Missive From ‘Merica: Long Time Coming…

Happy VE Anniversary day, Dear Reader. The subtitle of this post doesn’t relate to the time it took for the Yanks to finally pitch in on WW2, but rather for the time it has taken for a missive to arrive from the Okie Text US Devil, Cade Fon Apollyon…

snail mail

*No, but I’m sure he’ll tell us why, Clicky…*

… But wait no longer, Dear Reader, for a missive arrived today and, well, I’ll meet you at the bottom ‘cos I’m just gonna dive straight in to it…

Missive diving with Clicky


Sup Ladies? 😛

I broke two fasts, in as many days, and I’m ready for love.

FAST 1: Deodorant

Yes indeedy. I’ve broken an almost decade long fast on the personal ownership and self-application of deodorants and antiperspirants. Had to get out in public two days ago, I was sweating profusely, so I decided to go ahead and give each armpit a swashing of evil chemicals so as not to stink. Stinky people are dirty, and dirty people are gross, so yeah…I am no longer stinky, dirty nor gross. HOORAY!

FAST 2: Chairs

I just cleaned up my desk chair and sat in it for the first time since around August/September of 2019. Since it’s now May of 2020, that means that I have not sat in a chair for right around 8/9 months. Why would I intentionally not sit in a chair for a long period of time? Welp, why don’t you come over here, plop yourself down on my lap, and I’ll tell you all about it.


Up with the Mexicans!

Down with the French!
^Some things Cosmic^

Not bullshitting you. I really have gone for almost 10 years without wearing deodorant nor antiperspirant.

My Lymphatic System goes right fucking by there, and I just don’t think it a good idea to be incessantly pouring chemicals down that well.

Changing the heating/cooling dynamics of my pits? There? Yeah, also doesn’t seem like the best of ideas. I get the feeling my body needs to be able to regulate its temperature without me throwing impassible roadblocks in its path.

I may be wrong
^Pink Martini (with singer Storm Large) – “Până când nu te iubeam”^

Some of you ladies carve that area up with a blade, and THEN slather that goop on.


I stopped shaving because I got sick and tired of my face feeling so tight all the time. All that carving and micro-scarring has to do some serious damage over time. You also eventually develop this icky-looking yellow skin, and if you don’t get out in the sun much, you look like you’ve got these weird yellow patches all over your face. I assume this is a reason those on television or film have to put all that makeup on.

Hey…you wanna shave? Shave. I’ve no problem with it. I can say tho, that when I stopped using hygiene products, stopped showering daily, was more conservative about soap(s) usage, and stopped shaving/stopped using aftershaves and colognes? Some weird things started going on with my epidermis. Lots of of those Fibromyalgia types of pains have subsided, the Carpal Tunnel is better, my hands aren’t folding in on themselves, my feet, calves and shins cramp less, my skin doesn’t feel like it’s trying to tear all the time, and my skin no longer hurts to the touch. Not that anyone is touching me.

'cept me...har

And yes, I likely don’t smell like you think I should smell. But how am I supposed to smell? Like, I know what society thinks I should (or should not) smell like. But, what does my body think on the subject. Only one way to find out.

^BSOD – AllPassing Lane^


Yesterday was the 50 anniversary of Kent State.

Q: Can Kent State be considered as being a school shooting? Perhaps even one of the first school shootings?

A: ?!!!¿

Like, by today’s standards. You know…active shooter, complete lunatic, absolute evil, beyond help or hope, should either be murdered outright or thrown in jail forever, all that jazz.

^Missing Persons – Destination Unknown – TV Mania Remix^


When you die, you typically start to smell pretty bad.

Am I dead?
^Active Child – Subtle (Feat. Mikky Ekko)^

The dead have a smell. Dead things have a smell. Death? No. I don’t think “death” has a smell. I always hear people say “the smell of death”, but all that exists in such a scenario is the living + the dead. Death, is nowhere to be found. Just thinking that death prolly smells different for everyone. For some it smells like hospital chemicals, for others it may smell like the dashboard of a car, still others may smell gunpowder. And yes, I know what dead things smell like. A nauseating “sweet” smell, and nothing else smells like that. But death? I wonder if death itself is maybe an aggregate of varied smells. Or maybe death smells like nothing.

Q: Does it matter what death smells like?

A: To you? Yeah, it's likely to matter what death smells like.

“Death” prolly smells quite a bit different smell than “the dead” tho.

