CLICK5: Eggcelerating into 2021

14 thoughts on “CLICK5: Eggcelerating into 2021

    1. Funny sync story, JP, from this morning. I woke up to find that Thoughtful Man was already up and about, and had replaced the broken toilet seat in our bathroom with a new one. Not an essential purchase as the former loo seat had been broken for a while, but he went out an bought one anyway. As I sat, relieving my bladder, I noticed something nestled in the tufts of the bathmat. I couldn’t make it out. I rubbed my sleep blurred eyes and looked again. Is that… is that Gandalf?, I thought…

      *It’s not shit, Clicky… /lights up and smokes… It’s rust…*

      Then a short while later over a wake me up coffee and smoke, I see a wtf tweet that gets me scrolling down the replies, to see what others make of it. I didn’t have to scroll far…

      Both Epstein and Gandalf were in one of my Harry Egg stories…

      I’m wondering if some people are about to have a big ones torn for them…

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      1. All you need now is a nice picture, now that you’ve got a spare picture frame. 😀

        With the correct combination, some will be eggstatic.

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        1. Damn! If only I hadn’t shredded the signed photograph of Tony Blair that Thoughtful Man bought off e-bay for me for a fiver – that would have been a perfect frame for it. Maybe I’ll do some gurning instead…

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      1. Roob

        I suppose it brightens up the day but you get to the point where you really want the picture to change.

        And I found out Ruby’s surname. It’s Shah.


        (formerly, in Iran) king; sovereign.
        [1560–70; < Persian: king]

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