Missive From ‘Merica: We Kenned Whatever…

*Ha! /claps hands… This month has been sumfin of an orange syncfest, Clicky… /winks…*

I have been giving Strauss & Howe’s The Fourth Turning a great deal of thought recently, Dear Reader. If the current Fourth and Winter Turning started in 2007, and will probably conclude circa 2027, then why can’t those 20 years also be considered as one complete cycle?

Four periods of 5 years, representing Spring (2007 – 2012), Summer (2012 – 2017), Autumn/Fall (2017 – 2022) and Winter (2022 – 2027). That would put the current year, 2020, slap bang in the middle of the unraveling period of this mini-cycle:

‘These were all periods of cynicism and bad manners, when civic authority felt weak, social disorder felt pervasive, and the culture felt exhausted.’

*Thank you for unraveling those tweets, Clicky…*

*/lights up and smokes… My, my, it’s all going Pete Tong for the Democrats…*

*True. The Dez Rez Prez is sumfin of an rake… /chortles…*

… I’ll expand on my thinking in a separate post, Dear Reader, because a missive from Cade Fon Apollyon has newly arrived at the LoL for our delight, and I want to get straight to it. Enjoy! ❤


Everything seems to be based upon them.
Some perfect something, made even more perfect 
by the modeling process(es).
Sometimes the modeling processes 
themselves get a little...wonky.
The modeling processes themselves undergo 
some modeling and become iterative until
some new standard is achieved.

Reevaluate. Remodel. Reinvigorate. Renew.
Unpack and repackage the packaging in new packaging.
Sell ideas.
Some ideas and their models are more radical than others.
Some ideas and their resulting models may be downright strange.
^Schumann Resonance – Fight of the Woo’s^

All this modeling as of late and the resulting “plans” seem to be predicated mostly upon worst-case scenarios. In all honesty, that might be fine if there was an intermediate step between the modeling and the planning which involved a dash of common sense and maybe a dollop of practicality to formulate the actual plan(s). There appears to be some disconnect that, at least I, cannot fully comprehend.

To relate what I mean, we are living on a planet that is said to be 4.5 billion years old, it is said to have supported life of some form or another for at least 3.8 billion of those years, and we humans appear to have been around for at least 100,000 years or so (and likely much longer). So why is it that, according to the models, everyone is now suddenly about to die? On the flip side of the equation, you’ve got others who contend that all of the efforts to stem this nCoV-2019 virus thingie, are in fact, a covert operation/conspiracy of and by rich people, powerful people, corporations and government to kill everyone that isn’t them or part of their group(s).

It occurs to me that both sides are hell-bent on selling the idea that everyone is about to die. Not only that, but the idea that “everyone is going to die” is predicated upon a qualifier…”unless something is done about it.” As to exactly what “it” is? Welp, irrespective of which perspective you choose to view this situation from, all of the models appear to be very virus-like.

Infect, sicken, weaken, and perhaps even kill. 

Hell, from where I sit, watching everyone else, this nCoV-2019 is at some point just gonna shrug and give up. All these humans are already trying to kill eachother, so why fucking bother infecting people at all?

Too much work.
^Lykke Li – Knocked Up (Kings of Leon cover)^

Much of this morning’s thoughts about modeling are based upon a recent tweet I saw.

An insult. An insult, projected from a perceived position of power, and projected upon “the little people.” I got to thinking tho…”wait, according to some models, ‘the entirety of consciousness’ was much smaller than pea sized at some point.” There’s a scalar disconnect happening here somewhere, and it’s happening for the purposes of lobbing an insult at those behaving in a way that appears to be upsetting to a lone someone, who appears to feel others should behaving in a way that is pleasing to this elevated someone. So, I asked…

The response that I got?

Sounds almost like something a Christian might retort with when questioned about a particular belief. Some dogmatic something in the script to deflect attention from the individual and point to the knowingness of how “truth” exists in this particular model.

I guess in this case, “consciousness” is always small for those who operate outside of the ascended realms. Those who have not yet begun to operate within this extra-dimensional truth are dragging those attempting to ascend, down, and remedied by insulting their intelligence.

