30-Day Song Challenge: Cover!

Happy New Year, Dear Reader! Welcome to the first day of 2020 and the midpoint of the LoL Song Challenge. Today we will be offering up a selection of cover versions that we like. Including gal pal Poppy Sweet Pea’s preference for Sinéad O’Connor over Prince…


… Def Leppard’s cover of the old David Essex dirge, that Leggy insists was “improved immensely”…

… and mine and Cade’s considerations below…

*Is that your’s, Clicky? …/lights up and smokes… I agree it great. It’s funny but I never really got Bruce Springsteen…*

Enjoy! ❤


Day 15: songs you like that’s a cover by another artist

Cade’s first song pick…

 Lit tour rules

*Whoa, wait that’s not a cover, Clicky… /flicks ash…*

Roob’s first song pick…

Leggy introduced me to Koby Israelite’s cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’. Accordions rock…

^Koby Israelite | Subterranean Homesick Blues |album “Blues from elsewhere”^

Cade’s second song pick…

Now is not the time for hijinks and shenanigans

*That’s not a cover either! Ugh, and it’s Bruce Springsteen…*

snoop dogg nod

*I don’t fink Cade’s understood this challenge at all, Clicky…*

Roob’s second song pick…

Sorry Pulp, William Shatner… owns ‘Common People’ now…

^William Shatner – Common People^

Cade’s third song pick…

 *Come on. What’s his third one, Clicky? I can’t bare look…*

shock on seeing

*What?! Let me see, let me see…*

The steaks are two hi
^01/05/2019. Hey Joe – Hendrix – Guinness World Record in Wroclaw 7423 guitars!^

Roob’s third song pick…

I love ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ by Oasis, but not nearly as much as I love The Wurzels’ take on their massive hit…

^The Wurzels ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ OFFICIAL video^

The final word to Cade…

Merry New Year
^Rock with You^

*That’s right! …/stubs butt… We only remote viewed that movie the other night…*


Tomorrow’s challenge will be to pick some favourite classic songs…

rock what

*Knot classical music, Clicky… /rolls eyes… We did that on Day 11…*

… We look forward to seeing you you then, Dear Reader, and have a Song… 😀

^Bachman Turner Overdrive – you ain’t seen nothing yet^



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