CLICK5: Jung Gal Fever

10 thoughts on “CLICK5: Jung Gal Fever

    1. Wait…what? People with Asperger’s have physical traits or deformities or whatever?

      Lax joints (eg, an immature or unusual grasp for handwriting and other fine hand movements)
      Anomalies of locomotion, balance, manual dexterity, handwriting, rapid movements, rhythm, and imitation of movements.
      – Source: Google

      So…didn’t JLL say these Archons have back problems? Or was it the Archon’s lackeys/toadies?

      Makes me wonder if some of these facial recognition softwares are encountering some issues or something. Or maybe getting so good they are making auxiliary lists/vectors in who is marked for deletion?


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  1. Jung Gals…

    Jung Ghouls…

    Jung Ghia(n)…

    This may seem an odd thing to ponder, but I cannot help but wonder if someone can make a “leap of faith” without am existing sure footing. Like, if I’m already falling from a previous leap, can I commit to a further leap prior to completing the first? Or does the original cycle have to complete before another can begin.

    Evel Knievel

    Do injuries heal? Or does it matter primarily who is focusing on what part of the injury process.
    Do cycles end? I can’t help but wonder how Cicadas get into the ground. They get out ok, they fly around for a while, but how do they get back in?

    Female cicadas lay their eggs among small branches and tree twigs. Approximately six weeks later, these eggs hatch. The cicada nymphs fall onto the soil, burrowing underneath the ground. They feed on sap from the roots of trees, woody plants, grasses and herbal plants. – Source: Google

    I guess that answers that. 🙂

    ^Cocteau Twins – Road, River and Rail^

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    1. That car!

      I used to pass one of those every day on the way to work and on the way back. Looked in good shape but had no badges so I never knew what the hell it was. I think someone was restoring it.

      Finally, that question is answered!

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      1. Always thought it would be cool to have one of those, And for some reason, I’m thinking that the Corvette and the Karmann Ghia were the only two cars that came with both a hard and soft top. I may be wrong on that.

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