CLICK5: Sumfin’ Germane

9 thoughts on “CLICK5: Sumfin’ Germane

  1. That JLL talk we listened to yesterday, and specifically the bit…
    “And those who do not see the lie, become accessory to the narrative that carries the lie.”
    …reminded me of the Brown Shirts, Gestapo and Waffen SS/Thule/Ahnenerbe/etc.. Especially as they relate to the Wehrmact / Heer, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe.
    Not just figuring out methods for fighting in different environments/utilizing different weapons, but identifying multiple enemies prior to the beginning of hostilities in order to ensure that the conflict never ends. One enemy is defeated, change fronts to the next contestant on the list. Also creates threads for keeping one’s fingers in every pie. After all, neglecting administrative duties in a theatre where a foe has been “vanquished” could lead to some nasty after-effects like resistance, rebellion, insurgency, rogue forces, no telling what. Black and white issues always seem to wind up in the grey areas.

    Cultural Revolution –
    Cult Of Personality –
    Low-Intensity Conflict –

    Lots of people with lots of their own agendas. Lots of factions. Victory is more likely to create divisions than to remove them. Certainly, “victory” will expose a great many divisions that many people didn’t even know were there.

    ^Dissident Aggressor^

    We like our tiers.
    They’re everywhere.
    They’re a part everything. (heh)
    They are so embedded in our culture(s) that its almost as if they don’t exist. (unless of course, we’re allowed in one or excluded from one)
    Film –
    Discovery can come as a shock.

    ^Conan Busts His Employees Eating Cake – CONAN on TBS^

    The cake is a lie?

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