30-Day Song Challenge: Wedding!

LAST TIME*Oh, Clicky, I don’t fancy this wedding song challenge,  plus it’s New Year’s Eve. Will you do it for me? I’ll get you whatever you want in return…*

*Absolutely! …/pats snout… Fanks, Clicky, u da best…*

^Ho Hey The Lumineers (Lyrics HD)^
^Roy C – Shotgun wedding – 1965^

Library Wedding Song Convo

^Children Of Bodom – Oops I Did It Again!^


Day 14: songs you would love to be played at your wedding

Cade’s first song pick…

tenorLe yikes! There were no songs played at my wedding

Clicky’s first song pick…

^Old Crow Medicine Show – Wagon Wheel^

Cade’s second song pick…

dearestserpentineenglishsetter-size_restrictedThere were no songs played at my divorce either

Clicky’s second song pick…

^New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle^

Cade’s third song pick…

I guess all that I can do for today is wish you a Happy New Year
^RealLive NANJANG ; Mukimukimanmansu ; Struggle with diet^

Clicky’s third song pick…

^The Ordinary Boys – Freshly Squeezed – I Luv U^


^MORRISSEY – The Ordinary Boys (Omitted From Viva Hate Redesigned Edition)^

The final word to Clicky…

^Shocking Blue – Venus (Official Video)^


up there

*Top notch, Clicky, you aced it! Anyway I’ll be back for the cover songs challenge tomorrow… /looks in fridge… Will semolina pilchards do ya?*

^I Am The Walrus – Bono and Secret Machines (Lyrics)^

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