*/lights up… A deadmouse cover? …/drags… Handy, Clicky… /streams smoke… No, that’s a good choice… /pats snout…*

Twitter suspended me yesterday, Dear Reader…

Twitter Hateful Conduct Suspension

… I was shocked. I’d merely replied to a Tweeter that follows me back…

*/flicks ash… They made me delete the tweet, Clicky… /deep drag… and then suspended me from tweeting for 12 hours… /snorts smoke… Personally, I fink Twitter is homophonaphobic… /deep sigh… Talk about ate-full conduct… /smokes…*

… Fortunately, I was still able to DM, Dear Reader…

Roob and Legs DM about Brand

*/clears throat… Jo B’s joke got deleted too? Blimey…*

… with Leggy and Cade. My conversation with the Okie Devil started with the wonders of containers, before running through similarities of various ‘2050’ agendas, the ‘five monkeys experiment’, a rebuttal of the ‘five monkeys experiment’, a rebuttal of the rebuttal of the ‘five monkeys experiment’…

Cade and Roob Rebuttal Convo

… before circling back to containers

Cade and Roob Rebuttal Convo 1

… and branding…

*Ouchi… /final drag… Plus there was that retweet Legs made about the Yeezus brand bloke… /stubs butt… 

GO Naming and saying 1GO Naming and saying 2GO Naming and saying 3GO Naming and saying 4GO Naming and saying 5GO Naming and saying 6GO Naming and saying 7

*/Clocks time… Ooh, it’s late. We’ve missed our midnight deadline, Clicky…. /stretches… Better get a song to finish with…*

… Anyhoo, I am now back on Twitter, Dear Reader, tweeting and retweeting. Maybe I’ll catch you over there some time. Have a Song…

13 thoughts on “Brand-ish

    1. Cade and I remote viewed a History programme series yesterday called ‘Project Blue Book’…

      It was not very accurate, Cade tells me and he’s studied the UFO phenom much more than me, but it was entertaining. After we finished the last episode, I went on to my twitterfeed and the first tweet I saw was…


  1. Are you locked forever or…? That is so stupid. Social media is acting like we are all in 3rd grade. 🙄

    Anyway, the subject of genders and stuff, I saw this

    Where is it? If you look at it, the hands appear closer and are sharper, while the face and body are blurred. To me, it looks like the left side of his face is masculine and the right, feminine. (Possibly this is something everybody knows and is widely discussed but it is the first time I really looked).

    The left side rules the right hand, and he is doing a mudra.

    “The living proof of that is the work of art that is being described as “the biggest discovery of the 21st century”: da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi where the right hand gesture of Jesus Christ isn’t simply a benediction or a blessing, but appears to be the Buddhist ardhapataka mudra – a sign of protection and a gesture to dispel undesirable elements from one’s life.

    The symbolic meaning of Salvator Mundi also becomes clear: Jesus Christ through his gesture of his right hand is indicating that Earth, the world or the universe – represented by the crystal globe in his left hand – is being sought to be saved from calamity, evil and darkness.”

    And making it even more mysterious, is the part in “her” hand

    And then there’s this

    Anyway, there is something mysterious and hidden about this surge of sensitivity of gender stuff. I think it is absolutely bizarre. Blue and red, blue and red. Now purple. SENSITIVE! And the rainbow is for everybody, not just gay people.

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    1. Early Saturday morning, after posting this shambles, Cade and I remote viewed a movie that started on water with a yacht, and cos play…

      Did you know that Ackroyd relates to oak, MJ?

      The movie has been universally panned…

      … but the movie was a fascinating cornucopia of LoL syncs. Including a character with blonde curly hair, called Riva…

      And it got me thinking of the title of the movie: ‘Loose Cannons’…

      ‘c. 1200, lousen, “to set free, turn loose,” also “undo, untie, unfasten,” from loose (adj.). Of arrows from c. 1400. Related: Loosed; loosing.’


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