The Longest Day

*Oh hello, Clicky. You’re back from MJ’s? …/lights up… She’s got naked selfies in there?! And what were you doing when she was doing that?*

*She certainly said some nice things about us… /drags…*

*/streams smoke… No doubt. So do I, Clicky. In fact I’ve been in a bad mood all day. I’m glad you’re back, you can help me with this post… /smokes…*

Dear Reader, today is the longest day of 2019. At 4am in Scotland, it started like this…

*Very nice! …/pats snout…*

… And at 4am in Philadelphia, it started like this…

… But here at the LoL, it started like this…

*That’s right, Clicky, asleep. Having a bad dream about Satin… /shrugs… or Satan. It was one or the other…*

*Someone lost their temper and their job… /flicks ash… Wait! The wench is called ‘Barker’?*

… All and all, it’s been a very long day, Dear Reader…

*Enough… /stubs butt… Let’s go see if Cade’s up for some fun remote viewing…*

… Have a Song…


8 thoughts on “The Longest Day

  1. Your “puffery” link is interesting. I stumbled onto some vids on certain a porn site the other day that featured “puffy nipples”. I guess if there is a certain feature the human body is reasonably capable of duplicating, and the feature is also classifiable in more or less agreeable terminology, you can almost bet there is a “fetish” category for it. I also stumbled onto something called “edging”.

    A Guide to Mastering Orgasm Control for More Satisfying Sex

    I would say “that’s a new one on me”, but as I read up on it, I discovered that in fact, only the term is new. I read a book on sexual proclivities when I was around 12, and this book specifically addressed the topic of masturbating to the point of climax, then intentionally stopping. This book was prolly written in the 1950’s or 1960’s, and it specifically said that masturbating to climax then stopping was a very bad idea. Stated that it would result in nerve damage. Eventually will cause the participant to develop tremors in the extremities not unlike those experienced by those with Parkinson’s disease. I have no idea if that is correct, but odd that something being touted as “damaging” 50 years ago or so, is now being sold as something great. Cyclical sales?
    /me shrugs

    My porn “research” is yielding some interesting results, and not just/only a spectacular increase in my own personal need for paper towels. The most interesting to me being, that the “suggested” links on this hub of porn do their very best to point you in some very specific directions irrespective of where you try to go. I assume they figure they know what you want to see more than even you do, and the more you try to steer away from these places, the more they appear to steer you towards it. But I’ll eventually write in more detail about what I’ve found.

    ^Depeche mode Shake the disease Colin Peters Remix^

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    1. Cade, porn is so ridiculous and hilarious. I found some “mormon” porn, and so I had to Clicky because I just had to know! Seems like what makes is mormon is that everybody is wearing white. The girl doesn’t say anything, she is just getting inspected by the elder and then they have ritual sex. And there’s also punishment involved because she is obviously naught. Kind of silly and ‘boring’.

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    1. Pingback? That when you link a post to post…

      Last night Cade and I remote viewed ‘Horrible Bosses’…

      … And talked about the silence up mountains and the collapse of silk exports during WW2. Amongst other things 😉 So reading your latest post this morning, really has been a blast, MJ 😀


      1. That is incredible!!!!! And that video is hilarious! I clicked right next to charlies (because Jennifer Anniston is usually always G-rated), but not this time! A little hot sauce on my eggs this morning!
        I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed how much ‘tents’ is mentioned in the Bible. And there’s the whole ‘pitch a tent’ innuendo. Well, there was another message coming through the aether and it was Happy Camper! IDK. The mind of Sophia is pretty random and funny.
        The universe gets excited about things and when it was taking me longer than normal to write my article with Clicky, I saw this

        It made me laugh. I thought “ok I’m getting back to it!”

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