Which…speaking of…supposedly with this nCoV-2019 Coronavirus thingie, your sense of smell is gone completely. I guess that would mean that death (for those who die from it) smells like…nothing?

^Pretend We’re Dead^


What percentage of Internet users are scammers? It is the question that first greeted my brain as I woke this morning. Each day, what percentage of Internet users are accessing the Internet solely to utilize it as a pathway to take advantage of someone else for their own personal gain. It is a question I know I cannot answer. But I do wonder if this could be a measure of “the amount evil in the world”.

The type of entity doesn’t matter either. Loads of both “legal” and “illegal” scammers. Would prolly need to first determine which usages result in a monetary transaction, and of those further define which transactions involved a transfer or goods. Prolly be smart to take services into account as well. I know that I’m rambling here, but it occurs to me that governments appear to be positioning themselves to levy some taxes on both the Internet itself, as well as any and all transactions of any and all types.

Loads of countries seem to be re-isolating themselves, and the only reason to do that is tax revenues. The biggie in this being, that space itself is about to be domained. Yeah, outer-space. Space is gonna be annexed, and satellites are likely going to start requiring visas. Will be interesting to see how the motion(s) of the planet are taken into consideration. What was “your space” a few minutes ago may in fact belong to someone else now.

^Missy Elliot Work It Lyrics^


Very cool stuff going on here…


…but it raises a question.

Q: How old is life?

A: ⁿ ó¿ó ⁿ

Life itself prolly has a few miles on it. Supposedly, it slogs from the not so great realms of pond-scum, to better, to worse, to better, to worse, etc.. Death is in there somewhere, and yet, here we are. I mean me? I pretty much just got here. But something got me here, there was a lot of life surrounding me when I got here, and it’s pretty safe to assume there will be a lot of life surrounding me when I leave. ‘Tis a weird thought to ponder tho…how old is life. How long, in the universal scheme, has life existed? Maybe you can chew on it a bit and come up with an answer.

Just keep in mind that carbon, and when it may/may not exist, is gonna be kinda important.

^Ween – Transdermal Celebration [HD]^

Speaking of carbon, me and a certain someone were watching something recently about energy, and they kept ranting about biofuels. Biofuels this, biofuels that, and all as if burning turkey fat or methanol or decaying plant matter or whatever is some new huge something because it falls under the catchphrase of “biofuel”. It occurred to me…

‘WTF is this “biofuel” nonsense?!? COAL IS BIOFUEL!!! PETROLEUM IS BIOFUEL!!! NATURAL GAS IS BIOFUEL. Coal is burnt trees, petroleum is decayed biomass, and natural gas is produced by decaying biomass. THAT’S WHY THEY ARE CALLED FOSSIL FUELS!!! What in the hell are they on about?’

Only thing I could come up with is that there is some shift to rebrand “fuels” so as to get people more comfortable with the hypocrisy of their insatiable appetites for electricity via “eating” dead stuff. And yeah, this is about electricity. No one calls it electricity anymore tho, it’s “energy”.

^The Pixies – Dead (Paul Hammond Remix)^


Have not been writing much. Plenty of people polluting the social spheres with their nutty conjectures and ya’ll don’t need me adding to the pile. It did occur to me a time or two that a lot of information being released seems quite…planned. But that’s a problem when you’ve got systems that are attempting to intentionally mislead you. Well, maybe not always mislead, but certainly test. You see one story here, another story there, you add the facts, 2 + 2 = 4, and…

BOOM! Mystery = SOLD! Next? 

Think of it like this, when you are being educated/schooled by your betters…

Q1: Who makes the test(s)?

A1: ?¿?

Q2: Who takes the test(s)?

A2: ¿?¿

I figure it works pretty much the same way in politics, government, media, business, you name it. We are trained to think in certain ways, and that’s how we think. “They” put the numbers in front of you, and “you” have to figure out the correct answer(s). You get a cookie for finding the answer they want you to find. Or you suffer social humiliation for getting the wrong answer. You’re likely to be socially shunned for questioning the question or maybe disputing the answer. They, know. You, don’t. You want the answers, they have them, gotta play to play. And no, that’s not a typo.

