?

    “appalling damage”
    “illegal immigrants”
    ai di


    ^Deadmau5 – 777^

    Saw something on twitter last night that said “Grimes gives her and Elon Musk’s baby a Viking haircut”
    I had to read it several times because I didn’t understand the sentence.
    Not only did they feel the need to make the distinction that Grime’s child is also Elon’s child, but they included the full name “Elon Musk”.

    We all know that they were just trying to work both the names “Grimes” and “Elon Musk” into the headline in order to get the meta hits. Just wondering at what expense grammar. Even readability. Comprehension? I also wonder what those at Oxford have to say on the matter. The contextual usage of the English language has to be having a major effect on the rules.

    ^UFO – The Writer^

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    1. Something “illegal” is from the outside.
      Apollyon, you know people and their ZOOM meetings? ZOOM is MOON, just turn the N.
      We never see the dark side of the moon, but we assume there is one?
      The word Mexico means “place at the center of the MOON”, and that’s where the ‘illegal aliens’ come from.

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      1. And none of this is actually happening, butt if those people getting tested for C-VOID are essentially mooning somebody.
        make it stop. I will not say another word. 🤐

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      2. Moon and moons have been trending. The musician who died yesterday (Sophie) was supposedly trying to look at the moon and fell off some elevated somewhere. 😦

        Anyway, yeah that’s kinda what I was thinking on in my comment. Embedded things. Not so obvious things. Doesn’t really matter if they are intentional or unintentional, the fact is that they are there. Seeing the very things you may have heard of, but never seen, and how we react to seeing these things once we see them with our own eyes.

        I was right in the big middle of finishing a blog post when I commented so my mind was kinda split between tasks when I read Roob’s post/commented. Mainly I was thinking about grammar, grammatical uses, clarity, obfuscation, etc., but the post I was working on kinda explores the topic of “how close is too close” once one has identified the source of the light. Which, I guess too kinda falls in line with what you’ve said about seeing things that we may have only heard about/assuming they are actually there based on…well, I guess whatever in the hell our assumptions are based upon.

        Agave: “Place in the middle of the century plant”
        Umbilical: “Place in the Navel of the Moon”


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    2. “Appalling damage” was used by the Tweeter, not the bloke that wrote the article, and the immigrants are ‘illegal’ because the entered the country illegally. From France, in dingys throughout the course of 2020, after paying human traffickers a shitload of money to get here.

      They were being put up in hotels across the country but the British public weren’t very happy about that, adhering to lockdown orders and all that, and so the UK Government refurbished and repurposed the unused Napier army barracks to house the illegal immigrants temporarily, whilst their cases are heard. The illegal immigrants, however, are not happy with that arrangement so they set fire the barracks on Friday. They are now being put up in hotels.

      What lesson should we learn from this?

      *Unfortunately, I think so, Clicky…*

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      1. I read the article, A lot of it is kinda confusing tho, Lots of hearsay. Lots of conjecture. A lot implied. All masquerading as…alternative news? Factual and accurate alternative news?

        Fire is a strange animal. This “riotous behavior” is a strange thing to compute in the big middle of a structure fire. Granted there appears to be a good many spent fire extinguishers in the photos, but those are outside of the building. If the occupants were “throwing things around”, any chance that was due to panicked people grabbing blankets and pillows and/or whatever is handy to extinguish the fire? I’ve seen plenty of fires and plenty of people trying to put them out. People get weird when there’s a fire.

        Also, the hotel bit…if these people really were “carrying weapons”, why the fuck weren’t they arrested? And what kinds of weapons are we talking here? Sharpened pencils? Pocket knives? Slings? Arrows? Tripod mounted MG-42s? Thermonuclear weapons? Irrespective of whether are not the residents were armed with weapons, if they did indeed start a fire to burn down their housing so they could get put up in hotels, why were they indeed put into hotels instead of being tossed in the hoosegow?

        Many questions…I have them.

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          1. I can’t help it. I have to wonder what it is like to one day have boats appear on your horizon, these craft are filled with strange people, and one has no choice but to wonder who these strange people are, where they came from, and what they want. Then, one has to make a decision as to how to react. (Unless of course there is already some predefined plan of action, then it’s just a matter of seeing that plan through)

            As to whether this is some karmic something?
            No idea.

            As to whether this is some old grudge that has been harbored for decades or even centuries and is now coming full circle?
            No idea.

            As to whether this is simply history repeating itself?
            No idea.

            As to whether UFOs and/or Ufology are nothing more than the psyche manifesting ways of dealing with past wrongdoings and working out ways to deal with interlopers/intruders/invaders, or maybe even just a distraction from the reality of what is actually happening in the here and now?
            No idea.

            There’s really no telling who considers themselves entitled to something nor does there really appear to be any logic required as to why they feel that way. Doesn’t even have to be a reason other than maybe it’s convenient to do so. I could take up the torch of the Whig Party and claim it my birthright as an American to do so, but I dunno if there’d be any truth in that. Still, I could prolly ride that pony for a while if I chose to do so. I may even be actually somewhat entitled to do so. /shrug

            All that to say that people in the here and now seem to have more faith in the system(s) than they do in eachother.

            ^deadmau5 / Full Circle [full album]^

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