Great plan. 

Nevermind that it just creates more conflict, which creates more karma, which means you are extending your own ascension timeline/path, which means that you yourself are actually making things worse/more difficult for yourself. I was under the impression that 5D and ascension and spiritual awakening or whatever was all love, light, flowers, rainbows and starshine.

 Guess I was wrong. 

It appears to be the same old shit. Same old paradigm. Those who perceive themselves as bigger and/or stronger picking on those who are smaller and/or weaker, and doing so for their own benefit(s) rather than for the benefit of others. Certainly not benefiting the whole. Or “the oneness” or whatever.


What I was really thinking about when reading that original tweet (other than the insulting bits) was the concept of singularities. Particularly that one that, at some point, was infinitely small. Everything that had come before, and everything that was, and everything that ever would be, was crammed into a single space, which means that all of consciousness was crammed into that same space.

Now, I dunno about you, but the first thing that I think of when I think of “infinitely small” is something that is WAY fucking smaller than “pea-sized”. I can sit here right now and think of energies, atoms and sub-atomic particles, which are ridiculously small in comparison to “pea-sized”, but even in thinking of these tiny particles, that doesn’t even begin to come close to how small I can envision “infinitely small” to be. Keep in mind that in this context, we are talking about a container which contains all consciousness. Not some consciousness, not part consciousness, not your gigantic consciousness compared to my tiny and insignificant consciousness…all consciousness.

Q: If you were told by a someone that your soul was “pea-sized”, what would that say to you about your individual soul?

A: ???¿???

Let me guess…it would say to you that you have a worthless and contextually insignificant soul. That the individual who told you this was being insulting. Was being degrading. Was belittling you.

Q: You know what someone telling me that my soul was “pea-sized” would say to me?


The “size” is irrelevant. What is relevant, is that I have one. I just need to care for it. Maybe even assist others in caring for theirs (when and if needed/asked, of course).

^Windy Wagner – You don’t have to worry^

In order to understand, one must first subscribe. Only then can one understand.


This model.


This model is ringing some bells.

Adopt, adapt, conform, comply, comprehend, ascend.

VOILA!!! Enlightenment.

You’re in the club.

^Adam F – Circles (Album Edit)^

The indoctrination process very much parallels “the four C’s” in aviation when a pilot finds themselves in trouble.

Climb. Communicate. Confess. Comply.

1. CLIMB – we’re about to reach out blindly to anyone who will respond, so we need to get as high as we can, so that our radios can make the widest possible broadcast to the most amount of listening ears possible.

2. COMMUNICATE – we’re gonna broadcast a plea for help, and we’re gonna talk to the very first individual who responds to our call for assistance. We don’t care who they are. Fortunately for us, the only ones who are likely to respond are going to be those who are most likely to be in a position to actually provide us with the assistance we need.

3. CONFESS – honesty is key here. You’re gonna have to tell it all, good and bad, and hold nothing back. Whomever you are communicating with doesn’t know you from Adam, and they need to form a clear picture of you and your situation, and fast, otherwise they may not be able to assist in getting you out of the pickle you find yourself in.

4. COMPLY – listen to what they are telling you to do. Trust them, and obey. You’re likely a frazzled mess, so let them do some thinking for you in order to take the load off. Maybe even make some decisions for you (just keep in mind that you are still the pilot in command, it’s your ass on the line, and even tho you are in deep shit and in need of help, you are ultimately responsible for whatever actions you take and their outcome).

Ordering is a bit different from “the spiritual stuff” perhaps, but the result is the same.

^DARE [Soulwax Remix] — Gorillaz^

Singularities do appear to actually exist. We don’t appear to understand them very well, but they do seem to exist. Once you start looking for them, and once you start finding them, you suddenly start to see them everyfuckingwhere.

To me, that kind of diversity existing, en masse, right under our noses, and the only way to “see” these singularities and their diversity is by actually taking the time to look? Dunno about you, but to me, that says something about this Universe we live in.

^Christian Hornbostel – Out Of The Matrix (Original Mix) [KLING KLONG]^

Please don’t feel cheated at the “size” of this “missive”.

