The Tooth, The Whole Tooth & Nothing But The Tooth…

*So ‘elp me… /rolls eyes… Gawd, Clicky, this could be a long one. ‘Ow should we begin?*

Twitter Feed Sync

*Ah… /flicks lighter… The Twitter Timeline sync during my lunch break today, excellent, starting point, Clicky… /lights up and smokes… Why am I thinking of Ricky Gervais?*

*Yes! Funny man… /flicks ash… No, hold on – weren’t the Nazis a crocodile?*

*That’s an underdog strategy, Clicky… /smirks… Bite ’em in the Balkans…*

churchill bulldog oh yes

Hello there, Dear Reader 😀

My evenings this past week have been taken up with remote viewing the 26-episode, epic documentary series from 1973, The World At War, with my Text Us chum, Cade Fon Apollyon. I’d only seen the episodes dealing with what happened pre-1939 at school, in 1983. I was studying the ‘Silent World War’ for my History O Level. That’s the one between the First and Second World Wars, but that nobody wants to call a war, although in pretty much every respect, it was…

*Nearly an ‘our an episode, Clicky… /drags… It’s like compressing World War 2 into a single day…*

*Alright, smarty pants, but there’s a lot less detail in 7 minutes…*

*Ha! The emergence of sharks and evolution of teeth at 10:11, and crocodiles appear at 11:05. Not a fucking Nazi to be seen…*

*The Chinese are Communists, knot Nazis, Clicky… /stubs butt…*

*”A band called Socialist Fuzzy Bucket”…Hmm… /thinks… Did the advent of radio turn politics ‘radio-active’, do ya fink? …/deathly silence… Well?*

*Oh ‘ardly, Clicky – the Internet utilizes both effectively…

*Ugh! Possibly too effectively …/yawns stretchily… Time to wrap this shambles up me finks, Clicky…*

*To be honest, you’d be ‘ard-fuckin’-pressed to not see a single country in the world today that isn’t governed by parties, or ‘as opposition parties, all pulled straight out the ‘socialist fuzzy bucket’…*


So, if you’re interested in how the previous Fourth Turning Winter/Crisis climaxed in 1945, Dear Reader, then I can thoroughly recommend giving The World At War a viewing.  It’s freely available on YTube, but you have to make the time, and that has always been your purview. Besides, ace thesp Sir Laurence Olivier narrates over its entire nearly 26 hours…

*Yes, we’re done, Clicky…*

Have a great we kenned, Dear Reader, and have a Song 😉

7 thoughts on “The Tooth, The Whole Tooth & Nothing But The Tooth…

  1. “World at War” – Thanks for resurrecting another distant memory from the furthest reaches of my few remaining active grey cells, RooB. 😀

    That series was awe-inspiring.

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    1. It’s pretty graphic, JP. I’m glad we watched the original black and white version. Additionally, I watched these…

      … which go into the relationships between the leaders in much greater depth. Fascinating stuff.

      I was waiting for mention of Bletchley Park and the breaking of the Enigma machine code, but that operation wasn’t publicly outed until 1974, a year after ‘The World At War’ was first broadcast…

      Seriously, all on YTube. Fill ya boots 😀

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  2. This may seem a shade off topic from war, Nazis, history, modern day death camp trains, sharks and toothbushy tantric tube snake boogies, but am I the only one who sees this “attack” as less of a direct assault and a shade more…diversionary?

    Twitter hack: 130 accounts targeted in attack –

    Not striking at the head, not striking at the tail, and I’m not even sure if this can even be described as “striking at the serpent”.

    Probe –
    Reconnaissance –
    Trust Building –
    Trust Fall (Redirected from Trust-building exercise) –
    Energy Conservation –
    Conservation Of Energy –

    If you can achieve two or more goals with a single move, that’s great. In this case, reveal disloyalty, identify opposition and testing for weakness(es). But at the same time, it’s a shade out of character, and especially for factions that are almost sure to be loaded to the gills with military experts/strategists and game theorists. The only thing that I can come up with is maybe perhaps something has not gone according to plan? /shrug

    ^Lords Of Acid – Rough Sex^

    That vid on the history of the Earth does a god job depicting that “a day” is not so much a what, as it is a when. Backwards and forwards, that aggregate time typically relegated by certain interests to the “dismissible” and/or “inconsequential” column(s)? It adds up over time.

    The video is only 11 minutes and 35 seconds long, but the 24 hour day doesn’t show up until 11 minutes and 20 seconds into the video? That’s a lot of missing time. Can skew the meaning of “13.8 billion years” or even “4.5 billion years” quite a bit.

    Hooked –

    Has an almost…proprietary…ring to it.

    ^Arctic Midnight Sun 24hour Timelapse^

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    1. There’s been all kinds of weird happenings on the Internet in the last couple of days, Cade. There was the ‘Twitter Hack’:

      Followed by claims by three of the ‘5 Eyes’ countries of a Russian phishing expedition…

      Australia and New Zealand aren’t mentioned. And today half the Internet has been down because of an outage on Cloudflare…

      Great spot on the length of days in the vid and the potential reputations on the acknowledged age and Universe and Earth. Again, today, trusted measurements have been called into question…

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      1. Maybe its just some test(s). Preempting the “hacked election” accusations that are almost sure to come.

        Certainly seems to be media oriented. I mean, if you aren’t ridiculously famous, and you get hacked, who the fuck cares?

        There are the e-zealots tho. The onbes who live and die by media and what it says and does. Gotta keep the troops entertained, otherwise they may forget who and what they are fighting for.

        Oh, and sorry about posting the wrong link above. 😛

        Thanks for posting the correct one. ❤

        ^Ministry – Test^

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