CLICK5: Hmm…

2 thoughts on “CLICK5: Hmm…

  1. It was a “big year” for “bird watching” eh?

    I can only wonder if anyone was keeping lists of the “birds” they saw. Made notes as to the behaviors (behaviours) they witnessed. Learned anything as to the rhythms of “the natural world”. 😉

    ^Guster – This Could All Be Yours^

    Both heat and cold affect both polarity and magnetism.

    Blue-Throated Mountaingem –
    Massive snowfall buries Big Bend National Park in Texas. ‘Do not attempt to enter’ –
    The Effects of Superheating on Magnets –
    Kiln –
    Supercooling –
    98.6 –

    Just wondering tho…would 2020 be considered a cold year? Hot year? Both?

    ^Røyksopp – What Else Is There [Trentemøller Remix] FULL LENGTH^

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