^The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1.9 (ft. Steve Aoki) [HQ] | Dim Mak Records^

Ya gotta grow up at some point. Stop relying so much on being told, and find your own feet. Hew your own path. Be wrong. Get bruised. Get scrapes. Get scars. Get lost. Be completely flummoxed by your own limitations and stupidity. Find your own way to…


That’s what we all want to do, methinks. Stretch our own selves out, and reel our own selves in. Acquire our own unique skill sets for handling/dealing with adversity according to our own unique situation. I dunno…

maybe I'm wrong

You think it possible that maybe when its apparent that all the carbon is gonna be gone from this planet, life will no longer be possible? Gotta be a curve there somewhere. Especially in the “reproductive life” schema. Immortality? Not so much. Grab what carbon you need in order to manifest your own existence, and done. But reproductive life? Gotta be some curves there as to whether reproductive lifeforms can both manifest and sustain that manifestation for a certain period in order to make the manifestation worthwhile. Carbon doesn’t exactly grow on trees you know.


What I’m thinking here is sheet music. The song of life goes on for as long as there are notes on the page to sustain the song. “The notes”, in this case, are the dits and dahs of Carbon. Or maybe like the holes in a piano roll for player pianos.

Morse Code (Redirected from Dit-dah)

Player Piano

Everything becomes nonviable at some point. Maybe some of these die-offs and/or extinction events aren’t always due to some cataclysmic secondary something. Maybe something becomes unsustainable and dies off for no other reason than the species’ long-term survivability becomes an eventual impossibility along a specific timeline.


Things dying off for no apparent reason. Man, that would leave some damn deep rabbit holes for some to chase. They could likely even find the reason(s), and not even know it because they’re looking in the wrong place(s). What a cruel world this is. Or, can be.

/me shrugs
^I Stay Away^


If you look at the above image kinda off-center? The center takes on some odd properties. Does for me anyway.

^Siouxsie And The Banshees – Peek A Boo (12″ Silver Dollar Mix) 1988^

I cannot save the world. What I can do, is save worlds. Or at least, attempt to. When and if needed of course.

^Eyes Without A Face^


Ever seen those cycling ads? Like, advertisements which cycle. Scrolling screens at sports venues, segmented billboards, video billboards, electronic marquees, etc.. One minute a sign advertising hamburgers, the next minute an attorney’s office, then motor oil, then maybe a casino. Welp, I was watching this video below, and at the bottom of the screen, there is an almost incessantly scrolling text advertising a lot of racing venues and also plugging membership at this racinboys dot com website.

As I watched the cars go round the track, thinking about the fact that most race cars are little more than rolling billboards advertising some something, it got me pondering whether the models which exist for repetitive exposure are effective advertising. You likely travel the same routes to and from work. To and from school. To and from church or the market.

Q: Is the entirety of our society designed to maximize advertising effectiveness?

A: !¿!

More that that, are civic planners intentionally designing cities so as to provide for places to advertise? Constructing revenue streams into the infrastructure? Location, location, location? What am I talking about, of course they are.

^RBN Crashes and Flips 2016^

Just thinking a bit about all of the things that we bring into our lives, and how that stuff gets there. How things get into our homes. This lockdown thingie is a good time to think about such things. No telling what you may learn about you and the life you’ve carved out for yourself.

^Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) – 1984^

Advertising loops, revenue streams, and cycles.

Q: Are thinking about such things worthy of one’s time?

A: ?ó¿ó?

My time is unworthy.

^Van Halen – Hot For Teacher (Official Music Video)^


If it can be taken away…

My father had a lifelong ticket to fly anywhere. Then they took it away

…it will be taken away.

That document sitting in a museum in Washington D.C. surrounded by bullet-proof glass doesn’t give me anything. It provides for suggestions as to how parties should treat one another, and we can either adhere to these suggestions, or not. People can choose to respect another’s “rights”, or not. Of course, times change, dynamics change, and how we behave and what laws we respect is also likely to change.

If times are tough, charity is lean, and you are starving to death, you may just have to turn to a life of crime in order to eat/survive. You may turn out to be so successful at this “life of crime” that you eat like a king and are rolling in money. This is likely to breed some contempt in your fellow citizens. They may form task-forces and even make some laws so they can take everything you own from you, and they may even want to take possession of your life.

All legally, of course
^Highasakite – Golden Ticket^

Law is a framework, and not much more. You can legislate crap until Christ comes back, but its unlikely to change need(s) nor desire(s). Not without sending someone through the entire process, and such an experience is equally as likely to be destructive as it us to be constructive. Apologies for rambling, but it’s mysterious to me why law is viewed by some as some absolutist something that it is not. There’s much more to “law” than just and only “the law(s)”.

