Incense To In Know Sense

‘In Wuhan, a steel-gray sky hung over the melancholy day of Li’s death. An impromptu memorial of flowers, a black-and-white photograph and singed cigarettes — a stand-in for joss sticks — formed at the entrance of the hospital where he had died.’

Li Wengliang Shrine three cigarettes

*Simple butt powerful though, Clicky… /Lights up… Ironic considering smokers are made to stand out… /drags… side…*

joss sticks goo gel def ignition

*Aye… /streams smokes… asses free…* 

incense (n.)

late 13c., “gum or other substance producing a sweet smell when burned,” from Old French encens (12c.), from Late Latin incensum “burnt incense,” literally “that which is burnt,” noun use of neuter past participle of Latin incendere “set on fire” (see incendiary). Meaning “smoke or perfume of incense” is from late 14c.

incense (v.1)

early 15c., encensen “to arouse, inspire,” from Old French incenser, from Latin incensare, frequentative of incendere “set on fire,” figuratively “incite, enrage, rouse” (see incendiary). From mid-15c. as “to provoke, anger.” Literal sense “to heat, make (something) hot” is from c. 1500 in English but is rare.

incense (v.2)

“to offer incense, perfume with incense, fumigate (something) with incense,” late 13c., encensenincensen, from incense (n.) or from Old French encenser (11c.), or directly from Medieval Latin incensare.

This week, Dear Reader, I have been incensed. Why? Lots of reasons. I should have known from the start…

Roob and Legs discuss Doctor WHO

*/deep drag… arf baked… /snorts smoke… It was jusso…*


*Yeah… /flicks ash… foe kin or fall, Clicky… /sighs… Way too much crying wolf going on these days… /stubs butt…*

*It can lead to some awful decisions taken… /eyes fag packet…*

*Ah, when the Doctor and assistant had at least some chemistry between ’em…/flicks lighter…*

*When a 3 2 1 ray show worked… /lights up… Clicky, be a doll and get me some chainsmokers. I’m in the mood…*

That is all, Dear Reader. Have a Song.

*/smokes contentedly… Fanks, Clicky… /pats snout…*


13 thoughts on “Incense To In Know Sense

  1. Joss Stick rhymes with…

    Caustic –

    Has me to thinking about bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Both basically achieve the same purpose, but they do so different ways. One will burst membranes, and the other will destroy genetic material. Was just thinking about an article I saw recently where supposedly, “QAnon and Youtubers” are supposedly encouraging their viewers to drink that crazy “holistic bleach water” or whatever in the fuck it is. Specifically for 2019-nCoV (Coronavirus)

    QAnon YouTubers Are Telling People to Drink Bleach to Ward Off Coronavirus

    Lots of do’s and don’ts.Movement, counter-movement. Strike, counter-strike. A gen duh? A gen does?

    What I was really thinking about tho was rainbows, their colors, where and when they occur, and the “typical” background(s). Typically after a storm and/or rain, usually in the afternoon or evening, and typically either a white and/or blue background. (Maybe grey or even sometimes black) Rare to see a rainbow in the morning. (here anyway) Usually the sun is moving in a direction opposite of where any fronts originate, and morning storms are not uncommon, but from clear skies to storms in the morning is indeed rare. All that to say, I wonder what the background is that is causing us to see the colors we see, and how we see these colors. More than that, are we seeing/experiencing these things for ourselves, or simply being accepting of what we’ve been told.

    The nature of the seeker and seekers. What drives them to be what they are.
    IN S(c)IENCE?
    Lotta hullabaloo over Rush Limbaugh and his making fun of Michael J. Fox and his commercial for Parkinson’s way back. And the Kirk Douglas/Natalie Wood biz. Lotta sympathy votes = no for both Rush and Kirk. I guess forgiveness is only on the agenda when people need it for themselves? Has a “Logan’s Run” ring to it. “It’s different now because it’s me.”

    Rant off. ❤

    ^Black & White – Three Dog Night (W/Lyrics)^

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      1. Admit I’m still fuzzy on the “shining words” concept.

        I can’t see the fore rest for the Reims and reams of bleached paper.

        I maze blunder over there later. Got french fried freedom chips to make at the current time. 🙂

        Pay per plains?
        Pape ere lanes?

        ^M.I.A. – Paper Planes (Official Music Video)^

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          1. Whilst digging for the image I used in the previous comment where the dude is spraying conical linear rainbows, I stumbled across the above image and almost used it instead, but I decided not to. Can draw some conclusions based on the Merovee link you provided, the comment there and its contents, but I’m not sure what good it would do. What is is, and what could have been also is. They just exist in different spaces? Guess it depends on who we let in to these alternate spaces, and who we shut out.

            Was just running a bar of soap under the hot water, and was holding a glass underneath to catch the soapy water. A layer of film was forming on top and floating there, Kinda gross looking actually. Just thought to myself, “welp, that can’t be good for the skin, especially over time.” Made me wonder how many bars of soap a town the size of the one I live in goes through in a month’s time. Then I thought about water processing plants, artificial snow in the Alps and how it affects avalanches, and I thought about the Romans collecting pee and the Aztecs collecting poop. Oh, then I watched a vid on YT from the Hydraulic Press Channel where they were crushing 3D printed shapes to see which shape was the strongest. Pretty sure the square/cube won. Wondered where that material from the 3D printed shapes would be in 20 years.

            Weird world.

            I gots no answers.

            ^i_o – Dancing 2020^

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              1. Seemingly solid structures, when put under intense, external pressure, splits the layers that makes them solid. That’s interesting to ponder 😀

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        1. I can’t abandon the Tardis, Shiny. Actually, there have been some quite good episodes this second season with the lady Doctor. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been some dross, but there’s also been some good stuff too 😀

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        2. Like

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