Brexit: The Horror!


*Boris has done what, Clicky? …/lights up… The bounder! …/drags…”To prolong, extend”?  …/snorts smoke… Who’d a thunk it?*

‘Big’ news today, Dear Reader, Mrs Queen has agreed to suspend Parliament, at the behest of the Prime Monster, before she officially opens the place up again for new business on the 14th October…


*/smirks… Yes, Remoaners seem to have taken it all very badly indeed, Clicky… /smokes… It’s not like they’ve pissed over three years up the wall, trying to wiggle out of the Referendum decision…*


…This is bog standard  Parliamentary procedure, but apparently it’s ‘news’ to Midget Man…

*Ah, Brexit… /flicks ash…*

Buckle up, Dear Reader. We now have 65 days until the UK leaves the EU, Dear Reader…

its a date

*Interesting number, Clicky… /nods…*

… Have a Song 😉

10 thoughts on “Brexit: The Horror!

  1. Roob

    Who has the ultimate power ? People or Parliament ? Or even the Queen as she signed the document.

    Anti Brexiteers in Parliament are using the argument that Parliament is paramount I think. Whereas Brexiteers are saying there was a Referendum and the people spoke and that’s what counts so in a sense to suspend Parliament is a democratic action.

    I think. I gave up a bit the week when they had a million votes.

    And Bang A Gong. I included it in comment earlier on Merovee.

    J Arthur Rank was first president of Reigate Heath Golf Club. He later became Lord Rank which makes me laugh for some reason.

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    1. The root of Parliament is Oral.

      Parliament (n.) :

      c. 1300, “consultation; formal conference, assembly,” from Old French parlement (11c.), originally “a speaking, talk,” from parler “to speak” (see parley (n.)); spelling altered c. 1400 to conform with Medieval Latin parliamentum.

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        1. If there’s a General Election after 31 October, she’ll be able to stand for election. It’s the only way she could possible challenge for the leadership of her party, Frank 😉


  2. You ended your previous post with a superb Doors’ track, so it’s only fitting that another one of their classics be mentioned in this post too?

    At 11 mins and 44 seconds, it seems like it’s only slightly briefer than the Brexit process has taken so far.

    Those with a vivid imagination can almost sense BoJo (Boris Johnson to any of your overseas readers unfamiliar with Brit political figures) imploring Caroline Lucas and Jo Swinson at 8min 15secs:

    “Come on baby, take a chance with us
    Come on baby, take a chance with us
    Come on baby, take a chance with us
    And meet me at the back of the blue bus
    Of the blue bus, on the blue bus, on the blue bus
    Come on yeah
    Fuck, fuck
    Fuck fuck, fuck, fuck
    Come on baby, fuck me baby yeah
    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
    Come on baby, fuck me baby
    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
    Come on
    Fuck fuck
    Fuck fuck”

    So fitting that the end of The End is ….

    “This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end

    [Verse 6]
    It hurts to set you free
    But you’ll never follow me
    The end of laughter and soft lies
    The end of nights we tried to die
    This is the end”

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