CLICK5: Musically Germane

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  1. Breezing through this stuff about “Ferguson” person and their modeling, and the dissent raises more questions than they answer. One glaring reason being that most modeling software is specifically designed to produce results. Not only that, it’s designed to produce specific results. There’s usually nothing adaptive about a piece of software, the observational part of development is usually geared towards steering the program where you want it to go, loads of quirky shit is likely to be redacted/trashed instead of thoroughly investigated, a main program is unlikely to have companion programs which monitor evaluate detailed facets of eachother’s primary purpose(s), and there are always likely to be unrealistic expectations from both the developers and outside interests. Worst of all, by the time that a piece of software reaches a somewhat mature stage in the development cycle, the functional requests for the software have likely already devolved to quirky and preferential types of things like what colors the GUI contains, can you make it run on my iPhone, can you make it print reports on 3×5 cards, and other “silly” crap not really related to software functionality…the marketing stuff. Make it sleek, snazzy, slick and aerodynamic because this baby has to really soar.

    We don’t want to learn from the software itself. We want it to do something for us. Like a witch or wizard or gypsy fortune teller or genie maybe. We seek these things out in times of crisis, and we want them to perform according to how legend tells us they should perform. If I seek out Medusa because I have an impotency problem and I find her, I goddamn well better walk away from that encounter rock hard. 😛

    Software and software development cycles/processes have a mirroring effect. Developers, financiers, end-users, reviewers/critics, you name it…the software reflects on us all and we either like what we see or we don’t. Time rolls on, the reflection is likely to change further. Problem is, we don’t spend a lot of time contemplating how our own actions and efforts can affect the image reflected. Or maybe I’m just naive and there are plenty of people who are acutely aware of how their own actions can alter the reflection. I guess it comes down to their own intentions and their own needs. I just find it odd that even after almost 20 years, this individual’s software is still producing results.

    I can only wonder how objective we’re being with what we are learning.

    All that to say, people are still learning from the software, and I sometimes wonder if they even realize it.

    ^Kraftwerk – Aerodynamik [Alex Gopher/Etienne de Crecy Dynamik Mix]^

    If those 11 million sheep and cows had not been culled, would the arguments taking place now still be taking place? Or would there be arguments happening complaining how accurate the software was and how stupid people were for not listening to this guy.

    I dunno what the big deal is. You need something, you need it quick, you do the best with what you have, and you need to design and develop a magic wand which is going to tell you whether you should either A) cull, or B) not cull.

    Factors, factors, and factories.

    ^Rh- Negative Blood and Antediluvian Civilizations (Robert Sepehr)^

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