30-Day Song Challenge: Dance!

*/sings… ‘Now I gotta cut loose. Footloose, kick off the Sunday shoes…’ /sighs… How brilliant of Poppy Sweet Pea to shoes the perfect song to start this post with, Clicky? I am truly blessed…*

Happy Monday, Dear Reader…

*Heh. The first of four Mondays in this challenge, Clicky 😉 *

… You join us on Day Six of the LoL’s 30 day song challenge and, boy, do we have some songs that will make you want to dance. Cade’s picked a belter to start, so I shan’t delay you further. Just enjoy and… Have a dance ❤


Day 6: A song that makes you want to dance

Cade’s first song pick…

Oy vey. This may sound petty, but I need to know…am I dancing alone, or with someone? Some stuff you can dance to alone, and some stuff, it just can’t be done. Seeing as how I love to dance, doesn’t really bother me to dance alone, and most of the clubs I used to go to, pretty much everyone danced alone. Yeah, you were always on the lookout for a gal to dance with, but getting rebuffed wasn’t the end of the world. All that said, prolly best to start off with a song that can handle both solo and paired dancing.

NOTE: If you are fortunate enough to have a gal dancing with you to this tune, it’s a damn fine tune to do some grinding to. Just might wanna ensure that’s kosher with her before attempting it.

^Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two^

Roob’s first song pick…

I don’t want to harp on about it, but a lot of my song choices in this challenge so far have been selected from the 1984 vintage, and my first song pick today is no exception…

^Chaka Khan – I Feel For You (Extended 12 Inch Remix Edit) [1984]^

Cade’s second song pick…

Was quite something to be in a club with a large dance floor when this next tune came across the speakers. The dance floor would immediately be flooded, and the whole floor had this strange fluidity to it. Something unique about this song was that very few people would be dancing the same way, but the whole floor seemed to still be moving in unison as if they were. Had a way of locking everyone in to a certain rhythm that synced with everyone else, irrespective of what you or anyone else was doing. Was always quite the something to see and be a part of.

Occasionally some of the “better” dancers would try and hijack the floor when this song came on so they could do some routine they’d been practicing all week. But usually (and luckily) the DJ would change the tune when they did that. The whole club would groan in unison that the music had stopped, the “star dancers” became heels, and everyone cheered and clapped as they retreated.

^Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick-The Show^

Roob’s second song pick…





*Yeah, I did… /snickers… Cade won’t mind me borrowing, Clicky… /grins… Have you seen what’s coming?*

Cade’s third song pick…

Have hit a wall here…literally. It just occurred to me that while songs like ‘Nemesis‘ by Shriekback or ‘Today I Started Slogging Again‘ by Foetus could pack them on the dance floor, nothing will completely and totally empty the dance floor of chicks faster than ‘Institutionalized‘ by Suicidal Tendencies coming across the sound system. That meant only one thing…the boys were about to beat the fuck out of each other slamming and/or slam dancing. You lurk during the slow parts, then start getting pushy and start shoving others as the tempo builds, then go bat shit during the fast part.

Now, a lot of people, even the girls, would get a little physical and bumpy/pushy during ‘You Spin Me Round‘ by Dead Or Alive, but that song wouldn’t create a mosh pit like the aforementioned tune would. And come to think of it, the girls would also get pushy during ‘Love Missle F1-11‘ by Sigue Sigue Sputnik, ‘Dancing With Myself‘ by Billy Idol, and they’d even get quasi-violent during songs like ‘Never Say Never‘ by Romeo Void.

What does all that have to do with a single song by Suicidal Tendencies? Welp, once you clear the dance floor, you gotta deal with that resonance change in the atmosphere of the club, and you gotta get everyone back together on a the dance floor. One sure-fire way to do that? You could maybe try ‘Rigor Mortis‘ by A Split Second, ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately‘ by Janet Jackson, ‘Master And Servant‘ by Depeche Mode, ‘Word Up‘ by Cameo, ‘A To Z‘ by ABC, ‘I Touch Roses‘ by Book Of Love, ‘Oh Yeah‘ by Yello, or maybe even ‘Headhunter‘ by Front 242.

Me? I’d suggest that you go nowhere.

^Vicious Pink – 8.15 To Nowhere, original version HD^

Roob’s third song pick…

This song makes me want to dance. Simple as…

^Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart (Official Video)^

The final word from Cade…

I don’t think it fair that I get away before giving a nod to some slow dancing kinds of tunes. Stuff like True by Spandau Ballet, ‘No One Is To Blame‘ by Howard Jones, ‘Let Me Love You Down‘ by Ready For The World, ‘Holding Back The Years‘ by Simply Red, ‘Drive‘ by The Cars, or maybe even a more up-tempo snuggle song like ‘Hold Me Now‘ by Thompson Twins, or ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over‘ by Crowded House. But this final selection of mine, in my experience anyway, works well for dancing with a partner in just about any and every way you can imagine. Probably helps if you both really like the song. Likely also to help if you both enjoy rubbing navels with each other.

^Nu Shooz – I can’t wait (Extended) [HQ]^

Bet you thought my bullshit on the topic of dancing would be chock-full-o-deadmau5

^deadmau5 “Lack of a Better Name”^
I can do this all day baby
^Caravan Palace – Dramophone^
With the right partner, can prolly go all night too

^Jack Hylton – Breakaway (Shemian Remix)^
tumblr_nztv3g5qp81u8qr43o1_1280I'm done
^Gary Beck – Say What (Adam Beyer Remix) [SAVED RECORDS]^


Phew! We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s dancing songs post, Dear Reader. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we’ll be suggesting some tunes to drive to…

santa driving sleigh

*I wonder what he listens to, Clicky. Jingle Bells, presumably…*

Until then, we leave you with the song that apparently gets my publisher, co-editor and good friend, Leggy up and dancing… 😉

*/lights up and smokes… I guess the Underdog Anthologies are kinda gangnam, Clicky…*

10 thoughts on “30-Day Song Challenge: Dance!

  1. The Boss?? – ?Dancing in the Dark??

    Fleetwood Mac “The Dance” from their album TUSK

    Or, if stoned on potent ganja weed:

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooops

    Tech balls-up, so maybe these links will work:

    Fleetwood Mac “The Dance” from their album TUSK

    Or, if stoned on potent ganja weed:

    Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s a great one Joe. I love that song. Cool vid too.

          These are a few songs that I’ve stumbled across over the past few years that I really would have liked to include in my set of “songs that make me want to dance”, but I’ve never actually danced to any of them.
          (I won’t swear to that tho) 😉

          ^Greenskeepers – Money^

          This one has a wicked swing accompanying the counter-syncopation, and the groove almost demands that one wiggle their butt whilst swinging your shoulders.

          ^Leftwing & Kody – What You Sayin^

          This one is pretty much straight-up trance music and you prolly need to be at a club or rave to get the full effect, but even at home it’s a damn good tune that raises the pulse just a wee bit.

          ^Nitrous Oxide – Orient Express^

          And this is one that I should have included in my writing, but didn’t, because I was worried about taking up too much space. Heh, a wordy fuck like me worried about taking up too much space…whodathunkit?

          Anyway, like Depeche Mode, these guys are from Roob’s neck of the woods. I’ve seen them live twice, and actually met them once.

          ^Nitzer Ebb – Join in the Chant (12″ Extended Mix) 1987^

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