CLICK5: Weather Ore Knot

7 thoughts on “CLICK5: Weather Ore Knot

    1. You know where where the original idea for Clicky came from, right?

      There have been a couple of near misses with Charlies over the years:

      Thoughtful Man was invited to visit with Prince Charles at Highgrove House back in 2004, when the TPO (Traveling Post Office) service was axed and he was made redundant. However, Thoughtful Man is a republican and refused to attend.

      You know about the Prince’s visit to Tate Modern whilst I was ensconced at The Anchor five years ago, but way back in 1986, the start of the Rowan Atkinson show I went see was delayed because of late arrivals…

      Me and my boyfriend at the time, Paul, were sitting in the Dress Circle. The seats in front of us were empty for three rows, except for Royal Protection Officers, guarding the Prince and Princess of Wales, who arrived late for the show.

      On the other hand, I did get to pass a yacht rope to Prince Edward at Portsmouth. He tied up the yacht I was crewing, so kinda anchored 😉

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  1. Roob

    He keeps on turning up. I know I’ve mentioned this many times but I had a close encounter with Prince Charles at school and with 2020 hindsight wasn’t random.

    And doppelgangers with Princess Di. Also he is the Duke of Cornwall and married to Cam.

    I took this pic a few days ago as well. Not sure exactly what the royal family and other ‘elitists’ are. I’ve played around with the idea that they are projected 2d flat earthers. Figures in the mindscreen.

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  2. And about Doc.I had the same thought when I was looking at a Word Doc earlier today.

    And Heeling.


    Weird Or What.

    William Shatner interviews Barbara Woodhouse.

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