It’s precisely the size that it should be.

The synchros are still spinning.

Everything is exactly where it should be.

Exactly when it should be there.

Exactly as it should be.
^Cocteau twins “Ooze Out and Away, Onehow”^



*Yeah, Cade does pen a good missive, Clicky…*

Until next time, Dear Reader, have a Song…

6 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: We Kenned Whatever…

      1. Actually no. I don’t know what kind it is, and those passenger windows were giving were giving me fits last night trying to find out what kind it was/is. I can’t watch the actual video, so I only have the still image in the tweet to work with.

        I woke and started digging again after seeing your comment, but again frustrated because I am not finding any business jets that have…

        1) those round/flat passenger windows.
        2) the droop on the cockpit windows towards the rear
        3) that static port just below and to the left of the passenger door. (the round silver thing)
        4) a forward leaning look where the nose appears quite low instead of level

        …but have been stymied because it appears I’ve possibly been looking in the wrong areas. (business jets only) But then, in Google Image search…

        Air Peace unveils plan for 2019, assures travellers of better deal

        EUREKA!!! The same fucking nose! (or certainly damn close) But again, only the nose. /le sigh
        Reading through the article there’s mention of the Embraer 145, look up some pics, and yeah that appears to be the one. But, a regional jet? The aircraft in the Biden tweet/picture does not appear to be painted in airline-style paint.

        Embraer ERJ Family – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embraer_ERJ_family

        Whatever he is flying on is almost assuredly a charter, but what stumped me according to the still image is the plane appears to be too big to be your average business jet, but the paint is wrong to be anything other than a corporate plane, and the windows are wrong for any of the larger business jets.

        Anyway, we appear to have found our make and a rough idea as to the model, so I did another Google search at this point…

        “erj 145 cost per hour” (without quotes)
        around 7,000 USD per hour
        The average hourly rental rate of the Embraer ERJ 145 is around 7,000 USD per hour.

        That’s not really much cheaper than what it would cost to rent some of the big corporate jets, and some are actually cheaper. I can only imagine that maybe he’s traveling with a large entourage so maybe the ERJ aircraft fits the role a bit better because of increased seating. That said, this comment is long enough already so I ain’t delving off any further into a cost-analysis, security analysis, etc..

        BTW, I’ve fueled plenty of the EMB 120 Brasilias by Embraer.

        Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embraer_EMB_120_Brasilia

        Not a great fueling airplane. Extremely slow fueling, a bit leaky at the nozzle, seem to recall the gauges tended to roll up, and the valves would close early or late when going full tanks, but overall not a bad fueling airplane if you know its quirks and you aren’t in a hurry. I’ve certainly fueled much worse.
        */cough “Airbus A300” cough/*
        */cough “Airbus A310” cough/*
        */cough “Concorde” cough/*

        Airbus eventually got their shit together tho. 😉

        ^Vanna, Pick Me a Letter^

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          1. Yep. Many times. Seem to recall it had 17 tanks, but only 13 gauges? 14? 15? Can’t remember. Do remember that some gauges read for more than one tank. The reading on the gauge would default to a certain tank, but you could flip a switch and it would read for another tank. I also seem to recall there being one or two tanks which you could not get readings from at all from under the plane. The engineers likely considered this a non-issue because the tanks would always be filled to capacity at fueling, and these tanks were always supposed to be burned completely empty during flight anyway.

            Welp, that looks good from an engineering standpoint I’m sure, but what looks good on the design table and what actually happens in practice are two completely different things. Yes, there were gauges in the cockpit where a reading as to what was in the tank prior to fueling could be ascertained. However, finding a mechanic in a timely manner to go up into the cockpit and get a reading for you so that you can do your calculations and start fueling? Sometimes like pulling teeth. Gotta keep in mind that we’re operating on a tight schedule here. Turnaround is fast, I’ve got upwards of 50,000 gallons (189,270 litres) of fuel to pump, and at roughly 750 gallons per minute, this is gonna take some time. Prior to fueling, I must know how much fuel is already onboard the aircraft, and I absolutely must know if the tank(s) which don’t have fuel gauges have any fuel in them. And now that I think about it, I seem to recall that this tank/these tanks without gauges had to be fueled, last. Hrm. Memories. They are flooding back.