Are there those who wish to do away with the judiciary? Is that what’s going on? Some people want Legislative and Executive branches only? Do this, or else. Everyone behaves exactly the same way. Obey and be rewarded, disobey and be punished.

Q: Ever noticed that when the accuser becomes the accused, their view of things changes completely?

A: ???

I wonder what’s up with that.

^Van Halen – Hot For Teacher – Drum Cover by Josh Gallagher^

Blur. Everything is blurry. Not fuzzy, blurry. Not clear blurry either…unclear. Almost as if there is stuff in my head that shouldn’t be there. Or maybe just a lot of stuff in there that I don’t quite understand as of yet. Ever since that third week in December of last year, things have been just downright strange. Hell, maybe I’ve reached some level of clarity in and amongst all this spiritual nonsense, and I’m just too stupid to realize it. Maybe it’s just that my focus has changed.

/me shrugs
^Zedd – Clarity ft. Foxes (Official Music Video)^

You douchebags prolly think that I’m a pretentious prick, but I’m really not.

‘Educate yourself! You shitheads need to educate yourself and know just how non-pretentious I am.’

I haven’t heard that one in a while…educate yourself.

“Educate yourself.” What a scam that was.

Educate Yourself means consume, and know

But you must consume only certain things and arrive at similar conclusions in order to be acceptable.

Consume...and know

Didn’t that happen in a garden once and everything went haywire afterwords?

Maybe that’s a main theme in the Eden story and we missed it…

advertising and consumerism
^Tonight We Riot (LAUNCH TRAILER)│ Means Interactive^

I just saw that trailer above and was thinking about what a great time in history to have such a game in the pipeline to where you can release it in the big middle of a global crisis.

^Early Eyes – “Clarity”^


Anyone else seeing this global crisis? Where’d you see it and how? The news?

So…you yourself didn’t actually see it. Just trying to get you primed for the upcoming “crisis actor” stuff that is likely to become prevalent in the very near future. It may seem odd, but much of the goings on seems to include a large contingency of media outlets battling eachother. This Coronavirus thing simply provided an opportunity for them to launch their attacks. Seek the crown, if you will. The Internet will suffer. Much of it is likely gonna wind up looking just like television.

Television sucks
^Bright Eyes – Forced Convalescence (Official Lyric Video)^

News used to come out of China.

Coronavirus: Ten dead in China quarantine hotel collapse

Then it stopped. I wonder what changed.

U.S. oil prices jump more than 8% as Saudi Arabia lifts prices, China crude imports climb

News out of China may be down, but at least oil prices are up.

^Missing Persons Words DJ Extended Remix^
We can fall into, and out of, some weird holes
^City International News 5 Vagina^


Passive Mentions. Is there such a thing? Let’s go see if we can look that up. You stay here, and I’ll be right back.

OK…I’m back.

Dallas Theological Seminary-Principles


‘Passive mentoring. This mentoring takes place during serendipitous encounters or conversations. One person makes comments or performs actions that teach another.’

“Serendipitous”, eh? Very interesting indeed. Is it really serendipity tho if you are planning all along to mentor certain people you see? I mean, yeah, it may be “chance” to bump into someone you know, but you’re already entangled with this person and you already appear to have this individual on a mental watchlist of some kind.

Not really much chance nor serendipity going on there

Or at least, you’re incorrectly measuring the time of the serendipitous event. Meaning, the point on your graph isn’t big enough to accurately measure when “the serendipitous event” actually started. Just seems to me that you are manufacturing opportunity in order to take advantage of these opportunities. Like hooking a fish, but letting it run for a while. Leaving it on the hook, but not reeling it in, keep pressure on the line, and make the fish tire itself out. Does make reeling it in much easier. They practically reel themselves in. All you have to do is…keep the pressure on.


When to Stop Mentoring Someone

AH-HA! So you are watchlisting people. A big reason to watchlist people is going to be to cover your own ass. Last thing in the world a religious rising star needs is some higher-up in the church coming to you one day and saying…

”Hey, you remember so-and-so? Welp, they’re strung out on meth, covered in tattoos, and singing evil rock songs for some band.”

I mean, how embarrassing would that be? You’re suddenly a shitty shepherd with stray sheep running mad. What in the fuck you been teaching these people anyway?

