CLICK5: Carpe Driem

The Meeting Place St Pancras Station

10 thoughts on “CLICK5: Carpe Driem

        1. Spain Span

          S Pawn Yaw
          Spa Niche
          Spin Niche
          Naught Tickle

          Pan-Pan –

          Now sitting here wondering if schools and monasteries and the like can be considered spas. Maybe even political groups and business(es). Different kinds of waters are flowing of course, and the fluidity, viscosity and/or abrasiveness seems to vary as well. But lots of diversions of various sorts, lots of pooling, and lots of “getting away from it all” going on with various institutions.

          ^Balthazar & Jackrock – Puerto Rico (Alex Di Stefano Remix)^

          Some stories about bridges are likely more watchable than others.

          Especially in those instances where bridges collide.

          Or maybe even where verious bridges don’t collide as much as intersect?

          ^The Bridge (2007) – Trailer^

          Supposedly, what we wear on the outside is a reflection of what is on the inside. A bridge, of sorts. Methinks that eventually, and as what is on the outside continues to move in, wearing your clothes inside-out is gonna take on a whole new meaning.

          Every Time You Wash Clothes, Millions Of Microfibers Are Released Into The Water –
          Folk Costume (Redirected from National dress) –
          Mao Suit –
          Russian Fashion –
          Communist Dress –
          Mariner’s Cap (Redirected from Lenin hat) –
          Sea Level Rise –
          Displacement (Fluid) –
          Silt –
          Should we be placing restrictions on second-hand clothing imports or virgin textile production? –
          Second-hand clothing imports are safe, no restrictions needed –
          The limits of ethicality in international markets: Imported second-hand clothing in India –
          Global Trade Of Secondhand Clothing –
          Why is the used clothing trade such a hot-button issue? –
          Secondhand Lions –

          Quite a world we live in. Lots of things to experience, lots of ways to get there.

          ^Devo | Beautiful World | Official Video^

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  1. I remember being taken by my mum & dad to the cinema to watch Bridge over the River Kwai. When it was first released!

    One reason perhaps was ‘cos dad served in Burma, and wanted to see how ‘Hollywood’ portrayed life in Burma during WW2.

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  2. Probably to my mum at the time. If he told me, it’s so long ago I can’t now remember. He never did talk much about his wartime experiences in Burma. He was attached to the 82nd West Africa Division in the Arakan campaign.

    In Slim’s “Forgotten Army”, the West Africans were the forgotten Divisions!

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