            I recall once being absolutely assured that this tank without the underwing gauge was totally empty.
            Me: Are you sure? Did you actually check?
            Mechanic: I asked the pilot. He assured me the tank was empty.
            Me: And we’re gonna go with that without you checking yourself?
            Mechanic: Yes damnit! Start fueling!
            Me: Oooookay.
            /later in the fueling process
            Me: I can’t get the fueling valve to open on the dummy tank.
            Mechanic: What do you mean you can’t get the valve to open on the dummy tank?!? It will only not open if the tank is already full!
            Me: I’m telling you the valve will not open, which yes means the tank is already full.
            Mechanic: DID YOU FUEL THE DUMMY TANK ALREADY?!?!!?
            Me: Absolutely not. YOU did not check the gauge prior to fueling, which means that the tank came in FULL!
            Mechanic: THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE!!! You opened the valve on the dummy tank by mistake!!!
            Me: /drops deadman, and stops fueling
            Mechanic: WHY DID YOU STOP FUELING?!?!!?
            Me: Because the final numbers on gallons pumped will reveal whether that tank came in full or empty, and I need you to go to the cockpit right now and tell me what all of the gauges are currently reading so we can calculate right now based on what has already been pumped.

            Long story short, lots of screaming and yelling, lots of angry people, and that day I jeopardized my job as well as the reputation of my company and their ability to bill for services rendered. The passengers were already loading, and I was about to intentionally delay this aircraft because something was amiss. But guess what? It turns out, that yes, that tank indeed came in…full. The blame game started of course, and it was a nightmare, but, we all learned something, and we all had the solace of knowing that this aircraft would leave the gate with some solid information about the correct fuel load being onboard.

            The gauges were inaccurate as hell, and they’d roll up and down all during the fueling process, so you had to be kinda mindful about that. The upside being tho, that typically all tanks were going full anyway, so it wasn’t really an issue except to mindful of an overfuel in the event the shut-off valves weren’t operating properly which would result in a fuel spill.

            As far as it being an interesting aircraft to fuel? Yes it was. Very intimidating the first time you fuel it. All of those tanks, learning all of the capacities of each tanks, learning all of the fueling quirks, it was a handful, and most fuelers wanted nothing to do with that plane. ESPECIALLY if it was not taking a full fuel load because it was flying from DC to Florida or some other domestic destination. Fueling that aircraft perfectly when it was not going full-fuel was a nightmare, and getting screamed at because there’s 1000 extra pounds of fuel because the gauges are reading wrong? Nah…most fuelers want no part of those potential headaches so usually the low-seniority fuelers got stuck doing the job.

            With this one, you also had to add an anti-static additive to the fuel, so you had to hook your two fueling hoses up to the static-carts, and then hook the two hoses from the static-carts up to the aircraft. Twice as much work, so yeah, a shit-job that the low-seniority guys got stuck with doing.

            Thinking about that story where there was a pre-fueling discrepancy, I also seem to recall that the cockpit crews would sometimes leave the transfer valves open and the fuel pumps on by mistake, and even tho you were fueling into one tank, you could not get it to fill because the pumps were transferring fuel from the tank you were fueling into other tanks. Holy shit, remembering now that there was so much to know. So many quirks one had to learn to become an efficient and effective fueler. Overall, for $8.50 and hour, the fuelers were getting royally screwed and we knew it. But, I loved what I did, alot of the other fuelers did too, so that’s something at least.

            Concorde did not have the best of overall systems because there were so many areas where faults and fuckups could occur. But, to their credit they were breaking new ground and trying to think in radical (or at least progressive) ways. Kudos to them. /me tips hat

            What a beautiful plane it was. (and is) Fucking GIANT airplane, yet somehow tiny.
            (dirty as fuck, drippy, messy, sloppy, leaky and still gorgeous as hell)
            Getting to see it take off at night with those turbojet engines blowing those four huge, blue afterburner cones?
            What a sight.
            I’m glad to have seen it.

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