CLICK5: Recap Pacer

4 thoughts on “CLICK5: Recap Pacer

  1. Birds of North America
    French: Roselins
    Fringillidae & Thraupidae

    Wading Birds
    French: Échassiers
    Herons, Egrets, Flamingos, Ibises, Night-Herons, Spoonbill & Stork
    Ardeidae, Ciconiidae, Phoenicopteridae & Threskiornitidae

    Finn…chez? Waiting…birds?

    I dunno about anyone else, but here, I saw almost no signs of migrating birds this year. (2020)
    I saw a few straggling hawks, a few gulls, no monarch butterflies, and almost no small birds. Oddly enough tho, shitloads of crows around. And admittedly, a few birds buzzing around that I’ve never seen before, and have heard some strange birdsong that I’ve never heard. (I didn’t actually see the bird(s) tho)

    ^Alison Krauss – I’ll fly away^

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