^HEART “BARRACUDA” (COVER) by Brooke C & Moriah Formica^

What I’m looking for is passive mentions. Like, someone intentionally drops hints here and there for the name of some upcoming something, while referencing this something in a different context, and all of this so that later encounters with this something will have a strange ring to it.

Like for example, a production company has a new television show coming out called “All The While”. This production company pays people to intentionally work “all the while” into any and every conversation they can irrespective of context. Almost like a reverse segue. Or maybe just a different kind of segue/different approach to a segue.

Google Books-The Middle Voice in Baltic-Page 173

Well this sounds complex…

‘Discussions of the passive mention reassignment of grammatical relations and loss of prominence of the agent, but they do not seem to allow for semantic differences. In defining the antipassive, on the other hand, it seems necessary to operate both with the feature of low prominence and that of low affectedness of the patient if one wants to preserve the unity of the category. If we do not object to this and, in defining voice grams, accept semantic differences (in terms of degrees of agentivity), we could indeed, as suggested by the term ‘potential passive’, regard the facilitative as a subtype of the passive.’

Woah nelly…that’s a mouthful. And it also sounds as if that’s exactly the type of stuff I’m thinking of. But Google Books is showing that this particular book was published this year (in 2020 sometime)?

The author appears to be a linguist, if you scroll up and read the Acknowledgement it appears they are hip-deep in some deep pockets, and reading the Preface seems harmless enough. But what about this nonsense on Page 173 about passive mention reassignments, agents, antipassives, patients, voice grams, agentivities and potential passives? What is all that crap, and also what do they mean in this particular context?

^Metallica – Enter Sandman (Joel Fletcher & Reece Low Bootleg)^


Let’s us look some shit up and see what the experts’ consensus is…

Kent State Shootings
English Passive Voice
Reassignment Method
Semantic Differential
Antipassive Voice
Topographic Prominence
On Affectedness
Patient (Disambiguation)
Agent (Grammar) (Redirected from Agentivity)
Passive Immunity
Neurons: Passive Potentials
How does one make potential passive in Japanese?
Electrotonic Potential
When causatives mean passive: A cross-linguistic perspective

Things would be sooOOOooo fucking much easier if I knew everything.

BTW, it would appear that a “voice gram” and an “n-gram” are the same thing(s).

I may be wrong on that
^Juvenile – Back That Thang Up ft. Mannie Fresh, Lil Wayne^


Having your mind blown likely has less to do with your mind, and more to do with your being. Maybe “mind-blowing events” are equally shaking the pillars of heart, mind, spirit and soul, but we in our time are too hung-up on mind and brain so we miss those other parts which are also being challenged.

We wanna rationalize and reason, and the rest of the whole will fall into line, yeah? But why do we want to rationalize and reason? Why is our focus there? Oh, that’s right…if we can rationalize, we can explain, and if we can explain, we can relate. If we can relate? We can be part of the heard. We aren’t left out alone in the cold trying to understand some seemingly incomprehensible and totally irrational something, and others aren’t shunning us for being some inexplicable something who thinks they’ve been subjected to some extraordinary something which no one else seems to be able to relate to. They didn’t have the experience…

you did

Sucks to be outcast. Isolated and lost and stuck with a coupla itches you can’t scratch.

Itch 1: Understanding the mind-blowing event.

Itch 2: Returning to the fold.

With that in mind, they say you can never go home again. Welp, I’m thinking that maybe you can, but things are likely to be different. But why wouldn’t it be? You’re different, right?

^Phillip Phillips – Home^


Oh my. Things are going bananas down there. Will likely get even more bananas before anyone can break out the cigars.

^Ex-U.S. soldier allegedly confesses to failed coup against Venezuela’s Maduro^


Who in the FUCK is Elsa Martinelli, and why am I not married to her?

Elsa Martinelli

Oh…she’s dead.

My bad
^House of Pain – Jump Around (Official Music Video)^


That's just the way it is
^2Pac – Changes ft. Talent^



^Sturgill Simpson – Poor Rambler^


*/takes huge gulp of air… Wahey! That was brilliant, Clicky…*

*No, Clicky, he means a different sort of pod…*

peace in a pod

*That’s what they appear to be selling…*

Fingers crossed, Dear Reader, Underdog Anthology XI: Tales of Loch Doon will be published this weekend. I hope so because I have a review of sorts lined up for when it’s finally ready to be read.

Until then, have a Song… ❤

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