CLICK5: Sum Fin Gamey

11 thoughts on “CLICK5: Sum Fin Gamey

  1. This may seem unrelated, but that bit on not being able to sell seeds because they are non-essential, my revelation about the Blue Laws, coupled with this new “DO NOT SELL” trend? Someone has to be working like hell in the background to validate some legal something. Establish a precedent or precedents.

    Q: Can a more or less disorganized and/or ad-hoc “gathering” in the e-world be considered a mob or riotous assembly?
    A: Moreover, can their actions be considered insurrectionist? Subversive? Treasonous?

    Surely somewhere along this path, the SEC is gonna get involved, a select few individuals are going to be identified and singled out as being the ringleaders who drove the mob by putting crazy ideas in people’s heads. (kinda like how Antifa, QAnon and similar operates) Could they be charged with the equivalent of starting an e-riot? I mean sure, if the respected members of the legitimate business community want to drive the market by propping up certain businesses or even by causing them to fail (cough – 2008 – cough) that’s fine. But not those outside of the club.

    Even more abstract tho? Seeds. Not being able to sell seeds because they are non-essential.
    Blue Laws
    Green Laws
    Blue (religion) Laws
    Green (religion) Laws
    I get the feeling that we humans just flat do not know how to do a something without first religifying that something. And to take that thought one step further, supposedly, “the gods” own it all anyway. Is that maybe why we religionize things? Fear of failure if we don’t give God/the gods their due? Digress.

    Sorry but there’s a sneaky something lurking behind that candy cane looking “Red and White X” in the banned seeds tweet. A waft of religious something that ties in with all of this nationalism that seems to be rearing its head in concert with the green religion, medical religion, e-religion, and financial religion. Which, for anyone wondering…

    You’re welcome. Now all you need to do is figure out what in the hell the tweet is saying. 😉

    ^Ministry-Deity (The Land Of Rape And Honey,1988)^

    (lyrics to the above song if anyone is interested)
    Eyes open
    Empty as halos
    He comes for me

    Help, what’s the matter?
    Looking for someone?
    He comforts me

    Coming in stereo
    If you say so
    He comes for me

    Let’s pray
    To TV divinity
    He covets me

    Coming in stereo
    If you say so

    Coming in stereo
    If you say so

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