30-Day Song Challenge: LOUD!

Today at the LoL we will be presenting songs that need to be played loud…

*Aleister Crowley claimed the number of Magik is eleven, Clicky… /flicks lighter…*

… And we’ve already received a contribution from Legs…

*It’s a little known fact that, on a scale of 1 to 10, the pain from the Underdog’s bite is 11… /lights up… True…*

… As well as from his significant other, the fragrant Viking, Poppy Sweet Pea…

*What do you mean, we haven’t had anything in from Cade yet? …/drags… Go and wake him up, Clicky! I’ll stall…*

If you, too, have a song that you think needs to be played loud, Dear Reader, then please share it with us in the comment section, below…

*He’s still not up? …/snorts smoke… Shit! I’ll have to start the challenge and hope he turns up…*

So, to find out what songs, Cade fon Apollyon and I have selected for Day 5 of this 30-Day Song Challenge, may I invite you, Dear Reader, to…

^RUN DMC – Walk This Way (Video) ft. Aerosmith^


Day 5: A song that needs to be played loud

Roob’s first song pick…

From the movie ‘Trainspotting’,  I absolutely love listening to Underworld’s ‘Born Slippy’ played at full blast…

^Underworld – Born Slippy (Nuxx) (Creative Commission version)^

Cade brings loud songs to Roob

*He’s turned up? Brilliant! …/smokes contentedly…*

Cade’s first song pick…

I challenged this challenge that challenged me. I didn’t expect this challenge to challenge me back. Also didn’t know if this challenge would challenge me, but admit that I did have the slightest twinge of fear that I would not be able to adequately rise to the challenges this challenge may present. If day 4 was a void of nothing for me, Day 5 is suddenly a void of everything for me.

Day 4 = nothing to choose from.

Day 5 = everything to choose from.

The question is, do I let it flow? Meaning, do I choose the songs in order as they come to me? Or do I sit and stew and try to pick songs that I may have forgotten about. So far, all my picks have been whatever arrived from the memory banks first, so prolly best that I stick with that for as long as the well is producing water.

This was the first one in, and I can see myself rocking out in the home that I grew up in, black light on, AC/DC and black light posters all over the wall, and maybe me doing some air-guitar. Problem is, I could not remember the name of the song, and I was also under the impression that this song was off the album ‘Fair Warning’. Not so. It was off the album ‘Women And Children First’.

^Van Halen – Romeo Delight^

Roob’s second song pick…

My second song to be played loud is ‘I Could Be So Good For You’ by Dennis Waterman…

… and theme song from the TV series, ‘Minder’. I bought it as a single and love to sing along to it, so it’s pretty fucking essential that the song is played LOUD 😉

^Dennis Waterman – I Could Be So Good For You^

Cade’s second song pick…

Man, what a great tune. Weird as hell too. Songs like that one always intrigued me when I was young. What the authors were thinking when they wrote all that craziness? What inspires such madness? How did all that chaos come together to make some tangible and somewhat coherent something? Who in the FUCK thinks like that?!?!?!? Oh yeah…people like me. So yeah, the music made sense, but how to tame that energy, turn it into a trade, and eventually make a career out of it was a huge mystery. Anyway, whilst digging for the previous tune, I stumbled across yet another song of Van Halen’s that needs to be played at a high volume, but it’s not my next pick.

^The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up^

YouTube does not appear to like that song. Can’t say that blame them because I too was not particularly fond of the title and lyrics/was also taken somewhat aback when I first heard it. It was, and is, shocking. I hate violence, and more than that, I hate violent people. That said, I’d been around music and musicians long enough to know that there had to be some kind of secondary meaning. Something hidden. Some something that made The Prodigy “cross the line”, as it were. As to what the song meaning is? What the song is about? That’s for you to decide your own damn self. Digress.

Roob’s third song pick…

I’m going to cheat a little for my third choice, because it’s difficult to choose a single track from the Human League’ ‘Love and Dancing’ album. So here’s side A to pound and tickle your eardrums at the same time 😀

^League Unlimited Orchestra – Love and Dancing (Side A)^

Cade’s third song pick…

Two songs are tangling for my third pick. I could likely go on ad-infinitum with songs that need to be play loud, but I’ve no desire to create a ridiculous amount of work for Roob. Really am torn as to which of the two songs I am currently thinking about to use here, but I’ll stick with the one that arrived first. No idea how I originally stumbled onto this song, but glad that I did. It fucking rocks.

^Showtek – We Like To Party (Original Mix)^

The final word from Roob

*Oh go on then, Clicky. What do you want to say?*

*Charming! …/stubs butt…*


Tomorrow we’ll have songs that ‘make you want to dance’, Dear Reader, so be sure to bring appropriate footwear with you. Enjoy the rest of Sunday and have a Song… 😉

9 thoughts on “30-Day Song Challenge: LOUD!

  1. What better example of a “song that needs to be played loud…” than Simon & Garfunkel’s classic?

    Only kidding.

    But this one benefits from an aural blasting:

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Roob, your song “I Could Be So Good For You” is an interesting choice. I’d never heard the song, nor even heard of it nor its performer, but after listening, agree that one makes for a good loud one.

    Here’s one of the many that started pouring into my head when I started actually thinking about “songs that demand loud”.

    *April Wine – Roller (Official Music Video)*

    Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s a good one loud Clicky. Someday, I’m gonna talk your boss into watching a video recording of Stevie Ray’s live show at the El Mocambo.from 1983, Talk about being witness to watching someone play their guts out start to finish…wow. I bet it was quite something to actually be there.

        Anyway, more loud stuff.


        This one may have some scratching their heads, but only because they’ve never heard it loud. Like, out in the open through a PA blasting this song and blowing your hair back. (not that you have any hair Clicky)

        For added affect, imagine hearing this song blaring on the PA at the local skating rink in 1978/1979 when electronic music wasn’t commonplace like it is now..And that bass. Oh my, that bass. What is this mysterious and magical thing called…bass?

        ^Kraftwerk – The Robots (1978)^

        Anyone remember this cat? I actually got to see him live once at my very first concert. Steel Breeze and Billy
        Squire opened for The Who in 1982 here in Dallas.

        *Everybody Wants You (Remastered 2002)*

        Seems almost blasphemous not to blast this track every time it comes up in somewhere in the shuffle.
        Melt your face, head banging, ass shaking, ear shattering rock and fucking roll.

        ^Ace of Spades^

        The fact that this tune was released at time when “metal” was the pretty much the last thing on people’s minds, let alone metal made by Judas Priest? Almost demands max volume be utilized when listening. One of the hardest rocking songs in existence..

        ^Judas Priest – Painkiller (Official Video)^

        Around that same time, rockin’ just as hard in a completely different vein, there’s this. Pretty sure that every single track in Public Enemy’s catalogue demands it be played loud, but this one is a personal fave.

        *Brothers Gonna Work It Out*

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        1. BLOOPS!!! I accidentally posted the link to Billy Thorpe instead of Boston. Was listening to both songs, and got confused about which one I linked.

          Oh well, two for the price of one. Here’s Boston’s Smokin’.


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