CLICK5: Now Is The Winter of Our Discontent…

5 thoughts on “CLICK5: Now Is The Winter of Our Discontent…

  1. Which raving Shakespearian nutter was that?

    However, I have a passion for Shakespeare. God knows why since I came from a frightfully working class background wherein most people couldn’t string two sentences together. So what made me think I was so special.
    Actually, nothing much at all. I just love words and the sound of them.

    Richard the Third although not himself actually.

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    1. Richard III, indeed. Mum was convinced he wasn’t a villain at all and that he was much maligned by Shakespeare…

      That book is a fantastic read, Elena. One of mum’s favourites. We did go to see Richard III at the Barbican theatre. That was the only Shakespeare play I went to see with her.

      And the ‘Looking For Richard’ documentary film by Al Pacino is brilliant.


  2. Your Mum wasn’t wrong. It was that weird mother of Henry the Seventh who bumped off the Princes. Her son was the first of the mad Tudors. All of The Welsh are mad and I am half Welsh. So I know what I am talking about. I try not to admit to this awfully often.

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